"One. Ssss", Stiles was bent over in front of Derek Hale's house with his hands on his knees, recieving a public spanking from his father. This was not where he'd expected the day to go when he'd called about the dead body he and Scott had found. Or half a body. Half body? Whatever. He'd expected his dad to be grateful that he had solved the case, but clearly fatherly worry had won over excitement.

He shouldn't have gotten into the car. That was what made his dad angry in the first place. The boy was usually incorrigible, but he knew better than to put himself in danger and he knew much better than to harrass a witness. Sheriff Stilinsky grabbed Stiles out of the car and stood the boy in front of him.

"I want to know what you two were doing here in the first place", the father demanded.

"Scott dropped his inhaler and we were looking for it", Stiles liked to use lies that weren't completely untrue. They had in fact been looking for Scott's inhaler... two days ago.

"Why was it out here?"

"He dropped it the other night"

"When you were out here looking for the first half of the body"


"When you told me you were by yourself"

"Yes. Wait, no! Agh", and then there were times when he told complete lies. Like the other night.

"So you lied to me", the Sheriff felt his anger growing.

"That depends on your definition of lying"

"I define it as not telling the truth. How do you define it?"

"Reclining- in a horizontal fashion", Stiles gulped back a wave of fear. It didn't seem as though his father appreciated his sense of humor at the moment. He shouldn't have gotten into the car to talk to Derek. That was the clencher. He could have been home by now, instead of caught in a lie. He could see his father mentally checking off the list. Smartmouthing, check. Lying, check. Climbing into the car with a dangerous criminal, check. Did I mention lying? Check and mate.

"Alright, hand me your belt"

"What? Out here? No way!"

"I'm sorry, did you say 'no way'? Because, let's hope for your sake that you said something like 'Yes sir. I'm sorry sir. I'll never do it again, sir'"

"Come on, Dad. I don't want everyone to know I still... you know. Besides, when do I ever call you sir"

"Stiles, with one exception, everyone here has seen you get a spanking sometime within the last year", the boy looked around and confirmed it was true. Reluctantly he took off his belt and handed it to his father. The older man motioned for him to turn around.

"Hands on your knees. You're getting ten, count 'em"

"One. Ssss" Stupid move.

"Two. Mmph" He shouldn't have gotten in the car.

"Oww. Three" God, it hurt this bad through jeans?

"Four" Stupid Derek.

"Ssssss. Five" Stupid lie.

"Mmph. Six" Stupid belt.

"Seven. Agh" Stupid car.

"Eight" Stupid Stiles.

"Mmmph. Nine" Owwwwwwww.

Stiles felt the belt rest on his jeans one last time and braced himself. Stroke ten landed hard right above his thighs. He grunted and felt his eyes start to water.

"Ten ten ten. Ssssss."

He stood up and put back on the belt his father handed him. He cringed at the slight motion of his pants, trying not to rub his bottom in front of everyone. The situation was embarassing enough. Sheriff Stilinsky grabbed his son by the neck and gently turned him towards his truck. No love was lost between the two, they had an understanding. Stiles was free for the most part to do as he pleased, and when he crossed the line, well, his ass would hear about it. It was a pretty reasonable bargain for both of them.

"I don't want to have to do that again, Stiles"

"I don't want you to. Trust me"

"Good. See you at home"


He climbed into the truck next to Scott, hissing at the pain.

"You shouldn't have gotten in the car"

"I know"