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Three days have passed since their last trip to Lyoko. Those three days were spent with Jeremy keeping close eye on the super scanner on his laptop while the other warriors were doing their own things at Kadic. Right after the last trip, they developed trust issues with Zach.

In order to curb the problem before it got too out of hand, Jeremy called a meeting in his dorm room after school.

Odd and Ulrich were sitting on Jeremy's bed while Aelita, Jeremy and Kao sat in chairs he got from Odd's dorm.

"Guys, I've never properly introduced you to one of my best friends. Before introductions however, I want to tell you the reasoning behind bringing her to Lyoko." He paused before speaking again, "Kou came into my life way before XANA, Lyoko, and you guys. She was my childhood crush back then. Once I went to the Academy however, we drifted apart and didn't see each other for years. Once XANA popped up, she showed up out of nowhere and I was totally taken aback that day. It was also ironic that she saw us go into the sewers to get to the Factory." Kou nodded as she remembered that day. "After that, she was genuinely curious and wouldn't stop bugging me so now I took the liberty to show her."

"Wasn't that a foolish thing to do Jeremy? What if she got possessed by XANA?" Aelita asked, concerned for Kou's well being. Her and the warriors got to be really close in those three days. Jeremy juyst smiled.

"She won't. After what happened to William, we made sure to take certain precautions. William was easily manipulated and we failed to see that. Once Kou joined this little group, I didn't have a doubt in my mind that this wouldn't end badly."

"How could you be so sure?" Yumi pressed intent on answers.

"To be honest, I wasn't sure if this was the right choice or not." The boy admitted. "Can we trust her enough to actually become a part of this little group?" They agreed rather quickly. Jeremy then moved on to the last bit in his meeting.

"What do we know about Zach?" He asked.

Aelita quickly responded, "I myself am not too sure about the exact nature nor the intent of Zach. Heck, we hardly know anything about him at all. We can't trust him yet because of the sheer coincidence of what happened in Hope Village. It just so happened that we were too late when XANA rebooted."

"Any other thoughts about this matter?" Nobody spoke up so Jeremy called it to a close and the warriors departed from his room with haste.

Two hours later, Sissi was in the bathroom, washing her hands for supper. She failed to notice the light sparking just above her and a shadowy thing descends until it was too late.

"Just our luck we are having baked potatros and carrots tonight. They are one of my favorite meals.." Odd said when Rosa scooped the food items on his tray.

"Odd, all the meals we have are your favorite." Ulrich quipped, holding back a grin.

"I know, this breaks the top five of my all time favorites."

"You said that every meal before this one too." Now Ulrich was laughing along with the rest of the group. They sat down at their usual spot and began to eat rather quickly. Once done, they retired to their respective dorm rooms.

Jeremy's laptop began to make alarm sounds so he opened it up and groaned when he saw what was on there.

Ulrich's mobile began to ring when he got settled into bed. Groaning, he answered it.

"Hello Jeremy. Alright, I'll tell him." He hung up and turned to Odd.

"Looks like XANA wants to play with us for a change." Odd nodded and opened their door. They crept out and immediately met Sissy.

"Hey pea brain, you don't look too good." He said before ducking her punch and running around her. "Let's go Ulrich, lets not keep Jeremy waiting."

Aelita sighed when her mobile began to ring. It was Jeremy so she answered it even though she had a feeling what it was about. She ran out of her dorm, down the hall, and out the door. Once she stepped in the cool air, she felt at ease.

Odd, Ulrich and Yumi met at the elevator in the factory. They stepped in and pressed the button. The door shut and they descended to the computer room.

"Jeremy, start the virtualization process." Aelita said. Jeremy swung his chair in front of the screens and began typing the program in. Aelita motioned to Kou who was standing next to Jeremy. She acknowledged Aelita and walked into the elevator.

"Odd, Ulrich and Yumi first. The tower is in the Mountain sector" Jeremy said through the headset as soon as they stepped in the room.

"Transfer Odd! Transfer Ulrich! Transfer Yumi!" The air beneath them began to make them rise. Scanner Odd, scanner Ulrich, scanner Yumi. Virtualization!"

The three landed rather nicely on a floating island. A path wound ahead of them. Jeremy started the virtualization process with Kou and Aelita. Soon they landed next to the other three.

"The activated tower is due northwest. Be very careful because we don't know what XANA has in store for us."

"Well that's just great, what if the Scyphozoa tries to steal Aelita's memory again?" Yumi worriedly asked.

"Its doubtful that XANA has enough power to make one." Jeremy replied. "Get to the tower fast so we can avoid an evil Sissi."

"Right," Aelita said and turned to Kou. "I believe you have the power to deactivate towers just in case?" Kou shrugged before jumping onto the Overwing Jeremy just materialized. They sped off in the direction of the tower. They heard a noise behind them and they looked back to see what it was.

"Aww! XANA wants to have a little fun with us because these hornets are chasing us." Odd sarcastically gushed. "Laser arrow!" He shot one and it was a direct hit exploding one of the several hornets now chasing them. Yumi threw a fan but the monsters easily dodged it.

They sped on regardless of the hornets which were now shooting at them. Seeing a hole in a mountain, Kou split off from the rest of the group by jumping off the Overwing much to the protests of Yumi. She skidded on the ground and eventually came to a stop, drawing her weapon in the process. Her weapon was a pink scythe that had a whip on the bottom of the handle. She detached the whip and waited for one of XANA's monsters to come after her.

As soon as the hornet came to view, she lashed out, hitting it in the weak spot and destroying it. Kou then ducked to avoid a few more laser blasts. She lashed out at a second hornet, hitting it square in the eye of XANA and destroying it. She smirked as a third one came toward her. Her look quickly turned to a frown when her attack missed the hornet and she was forced to do a backflip to escape the blast of lasers.

Meanwhile, the rest of the warriors were nearing the tower but there was a welcome party. Two tarantulas and a Krab were guarding it fiercely. Odd sighed and fired a few laser arrows to hopefully distract the monsters. It didn't work and Odd's punishment was a hit to the chest and his vehicle getting devirtualized. He landed on all fours and proceeded to shoot the enemy even more. Yumi flew over the Krab and threw her fan at the weak point, destroying it. She then dismounted right in front of the Tarantula and threw a fan at it. She was shocked to see that her fan missed and was called back to her. Once the Tarantula started firing, she blocked some shots and dodged the ones that almost hit her.

"Odd, be careful out there." Jeremie warned. Odd nodded and ran straight at the other Tarantula, dodging the shots as he went. He jumped up and vaulted over the Tarantula, shooting the arrows at the eye of XANA atop their heads.

"Go Aelita!" He yelled. Aelita jumped off the Overwing she was now controlling and walked into the tower.

A return to the past later, Odd went with Jeremie to Jeremie's dorm. The boy then searched his floor, picked up a disk than set it on the table that had his computer.

"What are you looking for?" Odd asked. Jeremie now looked in his desk drawers and picked up a labeled cd.

"The program that shut down XANA. I am going to run a few checks to make sure nothing abnormal happened." He inserted the CD into his computer and typed away. A minute or two later, he sighed and slammed his fist on the table.

"Looks like this nut is tough to crack. This is protected by a four digit passcode that I certainly didn't place." Jeremie furrowed his brow in confusion and opened another program. He typed down a few more things than sat back and waited. "The digits seem to change every five seconds which is why I created this. This will generate an algorithm that tells us what the next four digits are " He sat back and waited for five minutes.

"What would happen when we get past this thing?" Odd asked.

"Well if everything goes to plan, I-" He was cut off when the password was entered and the disk started to run. He cracked his knuckles and paused when something popped up. His face turned from joy, to confusion and finally to a full blown panic. He began to type at an increasing rate until he started to swaet.

"What's wrong?" Odd asked.

"The files, they're gone."

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