I looked and saw Winnie messing up her hair

"Like I said, I prefer my natural look" Winnie claimed as my Computer buzzed

"Got a message from unknown who asks: 'What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done, who's is the funniest'" I said reading the message

"Well, if it counts one time I was wrapping up myself and a put on a roll of fly-paper it hurt when my Mummy had to pull it off" Tannis said as everyone chuckled as Elsa rubbed her hand

"Once I walked into the boy's bathroom" Elsa said

"Elsa, that's not really funny" I said as everyone nodded

"I can't easily outdo that, once when I was 5 I was climbing a tree wearing overalls, I fell off a branch and fell off and my clothes got stuck to the tree, I had to run 6 miles home in nothing but my underwear" Winnie said as everyone (including her cracked up)

"Wait, that's not the best part, they got stuck on a thorn bush, halfway, so I had to run the last 3 miles butt naked" Winnie said as everyone continued laughing

"Takes, real guts to admit that, but the thought of seeing you naked is something I'll never unsee" I said

"Once when I was floating thru the swamp I got muck stuck in my hair" Phanty said "It took hour to get out" Phanty said chuckling

"Well, how that could happen to an intangible being is beyond me" I said "What about you Sibella?" I asked the young Vampiress sitting on the sofa

"No comment" She responded as the girls stood up at once

"Sibella we all shared, you have to tell us" Elsa said

"I don't want to" Sibella said

"It's only fair" Tannis said

"If she doesn't want to share, it's her choice" I said in her defense

"Thank you Soulripper" Sibella smiled

"Fine then I'll tell" Winnie said

"Tell what, I never told you" Sibella said in defense

"You talk in your sleep, I know all about "The party"" Winnie said

"You wouldn't dare" Sibella grinned grinding her teeth

"Yes I would, you f*c*ed up my hair, it's only fair" Winnie said

"Please" Sibella pleaded

"One time Sibella's father, Count Dracula was throwing a party, Sibella got drunk off wine and started singing the Village People" Winnie said as everyone cracked laughing

"That s*i* is priceless, I 'm sorry Sibella, but I just thought that was funny" I said trying to cover my laughing

"So I got on a table and starting singing "Macho Man", I was F*c*ing DRUNK, if anything it's my father's fault, letting me have alcohol, I was 7 years old" Sibella snapped

"You were singing Macho Man" I said confused

"yeah, I don't remember much except it was embarrassing, I was drunk and I passed out" Sibella said

"You told me in your sleep you took your blouse off and starting swinging it around-

"SHUT UP WINNIE! Sibella yelled

"Winnie, leave her alone, but still Macho man?" I said confused

"Tell anyone and I'll kill you" She said

"I'll you what happened to me what I was 10, I was pranked to go into a redneck and read a teleprompter, someone changed the phrase, guess what I ended up saying"? A asked everyone shrugged their shoulder

"Couldn't be worse than my experience" Sibella said

"I said, 'I would like you all to suck my c*ck" Isaid as the ghouls were laughing including Sibella

"They beat me up" I said

"Hey let's play some games with the readers" Tannis suggested as we agreed to that we made a wheel

"Ok let's spin" I said as Tannis spun the wheel landing on "I dareā€¦"

"Oh, that mean I reader gets to dare you girls to do something, first request gets it, now we play the waiting game" I said

"Can we play Guitar hero" Winnie asked

"Sure I said hooking up my Xbox