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September 7, 1998

Just three months after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter sat in his seat at the Wizengamot, Draco Black and Theodore – Theo – Nott on either side of him. Neville Longbottom was sitting behind him with Blaise Zabini beside him and Susan Bones on his other side. Also in the group were Hannah Abbott, Katie Bell, and Daphne Greengrass.

Many in the group had their family seats because their parents passed them on when the children requested them. Together they made up about a fourth of the Wizengamot, and they were the voice of the next generation, making sweeping changes in the Wizarding World of Britain with their laws.

Harry was viewed as their leader, and his friends all backed him up with their various votes and ideas. It, of course, helped that the rest of the Wizarding world didn't want to fight Harry as he was the one to finally defeat Lord Voldemort just three months before.

"Are there any new laws to be brought up during this session, or are we done?" the Chief Warlock asked, looking directly at the youngest in the room as he did so.

"We have another addition for the werewolf laws we've been putting forth," Neville said, raising a folder up slightly from his lap.

"Very well, Mr. Longbottom," the man sighed. "Please come forth and tell us about this new law."

"Thank you, Chief Warlock," Neville said as he rose and walked down to be able to watch everyone. Harry just grinned slightly at him. Neville had become the spokesperson for the group, but everyone knew that it was mostly Harry and a few others' ideas that he brought up.

"The idea brought forth this time is one that suggests a law that states there must be a place for werewolves in every town that has wizards in it unless it's a full-Muggle area." Neville held up his hand before questions could be asked. "By this I mean a sort of area, perhaps in a basement, that has reinforcements for werewolves to be in on the full moon, even if they are on the Wolfsbane Potion because the law does state that werewolves still need to be locked in, just in case.

"This will allow werewolves to travel around the full moon without fear of being trapped without a place to go, just in case. It will also bring some relief to those who fear a werewolf being on the loose because he or she can't get home right before a transformation for some reason or another, like an injury."

Neville then stood there quietly, folder in both hands and held before him, a slight smile on his face. Harry saw the other Wizengamot members whispering back and forth about the idea, and the general tone and facial expression was positive. In fact, a few looked relieved by the idea, making Harry believe Neville's final point was true even within this very body of people. That would certainly help.

"Let us hold a vote on this new law with Mr. Longbottom obviously for," the Chief Warlock said as the talking quieted down. "All in favor?" Hands rose around the room, not a single one down. "Motion passed unanimously. Mr. Longbottom, please provide the new law for the record."

As Neville handed the law to the court scribe, Harry and the others shared small grins. That was the second-to-last law in a long line of laws for werewolves they had written over the past two years with Remus Lupin's help before he died in battle. He had approved every single one, and they were doing this in his memory.

"We're going to have to move onto our laws about Aurors soon," Harry commented as Neville walked up to them and the court was adjourned; they were waiting to talk for a bit before leaving. "We're almost done with werewolves, and those laws do need to be passed soon so that the level of Auror training doesn't go down again, just in case."

"While we're getting those passed we should continue talking with the goblins about the rights they want so that we can bring them up once that's done," Susan commented lightly.

"I believe Hermione wanted to work with some house-elves from various sources to see what sort of laws might be needed for them," Blaise added with a roll of his eyes. Hermione had been going crazy about house-elves all summer since seeing how some were treated by the darker Purebloods.

"That will probably take a couple of years to get to, though," Harry reminded them, and that made them sigh in relief. "Right now we need to work on the Ministry and the magical creatures most affected by the war, as you all know."

"And that's why Aurors are next," Hannah stated.

"Susan, can you talk with your aunt about the newest ideas for the Ministry laws we made?" Draco asked, passing Susan a folder that Harry knew was full of ideas thought up over the past couple of weeks to help the Ministry cleanup.

"Sure," Susan agreed, "but you do know it's going to take a few years to truly purge the Ministry of its many problems."

"We know, Susan, we truly do, but if we don't start now, it will be even harder to do in the future," Katie said.

"All very good points, everyone," Harry said before someone else could talk. "Why don't we go out to lunch before some of us head over to Hogwarts to have that meeting with McGonagall about the laws and rules surrounding Hogwarts?"

There was a general agreement among the group as they stood to leave the courtroom.

"Only a week into the school year, and you're back," Professor Minerva McGonagall commented with a small smile as she took in the sight of Harry and his friends, who had only left Hogwarts at the end of June.

"You know it was inevitable, Professor," Harry reminded her with a laugh. "I specifically remember you telling us you knew you'd see us again soon."

"True, very true," Professor McGonagall had to admit. "Now, take a seat, and we'll go over these rules and laws. Some are obviously outdated and need to be changed to fit our time while others should just be thrown out. I've also got some ideas for some new rules and laws for Hogwarts…"

"That was quite the productive few hours," Harry said as he, Draco, Blaise, Daphne, and Theo walked down to the Great Hall for some dinner, Professor McGonagall not far behind them. "We'll have to bring this up in a couple weeks once it's all been sorted out."

Before the others could reply, they reached the Entrance Hall and were assaulted by a few of their friends.

Ginny Weasley hugged Harry the moment she caught sight of him, pulling his head down for a quick kiss before going to greet the others. Astoria Greengrass had done the same with Draco before hugging her older sister tightly. Maya and Graham Pritchard had also come over to the group, Natalie MacDonald with them.

Once they entered the Great Hall, they had a bunch of students all over them, saying hello. It took the group a while to be able to sit down and enjoy a meal, talking to everyone around them and catching up.

As he ate his meal, Harry couldn't help but notice that the mood in the Great Hall was quite different from his first year. Three months wasn't anywhere close to enough time to wipe away the darkness in eyes and weariness from bones. The students were laughing and enjoying themselves, but Harry saw that the light in their eyes wasn't very bright, no matter how hard they were laughing.

Hogwarts was a school full of adults in children's bodies, and even the new first years had a darkness about them after the war except for the Muggle-borns, who were more obvious now than ever before by the complete innocence in them. It would take Hogwarts quite a while to recover from this, though Harry was pleased to see the progress already made.

"We'll be fine," Ginny whispered in his ear softly, and Harry turned to smile gently at her and nod.

He could see that without even trying.

February 24, 2000

Harry walked swiftly through the halls of the Ministry of Magic, making his way to the Law Department. He had a meeting with Hermione to finish up the draft for a new law involving house-elves.

When he reached her office, he knocked on the door and was told to "Come in." Hermione's office was a mess of papers stacked everywhere in folders with filing cabinets full of even more paper. She appeared to be searching for something but couldn't find it.

"Hey Hermione," he said as he used his wand to move a stack of papers onto the floor beside the chair opposite hers at her desk, sitting down quickly.

"Hello Harry," she replied, not even looking up. "Sorry for the mess, but I can't find my folder on the elf laws."

"That would be because you gave it to me for safe keeping, knowing it would get lost in the mess of paperwork you were getting this week because of a new trial going on," Harry reminded her with a chuckle as she looked up at him sharply, and hitting herself on the head. "Let's clean this up."

"Thanks for the help," she said as they worked together to file her papers again using their wands.

"No problem," Harry said. "So, are we going to get straight to work or talk for a bit before that?" Hermione was always the one to set the pace of their meetings, so he knew it would be easier just to ask.

"Let's talk for a bit," she decided. "It's been a few days since I've seen you with all of this going on. How's Teddy doing?"

"Walking and calling me 'Awwy' still," Harry said with a chuckle as he thought about this almost-two-year-old godson. "He enjoys seeing little Victoire when we go to Bill and Fleur's or they come to Marauder Manor."

"How are they doing?" Hermione asked with a fond smile.

"Just fine, but haven't you been talking with them at all?"

"I've really been spending too much time in the office the past couple of weeks. Thankfully this trial is done tomorrow and I get two days off for doing so well with it."

"Yes, thankfully," Harry stated. "This trial has been a pain to spend so much time at. The others have been complaining that they haven't had the chance to go do their other jobs as much as their bosses would like because of this. Luckily the amount of time spent in a courtroom has gone down dramatically since the war ended and we cleaned up the Ministry so much or they'd lose their jobs. Except for the rare exceptions like this trial, we spend only one session every two weeks together."

"Quite fortunate," Hermione agreed. "How are the others doing with their new jobs?"

"Daphne's well on her way to becoming a Potions Mistress by working with Professor Slughorn," Harry said, thinking about what the others were doing outside of their political jobs. "Susan is doing well with her healing lessons under Madam Pomfrey, though I don't envy her that. Tracey has been working with Muggle technology, trying to figure out how to make it work off of Magic, but I don't know how well it's going."

"Last I heard, Justin was studying to be a professor at Cambridge," Hermione commented as Harry paused to remember what the others were doing.

"Ah, yes, I remember that now," Harry said with a nod. "The goblins enjoy working with Theo at Gringotts, teaching him all about banking and how to do it well, especially because they know he was a big help with the new goblin laws. Neville has been working with Professor Sprout as her trainee for when she retires."

"I've seen Hannah at the Leaky Cauldron, helping Tom out as he gets older and finds it harder and harder to work well," Hermione added. "She's mentioned Tom's thought about leaving the place to her and retiring because she's done so well. And isn't Maya learning under Professor McGonagall how to become a Transfiguration Mistress and possibly take over for whichever professor they have right now?"

"That's what Ginny told me she was doing just the other day. I've heard McGonagall is truly impressed by Maya's ability in the subject and has been heard asking Maya why she didn't show this much promise during her Hogwarts days." Harry snorted at the memory. "Turns out Maya told her she had been holding back because she had already been two years ahead in Transfiguration since her second year. McGonagall's jaw was said to have fallen open."

"I can't even picture that image," Hermione snorted. "It just seems so unlikely."

"I know," Harry sighed, shaking his head with a smile. "What I would have given to see that… Maybe Maya would be willing to give us a Pensieve memory or something. Anyway, have you seen much of Terry and Padma lately?"

"Not since they joined the Department of Mysteries, sadly," Hermione said. "Still, I figure not hearing from them is better than hearing bad news. They're probably enjoying the research down there quite a bit."

"True, true," Harry sighed. "Well, come on, let's work on this new law so that I can be ready to present the lot in two weeks."

"How was the meeting with Hermione?" Ginny Potter asked as she walked into the living room where Harry was sitting in his armchair reading a book.

"We talked about most of the others for a bit, trying to keep track of them all, and then we made some good headway in the elf rights she wants," Harry replied, putting down the book and raising his arms in an offer for his wife. "How was practice?"

"Exhausting, but it went well," Ginny sighed as she sat down on his lap, Harry's arms wrapped around her. "Even as a reserve, being a Professional Chaser can be exhausting."

"And they all wonder why I didn't agree to play Seeker on a Pro team along with being on the Wizengamot," Harry laughed. "Between the two, I'd be so busy and exhausted I'd have no time for anything else!"

"Very true," Ginny said as she rested her head on his shoulder. "Plus, with Andromeda and Teddy living here with us, we've got things besides work to think about."

"I'm still just relieved she accepted the offer to stay here because looking after Teddy by herself would be hard. With us here as well, she gets a chance to relax."

"Yeah," Ginny agreed, closing her eyes.

"Come on, let's get you to bed," Harry said, reaching one arm under Ginny's knees to carry her up to their room so that she didn't have to walk. "We can talk more in the morning when you aren't so exhausted."

Ginny was about to argue but yawned before saying, "Fine…"

Harry just grinned slightly and took his wife to their room.

May 2, 2002

"Hey, Teddy, can you find Ginny up there?" Harry asked his godson as they watched the Quidditch match between the Harpies vs. the Tornados.

"Yeah!" four-year-old Teddy yelled, pointing up at the only Harpies player with red hair.

"Good job, Teddy," Harry said, smiling down at the boy with turquoise hair. This wasn't his first Quidditch match, but Teddy always enjoyed the ones with his godmother playing the most.

As she passed by the box on her pre-match fly around the pitch, Ginny waved to them both, and Teddy returned it enthusiastically. He was obviously loving this.

Soon after that, the match began. They both watched as Ginny got the Quaffle before anyone else, rushing towards the other team's goalposts before making a sudden pass to her teammate behind her. The match progressed quickly after that, Ginny making so many goals that the Tornados had no chance of keeping up.

With the score 200-60 in favor of the Harpies – sixteen of the Harpies goals made or assisted by Ginny – the Seekers went into sharp dives down to the ground. Harry could see the Snitch in front of them and saw the Harpies Seeker reach out and grab it just before they both pulled up.

Harry began cheering and Teddy mimicked him, the rest of the crowd catching on quickly as the Snitch was raised into the air.

The Harpies had won.

"How did you enjoy the match, Teddy?" Ginny asked as she bent down on one knee to accept her godson's hug while grinning up at Harry.

"It was amazing, Ginny!" the little boy exclaimed happily, pulling out of the hug to throw his arms into the air. Ginny laughed as she ruffled his hair.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, then. Why don't we go get some dinner before heading home?"

"Okay!" he said, still smiling.

Shaking his head in amusement, Harry grasped Teddy's hand and led his godson and wife from the locker rooms to the Apparition point. They dodged the press as Harry took them to a Muggle restaurant to have dinner at.

As Teddy ate his chicken fingers, Harry and Ginny were discussing the match, Teddy listening peacefully.

"That was a good match," Harry complimented. "You played well."

"Thanks," Ginny said. "That last pass to Gwen made it possible to score that last point before Lucy caught the Snitch. Speaking of the Snitch, did you spot it again?"

"Only when I saw the Seekers diving for it," Harry said. "You know I watch you more than the Seekers now."

"True, but you could have been a great Seeker if you had gone Pro."

"Don't remind me," Harry groaned. "Draco, Theo, Blaise, and Ron were ready to kill me when they found out I had turned down all of those offers as the others began getting jobs outside of the Wizengamot. I just don't have the time, and I'm good with working alongside Hermione so that the Wizengamot has contact with the Law Department."

"I know, Harry," Ginny said softly, her hand on his arm. "They're just upset because no one offered them a chance to play, and the one friend who got it from the Slytherin team turned it down."

"I know, I know," Harry said as he glanced at Teddy. "Teddy! Careful with that!" Harry reached out to grab the glass of milk Teddy was lifting, helping his godson carefully drink some without spilling it. The four-year-old had somehow gotten the lid off of the cup and was trying to drink it how he and Ginny were.

"Thank you, Harry," Teddy said, and Harry grinned at the boy.

"You're welcome, Teddy, but you need to be careful." Teddy nodded as he went back to his meal.

"You're so good with him, Harry," Ginny said softly, and he looked over at her and smiled slightly.

"I'm treating him how I wished I had been treated when I was his age," Harry admitted. "It also doesn't hurt that I got plenty of practice working with kids years younger than me at Hogwarts."

"True," Ginny said, her smile now a frown at the reminder of his childhood.

"I'm fine, I don't live with them anymore, and I'll be a better father than my uncle ever was," he said, placing a hand on Ginny's arm.

"Yes, you will be, eventually," Ginny agreed quietly, placing her hand over his and looking into his eyes.

"Ginny, Harry, can I have more milk?" Teddy asked, making them both look at him while chuckling.

"Sure thing, Ted," Harry said, reaching over to help his godson.

May 2, 2003

Harry groaned quietly as he looked through the folder he had been given just five minutes before. He was sitting in the study of his home, Muggle pen in hand as he read over the laws one of the others on the Wizengamot wanted him to look over to see if it met his approval.

Sometimes, being the leader of the youngest generation on the Wizengamot was a pain in the arse.

Putting down the sheets of parchment and pen, he used two fingers to rub the bridge of his nose, lifting his glasses up in the process. He had just gotten done with a folder just like this not an hour before, and here he was being given another, this one about a suggestion to look through the lists of spells and creatures seen as Dark again using new parameters to cut out the less-dangerous ones.

A knock on the door caught his attention, and Harry called out, "Come in."

It took him a moment after the door opened to realize it was Teddy in the doorway, his small hand holding the handle as he poked his turquoise-colored head into the room.

"Come here, Ted," Harry offered, during his chair to the side and holding out his arms. Teddy grinned and ran around Harry's desk, hopping into his arms and settling down comfortably onto Harry's lap.

"What are you doing, Harry?" he asked, looking at the sheets of parchment on the desk.

"Looking over more laws and ideas again, bud," Harry sighed. "It's really boring, and your godfather doesn't want to do it anymore. Now, is there something you needed, or were you just bored again?"

"Just bored," Teddy said matter-of-factly, making Harry chuckle.

"Well, then, why don't we go find your football and kick it around in the backyard for a little while?" Harry suggested.

"Yeah!" Teddy exclaimed happily, wiggling in Harry's lap until he put the five-year-old down. Once his feet hit the ground, Teddy took off at the run to go find his ball and shoes, leaving Harry laughing as he stood up to follow, waving his wand to put the paperwork away. It could wait a few more hours.

"Harry, come on!" Teddy yelled from down the hall, and Harry replied, "I'm coming, Teddy!"

"I see you two are having fun," Ginny commented as she walked out the back door a couple hours later to find Teddy kicking the football to Harry, who was in his wolf form and happily chasing the ball around and hitting it back to the young boy.

"I like it when Harry is a wolf!" Teddy said happily, stopping the ball as it made its way back to him. "It makes this even more fun!"

"That's really good, Teddy, but the three of us have somewhere to be now," Ginny said. Harry transformed at those words and gave Ginny a confused look. "Audrey has been in labor for four hours. They only just found the time to let everyone know a few minutes ago."

"Oh," Harry said before turning to Teddy. "Come on, Ted, it seems you're going to get another young friend to play with, though he or she will be a bit too small to play with for a little while."

"Aunt Audrey is having the baby?!" Teddy yelled excitedly, and the adults both laughed.

"Yes Teddy, Aunt Audrey is finally having her baby," Ginny told him.

"Can we go watch?" he asked quickly.

"If you and your godfather go get cleaned up and grab your cloaks, we can go now," Ginny stated.

"Come on, Teddy, let's go get cleaned up quickly," Harry said, moving to pick up his godson, who held onto the football as he was lifted onto Harry's shoulders.

"I'll go find something to bring for him to do while we wait," Ginny called after him.

"Of course!" Harry replied, chuckling. As if he wanted to be stuck in a waiting room for hours with an energetic five-year-old who had nothing to do.

Though, truthfully, that would fit into his life. Boring one moment, fun the next, crazy after that.

Sometimes, he wasn't sure which he preferred.

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