Chapter 6: Incoming call

"DAD! DAD WHAT HAPPENED?!" Shawn screamed over the phone.

"SHAWN YOU TELL WHOEVER THE HELL IS DRIVING THAT CAR YOUR IN TO GET DOWN HERE AS FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLY!" Henry screamed back and then took a couple breaths. "Alison just took a shot at Amy." He hung up the phone as Buzz was helping the brunette up. He saw her wince as her hand came into contact with a piece of shattered glass.

"You all right Miss O'Hara?" Buzz asked. Amy was the only one standing close enough to the window to be affected by the shower of shattered glass. Buzz and Woody were behind her and Henry was off to the side.

"Yeah yeah I'm fine. Just a 'lil scraped up is all." She replied noticing the blood that trickled down her hand and forearm.

"Woody, go grab the first aid kit." Henry said as Buzz led Amy away from the window and into a chair. "I'm gonna check outside." He walked toward the door.

"You won't find her." Amy said plainly.

"I'm sorry?"

"I said you won't find her. She ran off after she shot the window. She'll be long gone by now. And also, unless she has horrible aim, she wasn't aiming for me."

"Well who was she aiming for then?" Henry asked clearly not believing her.

"No one."

"No one." He repeated. "You expect me to believe that she was just shooting at the window?!"

"Yep" Henry sighed as Woody walked in with the first aid kit. Henry took out some tweezers, gauze and a couple band-aids. "this may sting a little…" He told her and went to work on Amy's arm. When he finished Amy spoke again.

"You're still forgetting something… there's probably still a wire in here." At that the group got to work on locating the wire.



Henry's commands could be heard by the entire car and Lassiter immediately turned his cop lights on and doubled his speed towards the station.

The car was silent though. Shawn thought about everything that had happened in the past several hours. He prayed that Juliet was alright even though he knew deep down that she wasn't. The picture haunted him. He wanted to be sick and then smash every item in the room, scream and yell and swear at the sky. But he knew that Juliet wouldn't want that. She was counting on him to find her and he knew she'd want Amy safe. Juliet was one of the most selfless people he knew. She'd work double overtime to make sure a case got solved. She'd take a bullet for a complete stranger. She'd take a bullet for him. Of course, he'd never let her and he hoped that they'd never be in that situation but she cared so much for other people and that was one of the many reasons he loved her. I love Juliet O'Hara he tried the thought out in his mind and decided he really like it. He liked being in love. He wanted to scream it from every rooftop in Santa Barbara and then he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He heard the car screech to a stop and Lassiter mumble something along the lines of "Sweet Lady Justice" and decided that now would be a good time to get out of the car.


"What the hell happened here Henry?!" Karen shouted as her group walked into the station. The other four had moved to the bull pen area.

"Alison took a shot at Amy." He told her firmly.

"She didn't shoot at me, she shot at the window that I happened to be standing by." Amy corrected.

"And just how do you know this?!" Karen asked.

"Well let's see," Amy stood up and pretended she was shooting a gun, "She was a good twenty or so yards back. So, Lassiter you can be the window," She moved about twenty yards from Lassiter. "Shawn you stand right next to, but slightly behind Lassiter, thank you. And…" She positioned her arms so she was aiming for Lassiter's head, "If I'm right about this, then she would have been aiming a good foot above where Lassiter's head is, so, as I told Mr. Spencer before, unless she's got horrible aim, Alison, shot the window." She concluded putting her arms down. "And if you don't believe that, you can look at the ceiling of the conference room. The bullet hole's too close to the window for her to have been aiming for me."

"Alright then." The chief sighed, "Everyone's okay." No one nodded. They all knew it was a lie. That everyone was most defiantly not okay; that there was at least one person, not in the room, who was still not okay.


The five SBPD employees, two consultants, and one civilian, sat in the bull pen waiting; waiting for a call or text that would tell them how to get Juliet back. No one really talked other than the occasional "you thirsty?" or "Can you hand me that?" question, they all just sat there. Amy and Shawn were able to occupy themselves by drawing. Amy drew flowers and random song lyrics in fancy writing. Shawn drew pictures of everything. He drew the lamp and Juliet's desk. He drew Lassie's computer. And he was now drawing a perfect picture of Juliet's smiling face from memory. Lassiter switched from watching Amy draw, to Shawn draw his partner, to disassembling and reassembling his glock. In reality, they had only been at the station for an hour and a half but it felt more like eternity. Amy, tired of drawing, finally spoke to Lassiter.

"Do you have a firing range here?"

The older man was a little shocked by her sudden question but answered anyway. "Yeah why?"

"Just figured I might possibly be allowed to shoot… a gun… there… please…"

"No." was his firm answer. But then he thought about it, "Why?" he asked.

"Well, when I get stressed or wanna burn off some steam or something, I usually go and shoot. Of course I typically would have a bow and some arrows but I had to leave mine at home… so I figured I might try a gun."

Lassiter was quiet for a few seconds before responding, "How good are you?" now a bit curious.

"Sorry?" Amy asked a bit confused about his question.

"With a bow, how good are you?"

"Well I uhm took my school team to the regional finals. Almost made it to nationals too, but were lost by one point. I'm also pretty handy with rubber bands." She added picking one up from his desk. "Flower pot." She said plainly and pointed to the pot across the room, hitting the inner rim and getting the rubber band inside. The detective nodded in approval but still refused to let her use a gun, claiming that she was still an 'underage civilian'. Amy sighed in disappointment so he took out a rather large bag of rubber bands from one of his desk drawers and told her to "fire away".

After about another hour Amy had fallen asleep in Juliet's chair and Shawn had taken to playing with is phone case. Gus, and his father had also dozed off and he assumed that the chief was doing that sleeping with her eyes open thing. Buzz and Woody had gone home around 12:30 and Lassiter was finishing collecting the stray rubber bands from around the bull pen. It was now around 1am and Shawn was getting more fidgety by the minute. They should've had a call by now. What was taking her so long?! Not two minutes later, his phone rang and everyone woke up. Shawn just stared at his phone. 'incoming call: RESRICTED' was printed in big white letters. "IT'S HER!" He shouted and the group surrounded him. Cautiously he placed his phone on Lassiter's desk and hit 'answer'. "Hello?" he said, his voice sounding a lot weaker than he hoped it would.

"Shawn." The entire station let out the collective breath that no one realized they were holding at the sound of Juliet's timid voice. She was obviously scared but she was alive, and for that they were thankful.

"Oh, Juliet." Shawn was unable to say much else, he felt like he wanted to cry. Her voice sounded too scared, and she was so strong.

"I-I can't... I can't…" he heard her say, her voice now slightly muffled, followed by a couple grunts and he could barely make out the words 'pathetic' and 'blonde' followed by a loud smack and whimper that caused everyone to wince and several of them to close their eyes and cover their mouths. Then he heard a few more words like 'If', 'don't', 'talk', 'I'll shoot', 'brunette', 'when she', 'here', 'got it?' and 'good'. Then she spoke again.

"Sh-Shawn, y-you'll find me at the location of the s-second song of sixty-six. But it's time w-we involved a civilian d-don't you th-think? So let A-Amy come along. I-I want to see her. F-find me before the time I-I was sup-posed to die." And then the line went dead.

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