Everyone in the room couldn't help but look when they saw the wolfgirl in front of them

"Well, what do you think" Sibella asked as everyone's jaw was still dropped

"Well I feel awful, my hair itching like crazy, these shoes are so tight, this skirt is so damn loose and… wow, I look hot" Winnie said admiring her reflection

"I knew she'd like it, 5 bucks" Phanty said to Elsa as she handed her a wrinkled bill

"Although I'm beautiful I rather prefer my natural look… wait you were betting on me" Winnie snapped furiously

"I wasn't" I told her as she smiled at me

"Thanks Soulripper" Winnie smiled sitting down on the bed Indian style

"I'm gonna turn on the radio" I said turning some knobs

"…off another….now only $7.99…with a 40% chance of rain… 103.3, the pick , greasy hair metal, loud guitar and spandex, with another classic 80's hit time for a shuffle, …I wanna Rock N' Roll all night and party everyday... tell me not to play, well all I gotta say when you tell me to play I say… We get wild, wild wild, so you think I got an evil mind… I'm going off the rails on a crazy train… we got the right to chose …. Output…. Rock you like a hurricane by the scorpions off their album love at first sting" the radio said playing the song in the background as my computer made another beep

"Oh another message… oh it's from my buddy Eddie and it reads….Tannis, what do you look like underneath your bandages, are you all rotten and decaying" I read the message as Tannis nodded shyly

"Honestly, If I took my wrappings off I'd look perfectly human" she replied typing

"Really?" I replied shocked considering she was ancient

"Yeah, mummification preserves the body, and my bandages are magic, they prevent decay" Tannis responded

"Would you mind if I unwrap your arm?" I asked as she blushed

"Sure" She replied as I gently moved the bandages exposing her light brown arm

"Wow" I said re-wrapping her arm as she blushed

"I'm Hungry, anyone else" Winnie said

"Winnie, you're always hungry" Sibella replied

"Excuse me for having a canine appetite" Winnie replied turning her head

"I haven't had dinner, I suppose I could get something from the kitchen, I'll be right back" I said exiting the room heading to the kitchen

"Let's see, Spaghetti, no, pizza hut breadsticks no, ah" I said pulling some lunch meat and cheese out with some condiments from the fridge and a loaf of bread and a half eaten box of Oreos from the pantry as I entered the room with the food

"I brought sandwiches" I said handing out the materials as we made sandwiches and I pulled out a switchblade cutting a sandwich in half

"Nice knife" Phanty said admiring the shiny blade

"Thanks, it was my fathers, he got it specially made" I said flipping the blade in the handle

"Could we meet him" Tannis asked

"Not unless you have a time machine, he died years ago, he loved to travel" I said as she almost dropped her half eaten sandwich and a slab of ham fell out

"I'm sorry" she said as Winnie snatched the ham undetected and placed it in her mouth

"He died doing what he loved" I said as she bit into her sandwich

"What are your families like, with you being royalty and all that?" I asked as they smiled Winnie put down her sandwich

"Not my cup of toadstool tea, royal females can't hunt for food, basically all I'm supposed to do is feminine stuff, don't get me wrong I love my life and my family… more than anything but sometimes I wish I could've been born a boy, I'd been learning to use bows and track animals" Winnie finished biting into her sandwich"

"If you were a boy, you wouldn't be in school with us" Tannis said disappointed

"I said sometimes, being a girl has its perks" Winnie said