He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes,
Started making his way past 2 in the morning,
He hasn't been sober for days.

Chad's POV

I rolled out of bed and my feet instantly slid into the little, fuzzy pockets of familiarity that I had come to love. They were pink bunny slippers that Sonny had bought me one day after I told her how stupid I though the furry creatures were. I remember how angry she looked while yelling at me for being so heartless, it was like I said I hated her mother or something. Of course the next day she came into the studio with these slippers in hand and forced me to wear them all day. Marshall wasn't too happy about the leading man of his hit drama wearing footwear for tween girls.

Sonny did some crazy things over the two years that we were dating. Hell, she did some crazy things before I even took interest in her that way. And I loved every minute of it. She never should have left here. Never should have let her mom convince her to leave. I knew she could have done it; she was able to make everyone do anything she wanted. Like the time she forced me to wear that wig she wore in the Pee-Pee Dance sketch. (Force may be a strong word.) Or the time she convinced Tawni not to wear her Cocoa Mocha Cocoa lipstick. (Quite possibly one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.)

Remembering all the little things you did to brighten everyone's day makes me angrier for not trying harder to make you stay. God, I need a drink.

Yes, I am aware that I'm underage and everything, but it's not like that's stopped me before. Or anyone else, for that matter. After Sonny left everything became a blur. There's no point in living without her so why follow the rules?

I pulled a bottle of gin from my stash underneath my bed and took a few shots. The burning liquid sliding down my throat instantly made the pain of being lonely much more manageable.

Leaning now into the breeze,
Remembering Sunday, he falls to his knees,
They had breakfast together,
But two eggs don't last,
Like the feeling of what he needs.

As I leaned against the window frame and stared out into the morning sky, a bunch of memories came flooding back into my mind. I backed away from the window slowly and fell to my knees, tears streaming down my face. I need Sonny. I miss her so much and that ache in the bottom of my heart never seems to go away. But it won't be long before I see her again.

I got up from the floor of my bedroom and took the stairs two at a time. Walking down those steps always seemed to remind me of my past, as if standing on them automatically made me think of everything that once happened on them. As I turned into the kitchen I could have sworn I saw Sonny standing at the island like she did months ago. But when I took a step back she slowly faded away like all of the other good things in my life.

God. I thought coming home at four o'clock in the morning because of shitty night shoots that no one can nail because everyone's so tired was bad enough. But then having to be back at the studio at eight AM sharp was just the cherry on top of the perfect day. (Note the thick sarcasm.) I walked down the stairs and stopped at the eighth step from the top, the one where the carpet was worn out slightly, and contemplated getting it fixed. Maybe I would re do the whole down stairs with new color combinations.

Suddenly there was a crash from the kitchen that sounded like pans banging against my hardwood floors. I tried to remember if anyone had slept over: friends, family, desperate ex girlfriends begging to get back together with me. Nope, nothing rings a bell.

Holy shit. Someone's breaking into Chad Dylan Cooper's house! Surprisingly, this has never happened before. Not even from that crazed stalker fan who followed me around for a month. I ran up the steps, quickly and quietly, and grabbed my baseball bat that I stored in my bedroom. You had to be prepared for these situations.

I walked down the stairs slowly and turned into the kitchen, holding up the bat, ready to hit anyone that was in there.

I growled as I lunged at the intruder in an attempt to scare them.

The intruder let out a high pitched scream and jumped three feet in the air. "What the hell were you going to do to me, Chad? Pummel me to death?" she asked as her hand lay against her quickly beating heart.

My grip on the baseball slackened and I let out a sigh of relief as I took in the scene in front of me. My beautiful girlfriend was standing in front of me in her pajamas: short shorts and a tight cami. What a perfect morning pick me up.

"Sorry. I didn't know you were here. Why are you here anyway? And what are you doing?" I dropped the bat onto the floor and slid onto one of the stools.

"I just thought I'd come over and make my perfect boyfriend breakfast," she said before kissing my forehead and turning back to the refrigerator."

"One more question." I knew she was getting impatient. I could tell by the way her body tensed up. I just love to annoy her. "Why are you in your pajamas?"

"So Random doesn't have to be on set until noon and I was too tired to get dressed." My eyes trailed down her body ever so slowly, taking in the beauty that was my girlfriend. "Hey! My eyes are up here."

My head snapped up quickly and smiled weakly. "Sorry, baby. I hate to break it to ya, but I have to be at the studio in about a half hour so what are you planning on wearing?" I helped her turn on the stove and watched how she cracked an egg perfectly into the pan.

"I don't know. I'll borrow something from Tawni when I get to the studio. You know she always has something extra to wear," she said as she took a wooden spoon and stirred the eggs.

"Ha. Good luck with that." She transferred the eggs onto a plate and handed it to me. I place it down on the island and immediately dug in. Sonny was a really great cook. "Did you make me coffee too?" I asked sarcastically. She turned back toward the counter and grabbed a mug from the cabinet. She took the coffee pot that I just now noticed was sitting on the counter and poured me a cup, bringing it over to me.

"I was being sarcastic, but thank you anyway. Now why don't you bring me some sugar?" She turned away again but I grabbed her wrist, turning her back around. I placed my hands on her waist and pulled her close to me, pressing my lips against hers. I pulled away and looked into her eyes which were completely dazes.

"Wow, Chad. That was so… cheesy." She rolled her eyes and walked into the living room. Typical Sonny, always having to kill my superstar buzz.

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