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December 25th

Christmas for Souji had been pleasant.

He had gotten gifts from his friends and Nanako and Dojima were back from the hospital. It was all he could ask for, true companions and a loving family...but dread reared its head when he was reminded that he had to leave to go back to his parents.

Everyone looked down at the floor, of the living room, for a few seconds before Souji spoke up.

"...This year you all taught me that the small things in life are precious. Death is looming but with each other we can get through anything. My parents...before they would force me to do things I wouldn't like, like going to a new school every year but this time I will argue with them and tell them I wish to stay."

Everyone looked at him.

He rarely talked about his own past so this had surprised them all except Yosuke.

"Us transfer students need to stick together." Yosuke joked and winked.

Souji smiled and told the others he would visit during Golden week.

They all started to smile at the news.

Ryotaro Dojima stared at his nephew and smiled, with a cup of coffee in hand. "I'll help you on your case. Your mother, my sister, can be stubborn but so can I."

Souji smiled at his uncle and he looked at Nanako, while drinking some water.

"Big bro..." She said sadly.

The teens around the table stared at her with reassuring looks saying "Even if he's gone, we'll be your friends."

"Can we play King's Game?" Her mood changing instantly into joy and curiosity.

Dojima spit his coffee on Yosuke's neck and Souji had a coughing fit. Yosuke stood up, but his knees hit the table resulting in falling on Chie. She yelped and he ran to the bathroom with an apology after groping her legs as "support."

Everyone except Yukiko was shocked as she had been laughing too hard.

"N-N-Nanako, who taught you that?!" Kanji asked wide-eyed.

She pointed towards Noato.

"Back at the inn, she told me how much fun you all had playing it and I wanted to play it too!" She puffed her chest, fists determined.

Everyone turned to the detective, as she hid her increasingly red face behind her cap.

Her eyes peaked from the top of her cap towards Souji who had the chopsticks ready, winking at her.

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