"I need you to be perfect today." The man breathed in, his eyes scanning the creamy skin of the woman in front of him, his hands lingering on her bare breast. He listened as a servant poured steaming hot water into the large tiled bathtub. "Can you do that for me?" He gazed up, his violet eyes piercing hers, where she just stared back at him, shell pink lips parted slightly. "You don't want to wake the dragon, do you?" He had asked almost threateningly.

"No.." She said, turning her gaze down, unable to take the piercing look he was shooting at her. He nodded slightly, removing his hands from the curves of her body. He turned on his heels and walked down the hallway, only to stop at the end, turning back to her.

"When they write the history of my reign, sweet sister, they will say it began today." He had voiced, locking his eyes with hers as he swiftly left the room.

The woman, with long wavy white hair took a silent breath, slowly turning towards the tiled bathtub and padding towards it, her gaze taking in the view from the window. The breeze from the open hole in the wall filled the room, carrying the beige colored drapes with it. Slowly, her feet found their way to the colorful tiled steps to enter the bathtub, one at a time. Her gaze still fixed to the outside, as she stepped into the steaming hot water, not affecting her at all.

"The water is too hot M'lady!" The servant warned, rushing to her side. Her mouth open in amazement that the woman felt no pain, after all, the water had steam lifting off of it.

Yet the woman walked deeper into the tub, lost in her own thoughts.


They had arrived. The woman with white hair, Daenerys, stood alongside her brother. She held her hands, letting them rest on her abdomen. She wore a silky light lavender colored dress, it was her favorite, but most importantly her brother's favorite. She had not done much with her hair, taking a little off each side of her face, braiding it across the side of her head to connect with each other in the back. Even her brother had done the same to his shoulder length white hair.

There were many people there, along the grand stairs to the castle. They wore orange and a pastel yellow robes, chatting with each other happily. It was a beautiful day, the birds were chirping, the trees leaves were dancing along with the wind and the smell of the flowers overwhelmed Daenerys. She loved it.

Then people had exited from the main entrance of the castle. It was the all-father, Odin. Along with his wife Frigga, and son Prince Loki.

The man had been standing beside Viserys and Daenerys, smiled and stepped forward, holding his arms out to the all-father. "May I present my honored guests.. Viserys, of house Targaryen, the third of his name. The rightful king of the Andals and the first men. And his sister, Daenerys, of House Targaryen." He announced, continuing to come closer to the all father.

Daenerys stepped forward, until Viserys grabbed her wrist and pulled her close. "Do you see the man in gold and green?" He whispered, his eyes looked at the man standing alongside his parents. "He is the God of Mischief. He has a silver tongue, widely known for it. They say he can fool even the smartest man without losing his cool." He grinned. "And you will be his wife."

"Come forward my Dear." The man turned away from the All-Father, motioning for Daenerys to come beside him, and she did. Hesitantly, but she did.

Loki watched her move gracefully, knowing she didn't have anything to do with this arranged marriage. But she was beautiful, he had to admit. She was virtually flawless, everything about her worked well. The way her hair spilled over her chest, the creamy look of her skin. The soft looking pink lips, then her violet colored eyes, beautiful, then how her dress fit her so well.

"Frigga, Loki." Odin boomed, his voice covering every other noise that could be heard. He turned and made his way back into the castle, Frigga and Loki following right behind him. Loki taking one last glance at her before having to follow his father.

"Hey, wait, where are they going?!" Viserys worriedly rushed over, his eyes fixed onto the entrance of the castle. He seethed on the inside. He had a plan, to take back the iron throne from beyond the mountains, in Westeros. He needed Odins strength and army to take it back, and with Daenerys marrying his youngest son, that was the only way he could have access to it."Did he like her?!"

"Trust me your grace, if Prince Loki and King Odin had not liked her, they would have said something." The man grinned, his chocolate brown eyes watching the blue ocean.

"When will they be married?" Viserys questioned, stretching his legs by walking a few strides, while Daenerys stood behind him and the man. Viserys began walking along the red cobblestone ground, with his sister and the chubby old man following behind.

"Soon." He spoke, waddling along with him. "Just don't show such haste to Prince Loki."

"Do you take me for a fool? I know how to handle a man like him. I give him a wife, and he gives me his fathers army."

"I don't want to be his queen." Daenerys piped up, stopping in her tracks and staring at her brother. Her eyes pleading for him to change his mind. He shot a disgusted glare at her. "...I want to go home..." She whispered.

"So do I. I want us both to go home. But they took it from us. So tell me sweet sister, how do we go home?" He snarled, walking up to her and getting in her face. She leaned back a bit, shaking her head slightly.

"I don't know- we go home with an army. With King Odins army." He had cut her off, running his fingers along her soft pale cheek. "I would let all of them fuck you, all thousands of them, and their horses too, if that's what it took." Now she stayed silent. She was always used to his cruel words, but she hated just being sold off to a man for power. He kissed her forehead and walked away briskly and coldly.


They were in the grand foyer of the castle, grand it was. The cieling seemed as if it reached up to the stars, the golden stairs that reached up towards the throne, where Odin was sitting, the long banquet tables full of the finest foods, finer than Daenerys had ever seen. The people of Asgard were happily chatting away at the tables, their mouths full of food, their glasses full of wine and the finest mead.

At least half of these people were drunk, she was sure of it. Many of them danced around, the people of Asgard not having an event as big as this in a small while. One man had broken open another vat of the mead, basking in the scent with his buddies, dipping their cups in it and chugging it.

Daenerys was standing beside her new Husband, Prince Loki, they both stood on one side of the throne, while Frigga was standing on the other side, proudly.

Frigga would never admit, but Loki had a special place in her heart. Even though she had not birthed him herself, which he did not know about, she favored him over Thor. Thor was much like his father, loud and proud, he loved getting into playful fights and didn't know how to quiet down. Loki on the other hand, was practically the opposite of his adopted brother. Quiet when he needed to be, and reserved. He was almost always calm, though Thor does always find a way to rile him up, but Loki would snap out of it. Loki did not have a fighting nature, rather getting his way by using his cunning skills to talk his way through things. Frigga smiled. He had a kind heart, she was proud to call him her son.

Then her mind drifted over to his new wife, Daenerys Targaryen. Frigga knew of the things her father had done, it worried her so to think that her son was now marrying the daughter of Aerys II. I'll need to keep an eye on her.. Frigga thought, her blue eyes eyed the woman by Loki's side, who was silent the whole time.

A plump man in his mid age, walked up the stairs towards the throne, wearing a white and golden gown, his head adorned with a dark brown cap. He held, in his small chubby fingers a bowl, still making his way towards the newlyweds. Bowing to the All-Father and them before placing the bowl before them, nodding once more before taking his leave. A servant from Frigga's side picked it up and carried it off, only after another man had come up, bearing another gift.

A beautifully carved wooden box was in his fingers, the hood of the box opened to reveal it's contents. Many snakes of different colors were huddled together, their hisses giving away what they were. He placed the box before the newlyweds, Daenerys immediately taking in a small breath at the sight, the man picking the snakes out to show them, only to place them back in.

Daenerys watched as two men down at the banquet began fighting. They were swinging their drunken fists haphazardly, only sometimes striking the other Asgardian. Only then when the fighting got intense, one of the men pulled out a sword, were the guards called, dragging them out of the banquet hall.

Viserys watched in slight disgust. Sure he had a drink now and then, but he didn't swim in it like these people.

"An Asgardian wedding is considered a dull affair if most were sober." The man who was sitting beside Viserys laughed, causing him to crack a smile as he sat his head on the palm of his hand.

Two last men came towards the newlyweds, both had an end of a large chest in their arms, sighing when they had set it down before them. They wiped their foreheads from the perspiration and cracked open the chest, revealing three large egg shaped things. One green, one light brown, and one darker brown, all three sitting upon a small linen.

Loki had raised an eyebrow in curiosity, immediately wondering what they were. But he said nothing, only clasping his hands together in front of him and watching.

Daenerys however, reached down and touched one, taking note that it had a scaly surface. She grew enthralled, picking one up to get a closer look at it.

"Dragons eggs, Daenerys. From the shadow lands." The man who was accompanying her and her brother spoke. Odin did not seem as pleased as Daenerys, as he had scoffed at that.

Obviously dragons were not the most welcome things in Asgard, Hell, they did not exist anymore. And they did not need to exist anymore, with all the destruction they cause.

The man ignored the scoff and looked back to Daenerys. "The ages have turned them to stone, but their beauty remains."

She found it hard to look up from the emerald green egg, which oddly resembled color to her new husbands eyes, but she did. "Thank you." With that, she put the egg down with the others, making sure she was as careful as she could be with it. Even if it was just a stone now, she wished to treat it if the ages had not been so cruel.

Loki, growing tired of hearing the drunken men and the loud obnoxious laughter, took it upon himself to excuse him and his new wife from the event. It was getting late anyways, though the Asgardians down below had no trouble with the time.

It was bound to get more awkward from there, seeing as how his mother had a 'serious' talk with him. 'You aren't officially married until you take her maidenhood Loki.' He knew she meant well, but he did not need his own mother telling him that. Luckily she got the awkward vibe and apologized, though a smile still remained on her face.

Oh, he was sure it was bound to get more awkward from here.


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