She couldn't say no to him. No matter how hard she tried to form the words, she just couldn't do it.

In the 23 years of her life she had built a wall to stop people from getting close to her. Both physically, and mentally. But now, from the haze of the wine, or his cologne, or her over whelming need to have someone close, even for a few moments, she allowed him past those walls.

Alcide's scruffy beard grazed her skin as he lightly bit and kissed the nape of her neck. Lost in the moment of having her against the wall of the alley all to himself. Her perfume was over powering and the wolf inside him wanted to mark her as his own.

"Alcide- I want you." Her whispered words were hushed and fevered. She couldn't recall wanting anything nearly as bad as him. She wanted his lips on every part of her body, to feel his rough hands sliding over her skin.

His kiss was long and passionate as he lifted her skirt, letting out a low possessive growl into her mouth as his hands ripped her underwear off. Her hands grasped at his belt, clumsily undoing his pants to expose his hardened member to the cool night air, eager to take her.

He pushed her against the wall, spreading her legs as he pinned her wrists above her head with one hand. Lifting her with the other was only something a were could do so effortlessly, and he did. Pushing into her swiftly as he lifted her.

"Oh God, Alcide!" The pain sent a shock through her body at the unexpected girth of him filling her. He held her steady kissing her neck and exposed cleavage while giving her a moment to adjust. Then he pulled back, moaning as he pushed back into her with force, her eyes watering from pleasure and pain. Her gasps were lost to his kisses as he picked up his pace, pounding her soft inviting flesh with force he knew unnecessary.

"Fuck." He groaned," I've wanted you so long. You're so damn beautiful." Alcide's words were just heard over the grumble of a passing truck. She was only mildly aware of the coarseness of the stone wall on her back, and the scent of the damp concrete in the alley.

He released her hands, cupping her rear as she wrapped her arms around his neck, gasping into his nape as her pleasure grew. She could feel the flex of his muscles beneath his flannel shirt, and the unnatural heat of his body against hers.

He growled her name as he quickened his pace, feeling her muscles clench around his member. She buried her face in his neck, and her nails dug into his shoulders, as her climax took her, and she felt like her whole body would melt into his hands. As she felt his body clench as he groaned into her neck, spilling his seed into her.

He held her like that for a moment, cradled against him before setting her on her feet and pulling her skirt back down. Her head was still spinning as he did up his pants and started walking out of the alley. Alcide, paused looking back at her with a grin on his face.

"Come on kid, that was just a warm up. When I get you home your senses will go wild." Kid, after what happened he still calls me kid? She thought to herself as she walked towards him, grazing the front of his jeans playfully.

"Bring it on."