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When Matthew moved in with Gilbert there were a few odd looks from the albino's friends but he easily brushed it off as something else. It was good enough for some people, but others were still a little sceptical. Eventually though everyone became used to him and warmed up to him.

"How is Gilbert doing?" Asked Elizabeth as she leaned against the counter top.

Matthew smiled happily as he started cooking some chicken in a frypan. "He's doing pretty well. Taking a break from doing all those biographies was a really good idea."

Elizabeth grinned happily. "Good. How about you? Has your back healed up properly yet?"

Matthew blushed a little. "Well… the scabs sort of rub off sometimes because of… Anyway, the point is they're almost completely gone now."

Elizabeth smirked devilishly. "Does this have anything to do with certain bedroom activities?" Matthew's face turned dark red. "I knew it… Ever tried using your tentacles on him?" Matthew's face turned a dangerous shade of red and Elizabeth grinned. "Knew it! I knew it! I knew it!"

"Knew what?" Asked Francis as he waltzed into the kitchen holding an empty wine class.

"Nothing." Muttered Matthew. "If you're looking for the wine it's at the bottom of the fridge."

Francis grinned and quickly retrieved it. "What a good nephew I have, he got my brand of wine." When Francis had been properly introduced to Matthew he could tell immediately that Matthew was Matilda's son and did his best to make him feel welcome. Matthew still thought it was weird that Francis was his uncle, but it was wonderful to talk to someone who knew about his mother.

"It's my brand of wine too." Said Matthew. "Could you take out the salad?"

Francis chuckled and took the salad. "This is chicken caesar salad supposed to have chicken in it?"

Matthew quickly took the chicken out of the pan and chopped it up before tossing it into the salad. "There, done." Francis smiled and took the wine and salad out of the room.

Elizabeth grinned a little. "Well I guess I better get back to everyone. Finish up here soon."

"I will." Said Matthew softly. When Elizabeth was gone Matthew sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "So many people…"

Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped themselves around Matthew's torso. "It isn't so bad." Said Gilbert. "But if you really feel that uncomfortable we can always kick them out."

Matthew chuckled a little and shook his head. "Don't be silly. It's just… unusual for me. I don't really do to well in crowds."

Gilbert smiled and kissed Matthew's cheek. "I know… Come out and have something to eat and drink."

Matthew nodded and reluctantly followed Gilbert out to the lounge room. Earlier that day they had moved the furniture to set up a large dining table. They weren't celebrating anything in particular; they just wanted to have dinner with their friends. Sitting at the table was Elizabeth, Roderich, Feliks, Toris, Francis, Feliciano, Lovino, Antonio, Ludwig, Alfred and Arthur.

When Matthew had gotten back he had started to work at the coffee shop with Alfred and they became as close as brothers again. By becoming friends with Alfred, Matthew had started to get to know Arthur. Alfred's boyfriend. Matthew had also kept in close contact with Feliks and talked to the sassy man regularly. That was also how he became friends with Toris.

Feliciano and Lovino, who had taught him how to paint and draw, had also become close friends to him. That was how he was introduced to Antonio and started to see Ludwig as less of a heartless excuse for a human. The way he acted around Feliciano proved it. Francis and Matthew acted more like friends then as relatives. One would expect as much when they grew up apart.

Elizabeth was a strange woman in Matthew's opinion. She was sweet and motherly towards him most of the time, but she could be a real bitch and one hell of a scary monster at times. But that was mainly when Gilbert pissed her off. Through her Matthew met Roderich. He still hadn't really formulated an opinion of him yet, but he seemed nice enough… even if Gilbert hated him.

Gilbert pulled Matthew down into a seat next to him and grinned. "Let's eat! The awesome me is starved!"

"Albino bastard has an ego the size of Saturn." Muttered Lovino as he grabbed a tomato. So that Matthew didn't have to do cook everything himself, because Gilbert's a lazy ass, everyone brought a dish of their choice. So everyone had a great variety of food to choose from.

Soon everyone was happily talking and eating. Matthew smiled as he watched what was going on around him. Even though he had many friends he was still social awkward. "Are you like, going to eat anything?" Asked Feliks with a small pout.

Matthew blushed. He had no food on his plate. "S-sorry."

Feliks grinned a little. "Do I like have to force feed you or something?"

Matthew quickly piled a small mountain of food onto his plate. "I'm good! I swear it!"

"Are you sure?" Asked Alfred, sharing the same grin as Feliks. "You still aren't eating. You're just looking at it… Looks like you aren't going to be able to finish it all." If there was one thing that Matthew and Alfred seemed to share was a small competitive streak when it came to stupid things like this.

"Is that a challenge?" Asked Matthew.

Alfred grinned and quickly pilled the same amount of food onto his plate. "Three, two, one go!" The two of them started to shovel food into their mouths like they hadn't eaten in years.

"You two are like, so immature." Said Feliks.

"They might choke…" Said Toris softly.

"If Alfred chokes it's his own bloody fault." Muttered Arthur.

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After Alfred almost choked on a chicken bone the eating contest was called off with no winner, although in Gilbert's opinion Matthew was clearly the winner. The night dragged on a little with more talk about this and that until eventually people started to leave. Gilbert chuckled a little to himself as he ushered them out.

"We really should go drinking again sometime." He said to Antonio and Francis.

"Si, we do." Said Antonio in agreement. He was being pulled out the door by Lovino.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Later albino bastard." Said Lovino.

Francis chuckled. "Why the rush to go home? You and Antonio planning some late night activities?"

"Shut up or I'll kill you."

Once everyone was gone Gilbert walked back into the kitchen where Matthew was washing dishes. He smiled and walked up behind him, kissing his neck. "Come to bed."

"I'm doing the dishes." Muttered Matthew quietly. As he half-heartedly pushed Gilbert away. "Just give me a few more minutes."

Gilbert pouted and wrapped his arms around Matthew's waist. "Please Birdie? You can do the dishes tomorrow." When Matthew made no move to leave Gilbert frowned and rested his head against Matthew's shoulder. "So… How's everyone going?"

"Alfred doesn't have to take so much medication anymore, so that's good." Said Matthew happily. "Five more years and he won't have to take anymore ever. Feliks also finally got a job at that hairdresser. He's really thrilled about it and it's always nice to see everyone else… It almost feels like I'm part of a real family."

Gilbert smiled a little and kissed Matthew's neck again. "Families come in all different shapes and sizes."

"I know." Said Matthew. He turned his head and kissed Gilbert on the cheek. "Can we not tonight? I ate way too much to even be living at the moment."

"I don't mind." Said Gilbert. He took the last plate out of the sink and put it in the drying wrack. "Done. Let's go." He took Matthew's hand and led him to the bedroom.

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Matthew chuckled a little as his boyfriend pulled him along. He loved Gilbert more than anything in the world. The albino made him feel protected and safe. Sometimes he wondered if Gilbert knew how much he meant to him. He had tried to put it into words many times but failed miserably. Still, Gilbert just smiled and kissed him. Showing that he cared for him too.

He loved Gilbert for loving him, for looking past all his flaws, for looking past his messed up life, his scared body and everything else. He still didn't feel worthy of his love, but was grateful for it none the less.

"You're spacing out again Birdie." Said Gilbert.

Matthew shook his head a little. He was surprised that he was standing in the bedroom and equally surprised to see that Gilbert was already in bed. He chuckled a little and rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, sorry about that… Just thinking about stuff, that's all."

Gilbert smiled a little and patted the space next to him. "It's fine Birdie. Just come to bed." Matthew nodded and quickly changed into some pants and a long shirt before climbing into bed next to Gilbert. As soon as Matthew touched the mattress Gilbert wrapped his arms around Matthew and pulled him close.

"I love you more than anything in the world." He muttered softly into Matthew's hair.

Matthew blushed and smiled. "Thank you Gil. I love you too… I'm just worried that I don't show you enough…"

Gilbert chuckled and ran his fingers through Matthew's hair. "I know you love me. Just by staying by my side I know that you love me." Matthew smiled and kissed Gilbert. For the first time in his life he felt like he truly belonged.

The End

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