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Two weeks had passed since Shego became the top agents' instructor. They were being run ragged day after day, and only Kim could keep up, but even she had her limits. She wasn't sure whether she should be happy or embarrassed that Shego always chose her as a demonstration partner. It usually entailed being thrown to the floor while the others snickered.

The first few times that the others laughed when Kim was thrown down the green skinned woman had done nothing, but after a week of all their laughing the ex-villain seemed to snap.

"Oh shut up you pompous assholes. I understand snickering the first time, but every single damn time is tiring. You laugh at her because I use her as an example and that usually lands her on her back or in some sort of choke hold, but that means you don't have even the slightest bit of analytical skills. I use Kimmie here because for one, I know how she will act to a degree, and that's necessary for the training exercises. If I used any of the rest of you, there's a damn good chance someone will end up with a broken bone or two. I'm trying to not have to fill out paperwork because of your injuries, so I pick the best of you to work with. If she was as simplistic and stupid as you all, she'd probably have died years ago while the two of us were fighting, and I don't even fight to kill," Shego growled angrily.

The whole class grew silent. Not only did she have a point, but if they pissed her off too much, she might actually pick one of them to be a part of the demonstration, and that meant there was a good chance they'd end up in the hospital, or worse: a body bag.

Kim didn't like that her ex-nemesis could read her movements, but she was happy that the older woman put them in her place. She wouldn't have fallen for the green skinned woman if she couldn't handle such physical activities.

The redhead's face flushed in an instant. She hadn't even realized her thoughts were heading in that direction. Ok, so she already knew she liked Shego, but still, she tried to avoid thinking about it. Shego was now her teacher, even thinking thoughts like that could cause problems, and not that thinking that way about your former arch-foe wasn't already bad.

She pulled her mind away from her instructor as she bought a lunch at the canteen. The food wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great either. Groaning, she took a seat as far away from the people in her special class as possible. Everyone was getting a bit crabby since Shego arrived, and seeing as Kim was the supposed 'favorite' they were a bit upset with her. The only people she ever sat with now were the new agents she used to train. Sadly, they had run a bit late the others had already eaten and were back to work.

The redhead figured she'd be eating alone until someone dropped a bag on the table across from her. Then a resounding thud on the seat followed by a groan verified that she wouldn't be eating lunch by herself.

"Sh-Shego? What are you doing here?" Kim asked.

"Betts is busy right now so I can't eat with her. Besides, when was the last time we had lunch together? Oh wait, that's right, it was over two years ago," Shego replied. She seemed a bit edgy.

"Something wrong?"

"I'm getting tired of teaching you all. Your colleagues don't seem to understand the concept of improvement or listening to instructions. I drive them ragged but they don't seem to learn what I'm teaching them."

"Are you talking about their teamwork?"

"Yes," the green woman sighed, "When they try for teamwork, it's weak and they don't trust each other. When they don't try for teamwork, they get in one another's way. It's driving me insane!" She slammed her fist down on the table, and everyone in the room visibly jumped.

The others may not be at their table, but they could hear an angry Shego a mile away by now. The entire cafeteria went silent, all hoping they weren't about to be fried.

"Why don't you tell them then?" the redhead asked.

"You don't get it," Shego sighed. "They need to figure it out on their damn own. You guys are supposed to be going on some sort of mission together or whatever, but none of them can understand teamwork. If they don't get it then you all could die."

Kim stopped eating and looked up at her instructor. "What… do you mean? Die?"

Shego sighed and rubbed her temple and sighed. "I guess you wouldn't have been briefed yet, and I've never been one to go by the rules... so I might as well tell you. You are used to going on missions where you could die, and it's never seemed that big to you because it was the normal villains who you knew you would be able to stop. This time it's a bit different."

The other agents who were listening in immediately stood up and walked over.

The green woman raised an eyebrow and asked, "Oh? Were you listening in?"

"What are you talking about?!" they demanded to know.

She smirked and said, "Well, I guess I can tell you all. Betts had to have known that telling me would eventually lead to me spilling the beans."

"Well?" they asked in expectation.

"You aren't going up against a villain and a couple of their henchman."

They looked at her, as if demanding she go on, so she waited a bit longer before continuing, putting them on edge.

"To put it simply, you're going up against a country. Your job isn't to take down the country, that'd be too much to ask, but two months back a member of a royal family was kidnapped. There is still speculation as to why, but your job isn't to ask questions, it's to retrieve her. Soldiers from the country that the member of royalty was taken from didn't come back. All perished in the other country and they were some of the most trained soldiers. Your job is to sneak in, get the prisoner, sneak out. It'd be best if you don't get caught, but since we don't know what we're up against, you all need to be trained." Shego looked at each one dead in the eye and said, "From what I've gathered though, you all will be dead within ten minutes of entering the supposed holding facility."