Date with Mr. Suarez's Daughter

AN: Hi guys! Sooo I've had this concept floating around in my head like the plague! I couldn't help it!

Story: There is one person in particular that catches the attention of the young Suarez princess... ;)

This story is total AU with elements from the show obviously. :P

For entertainment only! :P

Chapter 1

It was a nice autumn evening on one of the busiest streets in Manhattan and in one of the top restaurants in town, Casa Suarez. People were dressed up, eating, chatting away, waiters and waitresses zipping in and out of the kitchen. It was hip and chic, yet totally elegant. This was where people wanted to be. The top business people from the fashion and entertainment industry were always in for the great food, excellent service and beautiful decor from Beyoncé to Lady Gaga and Adrianna Lima to Wilhelmina Slater. However, there was one person in particular that seemed to catch the attention of the young Suarez princess.

"Oww, Justin" Betty squealed when she felt Justin's elbow jab into her left side. "Sorry AB."

"Shh" Betty looked to him. "You know how Papi gets upset when we're here when it's busy." She whispered to her nephew.

"Betty, what are we doing here, anyways?" Justin asked curiously wondering why the heck they were hiding behind a huge plant in the center of the restaurant acting like sneaking teenagers or really bad spies, either way it wasn't that hard to notice them. She leaned next to him. "You remember how I told you that there was this guy that I like that always comes here and meets with Papi?"

"Uh...ya, I think so."

"Yes, well he just walked in right now and is heading to that table in the corner where the colored-tile wall is." Justin looked to her for a second and in the location she specified. His eyes went wide "Him?"

"Yes" She smiled brightly looking to Justin. A huge grin came to his face. "OMG, Betty do you have any idea who that is?"

She looked to him "Yes, it's Daniel."

"Betty... that is THE Daniel Meade." She just looked at him blankly. He rolled his eyes and dropped his hand dramatically. "You've got to be kidding me. He's not only the Editor in Chief of Mode Magazine, but he is one of the best businessmen in New York City and the most eligible bachelor according to Esquire Magazine."

Her eyes lit up. "Wow, really?" He nodded happily of his knowledge. She laughed "How do you know all that?"

"Oh my God, where have you been? He's always in the news. And besides, I love Mode, so I pay attention to anything about it."

"Well, he sounds like a great guy, why would Papi always tell me he's bad news?" she asked confused looking at the table where he sat looking so unbelievably handsome with his black Armani suit, at least that what's she thought, and his purple dress shirt which seemed to make his eyes bright. She could see the blue from all the way over here. She loved how he smiled so charmingly when the waiter brought him some wine. She knew that his favorite wine was Pinot Noir, and he always got whatever her Papi suggested he eat, but she knew that his favorite was her Papi's very own Pozole recipe or his fresh Tamales. "Well, maybe because he's known as a playboy." Justin said snapping her out of her daze.

She looked to him "What? Really?" she looked back in the direction of Daniel. "I don't know. He doesn't seem that way."

"Fashion-TV is always showing him leaving parties or clubs, and there has been one time where he was seen walking out with a couple of girls."

"Hmm...Well, what do you think?" She asked looking to Justin knowing that his judgment about people was usually correct. "Personally, I don't buy it. I think they're just showing him out to be this jerk because of how he used to be when he was in college. He seems like he's changed since his dad made him editor in chief a year ago."

"Wow..." Betty looked to Daniel again and smiled. Justin looked at her and smiled noticing her love-sick smile. "So, you like him, AB?" he asked with a slight shine in his eyes.

She smiled brighter and looked to Justin. "Yes. And actually, that is why I brought you here. I need your help." He looked at her with a curious expression. "What?"

"I just want to talk to him alone. Papi never lets me come near him. I have a plan up my sleeve, but I need you to help me."

"Okay!" Justin said happily. Betty's eyes lit up. "Really? You'll help me?" She said with a hopeful tone. "Are you kidding? YES! I love Daniel! He is a genius! And besides..."

"Ya, ya, you love Mode, I get it!" she giggled. Justin slapped her arm playfully. "Come on; let's go before someone catches us." Betty said taking his hand.

"I'm surprised no one did already" he laughed. They quickly snuck off running to the front when they ran into someone. "Sorry!" Betty said loudly. "Mijaa!"

"Papi! Uh..." she looked to Justin worriedly. "What are you two doing here? I told you not to run around the restaurant when it was busy."

"Sorry, Papi."

"It's okay. What are you two doing here?"

"Uh...we were just uh..." she looked to Justin. "We were just trying to see if Beyoncé was here again." He quickly chimed in.

", now it's very busy. And I have a meeting. How many times have I told you two to not be out so late when you're on this side of town? I'll have a car take you to Queens."

"No, Papi, please we'll just take the subway."

"No mija." He said sternly.

"Papi, come on! I'm 22 years old. You can't keep treating me like a baby. Besides, Justin is with me." She said putting her hand to his shoulder, and looking at her father with her big brown eyes. Ignacio always had a soft spot for his daughter's eyes and smile. "Ok, but promise to call me as soon as you two get home"

Betty smiled brightly. "Okay! Thank you, Papi!" She hugged him happily. "Come on Justin; let's go before he changes his mind." She took his hand and started running off. "No running!" he yelled behind them.

"Love you, Papi, bye!" she said in a blur as she and Justin made their way through the entrance. Ignacio shook his head. "Mi hija" He quickly made his way.

"Daniel" Ignacio said as he approached his table. Daniel quickly stood up to greet the older man. Daniel couldn't help but feel intimidated every time he saw him approach the table with this affirmative and strong presence, but the longer he talked to him he saw this kind and warm nature to him. He just knew he never wanted to get on his bad side. "Mr. Suarez. Good to see you, sir."

"Please Daniel, how many times have I told you to call me Ignacio."

"Right, sorry. Habit." He shot a lopsided smile and sat down across from the older man.

"Glad you could meet with me. I'm sorry about taking up your time this past month"

"Not at all, Mr...Umm...Ignacio" he smiled. "It's my pleasure." He said taking the papers from Ignacio as he slid them across the table.

"Yes! I'm so glad Papi let us go on the subway. I can't stand having his stupid driver take me home. He is sooo annoying. He never shuts up." Betty giggled as they ran out of the restaurant. Justin laughed at his Aunt. They walked down the street. After a few minutes, Betty looked at Justin. "So, think I have a shot with Daniel?" Betty asked with a hopeful look in her eyes.

"Are you kidding? He will not know what hit him." He said with a grin. Betty smiled taking a deep breath. "God, I really like him Justin." Justin smiled glancing at her. "Don't worry, AB. I'll help you. And with my awesome fashion sense he will be breathless when he sees you."

"Yay! Thank you, Justin." she smiled happily. On their way to Queens, Betty felt butterflies like crazy with the possibility of finally talking to Daniel. She really didn't understand why her Papi never even let her ask about him. She smiled smoothing out the blue dress beneath her hands. When they got home Justin ran quickly up the stairs and not even two minutes later came back down with a pile of magazines in his hand. "Here AB, you should take a look at Mode Magazine, and these two have some stuff about him."

"Thank you, Justin." She smiled happily. She looked at the cover of Esquire which had a picture of him. "Man, he is so gorgeous." She felt butterflies again and her heart race just at the possibility of having the chance to talk to him. "Okay, so, let me tell you my plan." She said with a grin. "Eek!" He squealed excitedly grabbing her arm and pulling her to the kitchen, getting out sheets of paper and pencil. Betty smiled looking to him. She knew she had the best nephew ever.

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