Chapter 5: I followed the clue…

Shawn was opening his door and practically running out of Lassiter's car before it had even come to a complete stop. Vick saw him about to make a run for the entrance to the abandoned warehouse and quickly yelled for him to stop where he was before he did anything rash.

"But chief she—"he started

"Mr. Spencer you WILL listen to me!" She yelled back "We have no clue what we're about to walk into here so please," She handed him a small gun and walkie-talkie headset and Kevlar vest which Lassie and Gus had already started to put on, "take these."

"Thank you chief."

"You do know how to fire that don't you?" she asked. To which he responded with a look that she saw as saying 'My father's Henry Spencer. I've known how to discharge a pistol since I was eight.' She nodded.

"Alright, Mr. Spencer and Mr. Guster will take the front door. Lassiter, you and I will take the back. If anything doesn't look right shout immediately." The others nodded their agreement and they approached their separate doors.

"On my count," the head detective started, "one, two, THREE!" and he kicked open the door with Spencer fallowing suit a second later. He pointed his gun at the air around him shouting 'clear' when he saw nothing out of the ordinary. Shawn did the same and the foursome turned to face each other. The first thing they all saw was the wooden chair in the center of the same Yin-Yang sign that was at the restaurant. Gus and Karen approached the table in the corner as the detective and psychic walked towards the chair. Lassiter knelt by the back when he noticed the handcuffs wrapped around one of the boards. He pulled on his blue crime scene gloves and gently lifted them. He noticed tinges of fresh blood along the inside indicating that his partner had no doubt tried to get out of them and ended up cutting herself. He then noticed the small syringe on the floor lying directly on the dot of Alison's sick symbol. He placed it in the evidence bag and looked up at Spencer. The pseudo psychic just stood there, staring at the chair. It was then that the elder man noticed the small blood spots on the chair back and a few stray golden hairs stuck in them. On the seat of the chair was a picture of Juliet tied to the chair. Her head hung downwards so she was clearly unconscious. Shawn glanced at the date stamp on the picture; it was stamped 9:23pm Carlton saw what he was looking at and glanced at his watch. "It's 10:15 now," he stated and then sighed. "We must have just missed her." He glanced up at Spencer and saw a look that was a mix of pure rage and sadness in the younger man's eyes. It was not a look he had ever seen before, nor did he ever want to see again.

Meanwhile, at the table, Gus and the chief found the clue Alison's men had left for them. "Shawn, come look at this." Gus shouted, drawing his friend's attention away from the chair. Lassiter picked up the picture and followed him over towards the table. Guster opened the clue and Vick read it.

You tell me that you've got everything you want,

And your Bird can sing. But you don't get me

You say you've seen the seven wonders,

And you bird is green. But you can't see me

When your prized possessions start to weigh you down

Look in my direction, I'll be 'round, I'll be 'round

When your Bird is broken, will it bring you down?

She may be awoken, I'll be 'round, I'll be 'round

You tell me that you've heard every sound there is

But you can't hear me

But I heard you.


"What does she mean, she "heard you?" Gus asked.

Shawn thought hard, what did it mean? Then it hit him. "THE CONFERNCE ROOM! It must have been wired or something! She must have heard our conversation about the first clue! That's how they got Jules out of here so fast, they knew we were coming!"

"But that means she also knows that it wasn't you who figured out the clue." Gus grew worried, "It was Amy…" he trailed off and a realization hit the four of them and they grabbed the evidence and sprinted towards the car which then proceeded to race towards the SBPD.


Shawn pulled out his phone and dialed Amy's number which he'd gotten from her before he'd left.

"Hello?" Amy answered and Shawn felt a wave of relief was over him.

"Amy, are you still at the station?!" he was still slightly frantic.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"Is my dad with you?"

"Yeah we're playing BS with McNabb, Dobson, and Woody."

"Ok put him on the phone."

"What's wrong Shawn." Henry asked

"Dad Alison had the conference room wired. She may or may not know that it was Amy who figured out the clue and not me. We're on our way back now and I need you to look for anything that doesn't belong…" While Shawn talked with his dad, Amy stared out the conference room windows. It was dark out but the street lights outside made it so that she didn't just see a reflection. Just then something caught her eye. She thought she saw a person standing in the parking lot, she was facing them and smiling.

"H-hey Buzz. What does Alison look like?" She asked tentatively.

He shrugged "Blonde, a bit shorter than you, and radiating crazy… Why?"

It was then that Amy noticed the figure raise her arm towards them. "EVERYONE GET DOWN!" she shouted and the group ducked as the window shattered.

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