Alison Returns

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Chapter 1: Beginning

It was a sunny, Friday afternoon in Santa Barbra as a bus stopped in front of the SBPD. A teenage girl with curly brown hair neatly pulled back into a low ponytail stepped off with her suitcase and the bus drove off. She was wearing a dark pink tee with black cargo pants and her light skin was slightly tanned from days spent outside playing soccer.

She took a deep breath and began walking up the SBPD steps. As she entered she was stopped by a tall cop who seemed like one of those people who was always smiling and very gullible.

"Can I help you miss?" he asked.

"Umm yes I'm looking for Detective Juliet O'Hara."

"Oh she's right over there just go straight ahead she's the second desk on the right." 'Yep definitely one of those people ' she thought as she thanked him and walked toward Juliet's desk.

Juliet was sitting at her desk filing papers and bored out of her mind. She really did love her job but she absolutely hated it when Carlton gave her extra paper work just because he didn't want to do it. Her ears perked up at the sound of something rolling down the hallway so she looked up from her work.

"Aunt Juliet!" the girl walked a little faster to her aunt a hug.

"Hiya Amy! When did you get in?" Juliet replied, hugging her back.

"Just a few minutes ago actually. The bus dropped me off in front of the station so I came right in. My flight landed about two hours ago so I slept a bit on the way over to try to work off some of the jet lag."

"Alright, umm let me just finish up the rest of this paper work and we can grab a bite to eat. How's that sound?"

"Sound's great!"

"Ok I won't be long I just have to file the rest of these papers and—"

"O'Hara I need you to fill out these forms for the Johnson and Samuels cases— I'm sorry but we don't allow wandering children in here and Det. O'Hara is very busy so I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Lassiter said turning towards Amy.

"Carlton this is my niece, Amy O'Hara. Amy this is my wonderful partner who will not be giving me extra work because I'm going on my lunch break, Detective Carlton Lassiter."

"Actually its Head Detective." He corrected and Juliet rolled her eyes at him.

"Carlton, Amy is going to be coming to work with me for the next two weeks while she's in town and I've already cleared it with the chief that she's allowed to help me with stuff but" she turned toward Amy, "will NOT be going to any crime scenes."

"Lassie face!" Carlton groaned and walked away as Shaw approached Juliet's desk. "And hello to you my little doodle-pumpkin. " He said bending down to give Juliet a kiss.

"NOT AT THE STATION SPENCER!" Lassiter yelled from across the hall and Shawn quickly straightened out.

"Are you working on a lost child case Jules?" He said noticing the brunette.

"No, this is my niece Amy."

"It's nice to finally meet you in person Shawn." Amy said shaking his hand. "I've heard quite a bit about you."

"Really?" Shawn couldn't help but notice the light blush forming on Juliet's cheeks.

"Oh yeah! My siblings and I always love to hear about my aunt's cases and you'd be surprised how many have the phrase "And then Shawn…" in them."

"So have you heard the story about how I rescued Gus from a shark?"

"You did not rescue me Shawn!"

"Yeah I did! Remember back when we went to the beach in '08?"

"That was an amusement park Shawn! The shark was robotic!"

"You still screamed like a little girl though. So any ways Jules, wanna grab a bite to eat at that new Jake's place? I hear they have super delicious milkshakes!"

"Yeah sure, Amy you wanna come?"

"Sure! I love milkshakes."

Gus nodded in agreement.

"Alright then. " Juliet quickly filed the rest of her papers. "Carlton I'm going on my lunch break be back by like…" She looked at her watch "3ish"

He gave her the OK and they left.

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