Author's Note: Just so you know, I do have a few chapters done, but I'm going to try to spread it out a bit, but not on any particular schedule... because I can't keep to schedules to save my life xD Oh, and the name is bound to change. I feel like I should be saying "Instructor" instead of "Teacher"... but if I do that, it doesn't really make sense to say "Instructor: Take 2". I mean, do any of you guys here call your high school teacher and instructor? Anyways, just go with it for now. I'll figure something out xD

"So, now that Drakken has started to work for GJ and both your slates have been wiped clean, what do you plan to do?" asked the redhead teen hero, Kim Possible. She'd only just graduated high school, and after the whole aliens attacking episode, she was ready for a break. Saving the world was something she loved, but even she had some limits.

The ex-villain and her old arch-foe Shego replied with a slight smile, "Well, now that I've finished the evil phase of my life, I guess I'll just go traveling, maybe learn a few new styles of fighting."

"You're not going to stay for a while?" Kim asked, cocking her head slightly. She took a sip of her cup of coffee before looking back up.

Shego leaned back on the comfortable chair. She never thought she'd be sitting at a café with her old enemy across from her, chatting easily. "Nah. I need to keep moving. I need to keep fighting, but I got tired of the whole villain gig, so I figure I'll go learn some new things."

"We could always spar together you know."

The older woman scoffed slightly, "Oh please Kimmie, you'll be going to college soon. You need to concentrate on your studies. I've already graduated remember? I know how hard it can be to adjust, especially with the saving people thing. I mean, when I first started college I was still a part of Team Go, but two months in and I couldn't do it anymore. It was too stressful. So I quit the team and found easier work, which just happened to be Drakken. He paid my tuition and everything, and I barely had any work to do with him. So anyways, adding in time for us to spar would probably be too much."

"Hey, I'm a Possible, I can do anything," Kim grinned.

Rolling her eyes, Shego said, "Yeah yeah, I've heard you say that before. Sure it's been true up till now, but you're entering a whole new phase of your life. You'll need time to adjust."

"You really think so?"

"Yeah. Anyways, I should probably get going. I need to get packing and figure out where I'm going first."

Kim nervously tapped the side of her cup, "When will you come back?"

"I dunno."

"Will you… keep in contact?" she asked hopefully. So what if they hadn't been friends for more than two weeks since the graduation incident. Sure the older woman still teased her at times, but they were on good terms now that they didn't need to be at each other's throat the whole time.

"I can try, but I've never been too good at that. Just ask my brothers," she grinned, "I don't even remember their birthdays." She winked and then stood up. "I'll see you around Princess; try not to drop out of college." She tossed her empty coffee cup into a trash can as she walked out of the building.

Kim grumbled and got up as well, chugging the rest of her coffee before crushing the cup and tossing it out. She pushed open the door to leave and took a few steps whilst staring at the ground in aggravation. Then she ran into someone. "Oh, Sorry, I wasn't looking."

"No duh you weren't looking," Shego muttered.

"Huh? Didn't you go home?"

"Sure, but I figured that if I was going to attempt keeping in touch with you I'd best give you my cell. I doubt I'll be lugging my home phone around with me everywhere," she chuckled. She gave the redhead a slip of paper with her number and started walking towards her car.

"Hey, wait! Shego!" Kim called after her, jogging to catch up.

They continued to walk as Shego asked, "Yes?"

"You want to hang out a bit longer before you go?"

The older woman glanced down at the teen and said with a sigh, "Sure, why not. I guess it will be a while before we see each other again. What would you like to do?"

"Maybe… just a stroll through the park," she said in suggestion.

Shego thought about it for a moment and shrugged, "Why not? Which park?"

Kim grinned and suddenly wrapped an arm around Shego's, "Come on, there's one a few blocks from here."

Shego didn't know why the redhead was so clingy all of a sudden, but she didn't mind it too much. They wouldn't see each other for a while, so doing this shouldn't be that bad.

It was a nice day out, a slight breeze and little sun. It was a beautiful summer day, not a scorcher. The two were pretty silent as they walked to the park. It wasn't that they didn't have anything to talk about, but they just sure what to say. It was a nice day so that could easily be the topic, but that seemed to cheesy. The park was breathtaking though, so they could easily pretend to be absorbed in the scenery and not talk as they continued on. Kim felt it was a waste though. They were together, they should be talking.

The redhead steeled herself and started up the conversation. "So while you're traveling the world, do you intend to stop by to visit at times?"

"Probably not."


"If I come back it might be a while before I go traveling again, and to be honest, I really would like to see the world. It'll probably take a while to learn different fighting styles, but I'd also like to sight see. My guess is I'll at least be gone a year."

Kim's eyes widened. "A year?"

"Yep, at least 365 days."

"Wow. There isn't going to be anyone good to spar with for that long?"

"Sorry Pumpkin. Maybe you can fight that boy, Will Du."

The redhead flinched at the name. She didn't like him much. Then something came to her, "Wait… how do you know of Will Du?"

"Oh, he works for Global Justice. I guess you can say Betty and I aren't on the worst of terms. In fact, I'll have you know we went to college together."

Kim stopped dead in her tracks. "You… and Doctor Director?! You're the same age? But she seems so… OLD."

Shego bit back a laugh. "She was a graduate already when I met her. She was at the university I attended and we met in the Karate club. We got into quite a few bouts, I always won, but we were good friends."

"But… didn't you say that you were a villain in college? You already worked for Drakken!"

"So? I went to Go City. I was remembered as one of their heroes. I was never expected to turn evil, and Betty hadn't joined GJ until the year after she got her degree, which was the year I graduated. She definitely took over the agency when she joined, and she was the youngest one to do so. Well, it's no surprise. She's a hard driving woman, always getting what she wants." While she was talking, the two started up walking again, Kim managing to walk even though she was having a slightly hard job processing everything.

"So, is that why Global Justice never went after you? They would give us rides, but they never personally attacked you."

Shego smirked, "Hey, being friends with your enemy can have some perks. Well, now that we aren't considered to be on different sides, we've gone back to being best friends. We piss each other off often enough, but that's ok. It's how we've always been."

Kim frowned slightly. She didn't like how much Shego talked about Betty. Ok, so she was the one who brought it up, but still!

"Topic change," the redhead muttered.

Shego raised an eyebrow at that, but still did as she requested. "Alright then, how much longer do we plan to wander this place?"

"Not much. There's a fountain a bit farther back. It's beautiful, and not many people know it's there. The foliage has really covered it up, but it seems to sparkle."

The green skinned woman chuckled, "Ok, let's go."

The two didn't talk much the rest of the time. Even when they reached the fountain they were quiet. It was a comfortable silence, both knowing they didn't need to talk.

When an hour had passed at the fountain, Shego decided it was time to go. She'd actually enjoyed her time with the redhead, but she knew that the longer they were together, the harder it'd be to say goodbye. She didn't know how long she'd be gone, so it'd always be a question as to when she'd come back.

As they parted, Kim said, "Well, I guess this is goodbye."

"Yeah, take care alright?" Shego smiled warmly.

The redhead nodded before swiftly placing a peck on the pale woman's cheek and dashing off.

With her mouth slightly open, Shego brought a hand up to her cheek, mumbling, "Princess…?"