Author's Note: This story is about Adventure Time. I always wondered about Flame Princess. So I decided to write a story about her childhood and meeting Finn. K thnx bye.

Disclaimer: As random as I am, I don't own Adventure Time.

Flame King and Queen were very excited. Today was the day they were expecting their first child. As Flame Queen laid in bed, Flame King wandered outside. All his loyal subjects were preparing a party in honor of the newborn. He smiled at the flame children running around, spraying each other with lava guns. A servant of the royal family came running up. She stopped to pant and gasped,"Y-your child has been born, sir. She is a healthy girl."

Little flames of joy come flying off Flame King. He dissolved into flames and traveled full speed towards the royal bedroom. He couldn't wait to see the new heir to the throne. He arrived momentarily and smiled at the little wrapped bundle in his wife's hands. Flame Queen glanced up and smiled at her husband, motioning for him to come close.

Standing right next to her bedside, he grinned at his daughter. Her eyes opened steadily and he saw they were the color of glistening magma. The girl hiccuped and a curling flame went spiraling into the hot air. Flame Princess giggled at her new found power and pawed the fire that stayed suspended in the air. Flame Queen placed the little girl in her father's big arms.

The short flames that covered her head grew longer and longer as she matured over the years. Her childhood zoomed away until her 10th birthday when a visitor to the Flame Kingdom arrived one day. Flame Princess peeked into the doorway where her father and the pink lady had a conversation. Large scientific words are shared and she loses interest in the conversation. Skipping back to her room and burning her dolls, her door slams open and she jerks her head up. 2 magma soldiers stand in the door frame with obsidian chains in their hands. Flame Princess chirps,"Oh hi, guys! What brings you guys here?"

Her happiness evaporates into thin air when they clamp the handcuffs onto her wrists. Flame Princess's hair flares up and she roars,"What is the meaning of this? My father will hear about this!" The female magma soldier gives her a sympathetic look and says slowly,"In fact, your father is the one who ordered us to chain you." Flame Princess's expression darkens and she whispers,"But why?" The male guardian closes his eyes and answers bluntly,"Princess Bubblegum of the candy kingdom had spouted some science mumbo jumbo and left in a hurry. Your father heeded her words and commanded us to do this. We're sorry, Flame Princess."

Hatred boiled in her veins. Her flaring hair came up a roaring flame. Her eyes liquid red and she screams,"How dare you defy me! I am Flame Princess, you will bow down to me!" Large bursts of fire come shooting out of her fists but the magma soldiers calmly raise their hands, sucking up the heat out the flames. Sad expressions cross their faces and they use their powers to drain Flame Princess.

She is limp on the floor, her usually red body now a cold blackish pink. Her eyes were closed and her hair lay sprawled around her. The female guard sighs and says,"Glob, what has gotten into the King? Why must we do this to his only daughter?" The male soldier stares down at the unconscious girl before him and mutters,"Maybe the king shall explain." They heft up the girl, carrying her carefully to the throne room.

King Flame paces around the throne room, thinking,"Princess Bubblegum has no business with Fire Kingdom folk. Well, if she insists..." He turns around and faces the item that was covered in a blanket. He extended his arm and the cover burned up in a matter of seconds. It revealed an enormous oil-lamp like container. He sighed. The Princess of the Candy Kingdom expected him to imprison his daughter in this lamp.

The lava soldiers carry in his pride and joy. A pained expression flickers across his face but his face contorts into a hardened expression. Queen Flame sat on her throne but sprinkles of lava trickled down her cheeks. Together the rulers of the Fire Kingdom watched in painful silence while the guards locked their daughter into the oil lamp and hoisted her up with chains. 4 years passed and the angered Flame Princess was kept prisoner in the glass prison. But everything changed when a certain magical dog came to change her life forever...