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Author's Notes: As stated in the introduction, I'm doing an updated version of Dicker Files. This version of David includes some of the original entry as well as information related to what has happened in "Countdown" and "War of Angels".

David Pine Flynn

Age: 19 (physical age…actual chronological age: 9 or 10)

Sex: Male

Occupation: Computer Programmer, Engineer, CEO of SST

Known Contacts and Affiliations:

Neil Flynn (Foster Father)

Zoe Kilmarten

Divis Mal (Teragen Leader)

Violet Parr


David Flynn has presented something of an enigma to our psychological evaluation team. Having been monitored by our agency since he was originally taken in our custody, Flynn's personality could be described as "bi-polar" at best or, at worst, borderline psychotic. Around those he cares about, there is little he wouldn't do to protect them or help them. He is very loyal to his friends and will go to almost any lengths to protect them. To his enemies, he is very vindictive and enjoys making them suffer. Some would say that he lacks a true "killer instinct", but that is not the case at all. Though he has not killed (or has not made any other kills that our agency is aware of), the members of the psych-eval team believe that David's tendency is maim his enemies (physically or psychologically) to the point that killing them would be a mercy…and David is not one to show mercy to those who wrong him.

It has been speculated that he runs SST like his own little kingdom and sees his employees as subjects to be ruled. If that is true, then let it be said that, as far as ruling monarchs go, David Flynn is well loved by his subjects. He pays his employees well, provides room and board for most of them either at the SST compound or one of the apartment complexes that lie adjacent to the main company's campus. As stated previously, he is loyal to his crew and they, in turn, are loyal to him. It is no secret that all his employees are either novas or very talented baselines (who we suspect are novas but have not erupted yet); however, it is obvious that Flynn has an agenda of sorts and his people are solidly behind him.


David Pine Flynn came to our attention eight years ago shortly before the Galatea incident. However, he was known as "Adam X" and was one of Buddy Pine's experiments at his Nomansian complex. After Pine's defeat and alleged death, the facility was ordered evacuated, but it would appear that almost none of the personnel there were aware of the Adam project. Somehow, the specimen (aged to that of a ten year old boy), had been activated and was discovered half conscious in a corridor of the abandoned facility by members of our landing team.

During the short time in our custody, the boy seemed to bond with one of our agents (records show that Agent Neil Flynn was the agent who found the boy and some of our experts believed that the agent had somehow imprinted onto the child's mind). The bond was further enforced when Agent Flynn was wounded while protecting the boy from an Aeon extraction team and the boy killed all six members of the team with Agent Flynn's sidearm. Due to the injuries sustained, Agent Flynn agreed to a "partial retirement", but accepted the charge of protecting the child, providing the boy with a "family" and allowing us to monitor him at all times. The boy was given a new name (David) and managed to adapt to his new surroundings (despite a couple relatively minor incidents).

The boy had already demonstrated a high IQ and it was established that he could make lightning fast calculations in his head on par with most government super-computers. He also demonstrated unusual engineering abilities for his young age (one such incident required us to alter the memories of several people at the local junior high-school science fair). However, it was the boy's almost natural ability to mentally link with electronic devices that concerned us the most. We feared that he could become a danger, but Agent Flynn managed to convince us that the boy was still learning and adapting to his abilities and was just as afraid as we were.

It was during that time that the boy learned who and what he really was (four years after his discovery). By then, he had just started his first year in high-school. Agent Flynn had managed to advise the boy to "play normal" and remain in High-School (though David did take some college level courses and easily blew through them) for a couple years before "graduating" a year earlier.

After graduating, the boy took a "post graduation" road trip to "see the world" (at the suggestion of Agent Flynn). In reality, it was our way of seeing how the young man would function on his own without us there to guide him. Our satellites managed to track him as he made his way across the country in the summer of 2005, but we lost track of him when he entered a shielded zone in Redfield, Oklahoma. We are still unsure of what happened in Redfield; when our recovery teams managed to get there, it was just in time to see the small town get vaporized by what can only be described as a "miniature clean nuke". Minutes after the town was destroyed, we managed to find David and one other survivor from Redfield in a river a mile away. From what we were able to determine, both David and the other man had been tortured, but neither were willing to talk about what happened.

Upon returning home, David contacted the NSA and informed us that he had inadvertently stumbled across a covert Project Utopia affiliated operation that Aeon was directly involved with. He had managed to link to Aeon's primary server and learned many things, one of them being who and what he really was. His next move surprised everyone when he said that he was going to "be normal for a little bit" and spent the next several months working at a fast food restaurant. What we didn't know is that he was quietly tracking down all of Buddy Pine's covert financial assets he could find online and arranged to have them transferred to accounts of his own. After accomplishing this, David then left his job (while exposing a scandal at the local Royal Burger franchise he was at that landed the owners in jail) and went public with his identity of being Buddy Pine's illegitimate son. Upon providing evidence of his claim (though the boy managed to hide most of our involvement despite stepping into the public light), David Pine Flynn announced that he was forming his own tech company, Syndrome Software and Technology (our experts believe he chose that name to poke fun at his biological father). What is frightening, however, is how quickly David was able to buy property, build a headquarters on it (hired a nova construction company), and already have several projects in the works to be marketed (which leads us to believe that he had been quietly working on this during the time he wanted "to be normal for a little bit").

Recent Events:

Since SST's initial public debut, it is no secret that David is going after Project Utopia. Project Utopia (and their masters within Aeon) sees him as a threat to their agenda and the mutual hatred they have for each other cannot be more evident. Those who support Project Utopia see David and his crew as a bunch of greedy and profiteering renegades taking on the benevolent organization that is trying to save the world. Others, on the other hand (particularly in the United States), see David Pine Flynn and SST as being leaders of a resistance against Utopia and its attempt to establish a One-World Order.

After a disastrous attempt to take one of David Flynn's employees, Utopia attacked David Flynn via their surrogates in the media. Brandi Miller, a die hard progressive and controversial commentator, went out of her way to target David and his crew; in fact, she seemed to attack him almost on a daily basis on her radio and television shows. The conflict between Miller and David ended very brutally when Miller attempted to do an "ambush" piece of journalism on David's employees. David retaliated (after giving Miller ample warning) by releasing evidence implicating Miller (and several Utopia officials) in a child prostitution ring.

Later that night, when David Flynn was publicly unveiling SST's gaming console system, a nova with Utopia weaponry attempted to assassinate him but succeeded in critically injuring Violet Parr (SST's acting vice-president). David retaliated the next day by exposing some of Project Utopia's (and possibly Aeon's) more covert operations to the UN General Assembly. Since then, no action has been taken by one side against the other, but tensions do remain high. However, in light of the recent incident in Houston involving Project Utopia's Caestus Pax, it seems doubtful that Utopia will take further action against Flynn in the immediate future.

Flynn, though he has not taken further action, is no doubt preparing for the inevitable return of Utopia's attacks. However, he too seems concerned with other issues and seems to be focusing on other objectives.

What those objectives are, unfortunately, are still a mystery to us.

Known Abilities:

Hyper Intelligence – In addition to having a high IQ, extraordinary memory, and perception, David is capable of doing complex mathematical function and equations at the speed of most super-computers. For example, he can look at a bullet embedded in the wall and, after learning the bullet type, can determine what kind of weapon was used to fire it, the trajectory, and where the shot originated from to within ten feet of the shooter's location. In addition to English, he is fluent in German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and…of course…Klingon.

Gadgeteering Mechanics – In addition to his mental abilities, David is also capable of building all sorts of devices from scratch. One NSA operative made the crude (but accurate) comment that David was a sort of "mega-Macguyver". If left in a room with random pieces of machinery and electronic devices, he will build something out of them.

Cyberkinesis – Perhaps the most dangerous of David's abilities, some would describe this as a form of "electronic telepathy". In a way, David could be described as a telepath, except his power only effects electronic devices and machinery, not humans. If it has some sort of electronic processor, David can take control of it. "Low tech" machinery (that uses no electronics) is not affected by his cyberkinesis, but that is small comfort in a world that is dominated by and relies on technology. This also allows David to mentally link to the internet with NO computer or communication device. However, like a computer, he can be affected by dangerous programs (especially if someone has designed a virus program specifically to target him). To deal with that kind of threat, David has to mentally construct his own anti-viral firewalls which he keeps up almost constantly since he is pretty much always "plugged in" to the net.

The following is an excerpt from an NSA session with David Pine Flynn a couple years ago:

NSA Agent: "So...David. How are you feeling?"

David Flynn: "You know, we have these talks almost every six months...pretty much a standard routine. You send operatives over, Dad threatens to beat the shit out of you people if I don't come back, then you say that it's 'standard protocol', load me up into a black SUV that screams 'MIB! MIB! MIB!', bring me here to some government building to 'evaluate' my 'mental stability'...and you always start out with the same damn question...'How are you feeling?' Well, let me tell you something, I feel like some kid who has been yanked out of his home when he was in the middle of an online 'Command & Conquer: Generals' tournament and is being treated as if he's a bomb that might go off. Let me tell you something, if you're going to drag me off to some place, can we at least pick a nice restaurant or something? Hey Red Robin's nice...they have burgers. Hell, I'd even settle for a Starbucks."

NSA Agent: "You know that we can't do that, David. It would be a violation of National Security."

David Flynn (performing a whiny imitation): "It would be a violation of national security..." (voice returns to normal) "Shit...if you people actually put the same effort in going after the bad guys that you do in monitoring me, the world might actually be a better place."

NSA Agent: "Actually, David, you are considered a risk. Your father-"

David Flynn: "Hey, you leave Dad out of this...you come near my family and I swear your credit rating is going to make history by being the first to fall into negative digits."

NSA Agent: "I was referring to your biological father, David."

David Flynn: "Oh...in that case, can we skip that last bit."

NSA Agent: "Afraid I can't do that, David. It stays on the record...and please refrain from giving me the finger."

David Flynn: "Look, I know what you're doing. You're afraid that I'm going to be like Buddy Pine...go crazy, start killing off supers, and realize my dream of making an army of psycho killer robots to take over the world."

NSA Agent: "Do you really have dreams like that?"

David Flynn: "Um...once, but I think that was because they had a Terminator marathon on that night. Though I did have this really nice dream that involved me sitting in some old temple being fed grapes by some scantily clad women who looked a lot like the girls from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue...I don't know, agent...I guess that makes me a lunatic, huh?"

NSA Agent: "Are you always this sarcastic, David?"

David Flynn: "I don't know, Agent...do you always have a stick up your ass?"

This following excerpt was from a recent interview with CTV news reporter Ted Richards shortly after the incident in Mexico City:

Ted Richards: "Now some people have accused you of exploiting this tragedy and using this as a publicity stunt. What do you have to say about that?"

David Flynn: "Well, what is there to say? Most of my so called 'critics'...about ninety percent of them...are pro-Utopia mouthpieces, but what do I care? I'm here, they're not. And no, this is not a publicity stunt. People are dying, but just not here in Mexico City."

Ted Richards: "I assume you're talking about the string of crashed aircraft in the surrounding area."

David Flynn: "Over a dozen aircraft went down, very few survivors were found. A couple of those planes came down in some of the local towns, killing and injuring dozens more...but where was Utopia? They didn't send a single team to investigate those sites. Hell, there wasn't even a UN representative there. Instead, you have Justin Laragione over there going all dramatic at the UN building. But instead of sending actual aid teams in, they have Team Tommorow's living brain donor, Caestus Pax, flying around and doing recon. When other groups tried sending aid to Mexico City, they deliberately blocked the area off. You were there, you saw what happened.

Ted Richards: "Indeed. However, they did state it was out of concern and safety for those attempting to enter the area."

David Flynn: "As opposed to the safety of those already dying in area? Let's be honest here, shall we? They were looking for who or whatever caused this and I'm sure my so called 'critics' out there will then say I'm some crazy conspiracy-monger. But you know what, it doesn't matter. People are dying out here, Utopia wants to play politics and they want to accuse me of 'exploiting this tragedy'? I don't see T2M sending members out here to search the city? And the teams they finally sent, they're still 'standing by and awaiting orders'. During that time, their 'representatives' are holding press conferences but doing nothing. Now, you want to tell me what's wrong with that picture?"

Shortly after that interview, Utopia "authorized" rescue efforts to be carried out in the city.


David Flynn could easily represent a threat to the security of the United States, but he seems reluctant to do so. Despite his mild distrust of the NSA, he does not treat us as a threat and does cooperate. However, he is still a potential wildcard that could turn on us if provoked. Though some people have expressed concern that David might side with our enemies, I doubt that would happen unless we deliberately targeted him. It is my suggestion that we leave him alone and not act against him until he proves to be a real threat. Until then, all we can do is monitor him.