The Long Night Out

Jason walked along the cold, wet rooftops of Gotham City. As he walked he remembered what had happened earlier that night.

"Roy, you are there?" Jason asked in a hush tone over the Microphone.

"Yeah, I'm here Jason. You ready?" Roy replied from the roof top above Jason.

"Okay remember the plan. Once in inside the warehouse I need you to distract the guards from the roof top. Distract them long enough so that I can get the info on the bomb they're trying to plant in the Hall Of Justice." Jason ordered.

"Got it Jason, you don't have to worry about a thing." Roy said in almost a sarcastic tone of voice.

After the brief summary of the plan, it was set into action. Jason darted across the gravel road and into the nearest air vent. Roy waited a few seconds, then drew his bow and fired flash arrows outside the warehouse. Inside Jason grabbed an unsuspecting guard from his post. Jason leaned in close drew his pistol from his holster and said, "Tell me where the bomb is now and maybe I won't blow your brains all over the wall!"

"It's about to be shipped, it-it's in docking lane seven, please don't hurt me!" cried the guard, scared that he might die.

"Thanks." Then with a quick thud to the head he pistol whipped him across the face. "What a wimp." Jason said to himself.

Outside Roy had his own problems. He had to go to ground level do to the guards throwing cherry-bombs at him. Roy being so cocky said "Come on guys is that the best you got, cherry-bombs, really?"

Back inside the warehouse Jason made it to the shipping dock. Jason snuck up on the two guard that where loading the bomb into the truck.

"Hey guys how's it going." Jason said as he shot one in the knee and the other in the shoulder.

The two guards fell to the floor in pain and agony. "Thanks for the gift." He said to the guards as he ran back through the warehouse.

Jason kicked open the door. "Roy, it's time to go!" Jason yelled over the gun fire.

"You got it Jason," Roy replied.

They jumped in a nearby car and drove off.

"Yes, we got the bomb!" Jason yelled victoriously.

"That was quite crowd you drew Roy."

"Well you know how much people love me." Roy said cockier than ever.

"Hey, stop talking for a second."

Everything went quiet. Jason listened really close. He heard a small beeping noise. Roy and Jason looked at each other. Then the car blew up. Just Minutes after the crash Jason woke up. He sat up and looked around the ground was cover in debris, he could see all kinds of burning car parts but he couldn't find Roy. "Roy!" yelled Jason, "Roy where are you?!" he yelled and yelled but got no reply. While he was walking through the broken car parts he found Roy. He was lying under the hood and passenger side door of the car. Jason quickly removed the car pieces. He grabbed Roy, he felt his wrist and neck, but there was no pulse. "Nooooooooooooooooo!" cried Jason, "Roy, please you can't do this to me, please man, come back!" Jason now crying was holding Roy and begging him to come back, but he was too far gone.