Date with Mr. Suarez's Daughter

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Chapter 4

"Betty, come on. Hurry up."

"I'm trying, Justin." Betty whispered back trying to climb out of the window of her room. "It's not so easy with this crazy stuff you made me wear" she said as she tried to not get the back of her long black coat caught on something. And the boots Justin got her had thick heels that were making it rather difficult for her not to make a lot of noise with.

Justin walked around to check on Silvio and make sure he was still occupied. He hid behind the gate snickering when he spotted Christina flirting with him as their distraction. When she glanced in his direction she saw him and shot him a death glare. He got the message and quickly went back to get Betty to hurry up. She never took this long to sneak out before. She was practically an expert; she'd done it so many times in the past four months.

Just as Justin came closer Betty slipped and dropped into the bushes making a somewhat audible crash. Justin looked around and then quickly ran over. He was glad she wasn't that high up from where she slipped.

"Are you okay?" he whispered hoping no one heard her fall.

"yaa...oww..." she groaned trying to sit up. "Come on" he grabbed her hand pulling her up.

They quickly walked over to the gate, Betty almost tripping from her get-up. Justin shook his head in frustration. "Sorry" she whispered seeing the look on his face. They peered around the corner seeing Christina on the front steps chatting away with Silvio in a semi-playful manner. Betty knew that she was going to have to owe Christina big time for this. She hated Silvio and Marco just as much as Betty did.

Silvio had been flirting with and eyeing Christina ever since she started working as her Papi's tailor two months ago. She and Betty had instantly become good friends. She was the only friend that she had, besides Antonio, a waiter at her Papi's restaurant. Apparently Silvio was enjoying Christina's presence a little too much and thought he could sneak in a kiss. Well, he made the wrong move. Just as his face even passed her personal space radar her fist came flying across his face making him fall back against the steps.

Betty and Justin's eyes went wide in shock. They looked to each other and snickered slapping each other's hand in satisfaction. Silvio screamed from the impact. Christina started apologizing. Betty and Justin darted out of there thinking this was as good a chance as any to sneak away. Go Christina! Betty thought to herself.

"What the hell did you hit me for?" Silvio said rubbing his jaw trying to get up. "It was a reflex. Sorry."

"What? A reflex for what?" he asked as he got up. "Fer tryin' ta kiss me!" She said upset.

"So?" he said moving his hand from his jaw noticing the blood.

"You bloody idiot! You don't go kissin' somebody without askin' first."

"So if I'd asked you, you da let me?"

"A day in bloody hell!" she came back.

He held his hand out to her "Look, I'm bleeding thanks to you. I think you busted my lip" he said bringing his hand to the side of his mouth again.

"Maybe we should go to the hospital" she said noticing that his mouth was pretty bad. She tried to hold her smile.

"What about miss Betty? Boss will have a fit if I leave"

"Oh, leave the poor girl. She's not a child. She'll be fine." She grabbed him by the sleeve of his shirt and led him inside to get a pack of ice. They walked into the kitchen, Christina sitting him in a chair and going to the freezer.

"Let me at least tell her I'm leaving" he said getting up from the chair. Christina felt iffy about that, she tried to stop him, but he got suspicious so he went up anyways.

He got to the door and tried to open it but it was locked. "Miss Betty?" he called knocking on the door.

"Go away!" Betty's voice came back. "Listen, I'm uh...I have to step out."

"I don't care!" her voice came back again. "Sure you'll be alright?, don't be getting into trouble."

"Fine. Leave me alone". The voice came back once more. Silvio shook his head and walked back down. What he didn't know was that on the other side of the door Justin set up an automated voice detector. So whenever a question or something was stated, a pre-recorded message was played back. They just recorded some sayings that would make Silvio or Marco believe she was actually still in there, which wasn't that difficult since Betty mostly insulted them or told them to leave her alone.

On the way to the hospital Silvio called Marco to make sure Betty wasn't home alone. He also called Mr. Suarez telling him what happened. He was surprised when Mr. Suarez actually laughed that Christina hit him. He got rather upset that he was laughing at his expense, but told himself the pay was good. That was the only reason why he was still doing this. His daughter was one tough chick. She kept him and Marco busy.

"Hah-ha! I can't believe Christina hit him!" Betty laughed as they ran to catch the subway. "It was way too funny" Justin added laughing. "Now Justin seriously why am I wearing all this stuff?" she finally asked as they slowed down getting the train they needed to catch. "Because AB you have to be in disguise. And besides we look cool." He said putting on some cool black shades with red trim to match his almost all-black clothing. Of course it was Justin, so he had a red vest on. He had to have his color. He whipped out another pair of shades from his pocket "here, wear these."


"Come on, AB!" he said holding them out to her. Betty rolled her eyes and put them on feeling like a dork on a Queens Subway looking like she was coming out of some spy movie.

"I guess we do look pretty cool" Betty said taking another look at herself in her black jeans and top covered up by her long black coat, with those high, yet awesome boots she was wearing. She looked to Justin. "You are crazy good at this fashion stuff, Justin. Who knows, maybe you could work at MODE someday."

His eyes lit up "That would be awesome!" he said excitedly. She smiled. "So, where are we going?" she asked curiously.

"You'll see" he said with a smirk.

About 15 minutes later they were in Manhattan walking into this 'spy shop'. It had walls and displays of cool gadgets and spy gear everywhere. The room was very dim-lit, with blue and red neon lights where the wall and ceiling met making it look very high-tech. Especially the cool blue display lights on the gadgets. "Justin, what are we doing here?" she asked. She looked at him more curiously. "How do you know about this place?"

"I followed Bobby here. I think he's a spy Aunt Betty"

"WHAT?" Betty said loudly, her eyes wide in shock. The employees and two other people looked at her. She mouthed sorry to them. "Justin, are you crazy? Bobby's not a spy." She said in softer voice, stopping for a minute in thought.

"Whatever you say AB, but just think about it. He's been really secretive for the past few months, and he came here Betty. He has that tough guy secret agent look to him, too" he said with a smirk. Betty looked at him incredulously. "I don't know, Justin. I think you're just jumping to conclusions."

"Ok AB, don't believe me, but we are getting some stuff that will be useful to us. We have the troops, now we need the equipment" He said walking over to the back wall where there were headphone devices and ear pieces, and cameras. Some were so small that you couldn't even see what it was. Betty looked around in fascination. There were really awesome video-recording glasses, glasses that had a mapping system implanted in the device, cool watches that you wouldn't believe; night goggles and listening kits, laser pens and sensors. It was insane. When she walked back over to Justin, she looked at him as he picked out things for them with such determination and assurance. She smiled. "You are an amazing kid, do you know that?"

He smiled and looked at her. "Thanks AB. You're an amazing aunt."

She looked down sadly. "No, I'm not"

He turned completely to look at her. "Yes, you are."

She looked up meeting his eyes, her eyes already filled with tears. "I don't take care of you like I should."

"Sure you do. I would probably be out on the streets in a gang or something if it weren't for you being around me, AB. You're the only reason why I'm not taking out my anger and sadness out on everyone and everything since mom."

Betty's tears were falling along her cheeks. "I love you, AB" he said hugging her the best he could with all the stuff in his hands. Betty wrapped her arms around him tightly, her tears falling like rain. "I love you, too" she said wondering how she could breathe without him around. He was the reason why she woke up every day determined to find out what really happened to Hilda. Both she and Justin had this feeling in their hearts that they weren't getting the whole story on what happened. All she knew right now was this amazing kid she was hugging was her whole world right now and she was determined to keep that good heart and spirit of his alive.

"Now, come on. Let's hurry up and get out of here, so we can initiate you plan."

Betty smiled and let go of him. "Okay" she wiped the tears from her face. "How about Mission Blue Eyes" she said with a smirk. Justin grinned looking at her. "Better" he said and quickly picked out the rest of the things he thought they needed, getting a few other things that he just thought were way too cool to pass up. You never know when you need this stuff, he thought.

They paid for their spy gear and walked out of the shop officially feeling like spies. Betty was so excited to use this stuff, even though half of it she barely had a clue what they were. She and Justin went to the park to go over their plan one more time and start the operation.

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