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Chapter 1: Intruder

That gust of wind...

The flash of light...

And then darkness...

A figure suddenly materialized on the virtual space called Lyoko. He had long silver hair and a sword was on his hip. His mind was blank but he only knew two things, his name and how to fight. As he looked around, he saw he was in Cathridge also known as Sector Five. The blue blocks looked the same and he pressed on. There was no countdown as Jeremy got rid of it after they defeated XANA.

Somehow, some way, he knew where the interface was. Wait, how did he know where it was in this maze? His head hurt just thinking about it, he worked on it for some time, trying to find any data. It was empty for some strange reason.

Hmm, he thought. All of the data was either wiped or stored and the only way to find it is to go to the Core. But first, he had to get out of there. He activated the data tunnel and materialized a vehicle to get out. It looked exactly like the Overbike but was blue and the handles are red.

Once he exited out of the Way Tower, he saw he was in the Ice sector. This was a good place to start. He knew where all the towers were and knew that they had the tendency to move around. There was one immediately north of him and that would be the first one to get taken over.

He went down a fairly sized hill and found himself in a circular area with the Tower in the center. He stopped and dismounted, leaving the bike there. He phased into the tower, it was dark, the XANA symbol was darkened even when stepped on. He was lifted up to the second platform and yet another interface popped up.

Name... Zach


He thought for a moment, different codes meant different things. He thought of several to take over the tower.

Code Night. That would do, the panel on the sides lit up and raw data flowed to him. He didn't care about XANA, he wanted to see where he was at and how he got there. He knew he was in a supercomputer on Earth but he didn't know what happened.

Supercomputer status...

Sleep mode.

"You know, Einstein, now that we don't have to worry about any attacks, we can get on with life." A boy wearing purple with hair that stuck up in a point that seemingly defied gravity. He and a teenager named Jeremy was sitting outside Kadic Academy near the park.

"I know Odd but do we really need a reminder that now that XANA was gone, we can get on with life." Jeremy said, rolling his eyes at Odd's statement.

Odd just smiled, "I just had to remind you that's all. By the way? Are you ready for the end of the school year?"

"Am I ever, it has been too long since the last vacation we had." Jeremy said smiling at the fondness of summer vacation and winter vacation. "I'll see if I can contact the others to see if we could hang out sometime." He got up, "Well, I'm off to find the others."

"Good luck," Odd said smiling. They only had about a week at the Academy left before they could take their month-long vacation. They promised to make it last forever in their memories as well.

Jeremy was walking down the hall to see if Aelita was in her dorm room. He rapped on the door softly, as if he was fearing a loud knock will either wake her up or scare her. That did the trick as she opened up her door.

"Hey Jeremy. What are you in here for?" She asked, inviting him in her dorm room.

"What are your plans for summer vacation?" Jeremy's laptop made a beeping sound in his backpack. He glanced down at his pack, "Hold that thought, I might need to check this." He unzipped the bag and opened up his laptop.

Hold on, he thought, this is impossible. He snapped it shut and faced Aelita.

"We have a bit of an issue," He groaned. "Looks like we're not quite done yet with Lyoko. Somethings a little strange because my laptop reconnected the link with the supercomputer and it says it's on.

"Well that certainly is very strange." Aelita confessed.

"I will grab Odd while you find Ulrich. Yumi is at her parents house as usual." She nodded.

Five minutes later, they were on the elevator down to the factory that they thought would never be seen again for a long time.

Once Jeremy was in the supercomputer room and the group was in the scanner room, Jeremy finally spoke up.

"It looks like you need to get into the tower in the ice sector, XANA hasn't awoken yet but tread carefully."

"Will do," Ulrich said with a smile. They stepped in the scanners for the first time in a while. The door closed behind all of them.

"Scannerer Odd, scanner Ulrich, scanner Aelita."

As they began to spin, a few last thoughts crossed their mind.

"Transfer Odd, transfer Ulrich, transfer Aelita." Jeremy took a deep sigh before saying:

"Virtualization!" And then the wind took them.

The group of three landed gracefully in the Ice sector. They took a look around and knew that they missed this place more than they thought earlier.

"Ok, the affected tower is due north. Be on your guard for anything suspicious." Jeremy said through his headset.

"Thanks Einstein, we'll take it from here." Odd quipped, waving him off. They began to run down the winding path that went north. They came into a basin like area where the tower was in the middle.

"Hey Jeremy, the tower is not red, green or white." Ulrich remarked.

"Well what color is it?" Jeremy said urgently.

"The color is black, I'll go and check it out." Aelita said with determination. She began to move forward but then a voice called out to them.

"Don't take another step." Confused the Lyoko warriors turned around and saw the person who spoke. "Greetings my dear friends, welcome to my little home that you call Lyoko."

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