"What I want to know is what you were doing at that school in the first place", Stiles walked in after his angry father closing the door behind him.

"Dad, don't you think my almost being killed was punishment enough? Do I really need the lecture on top of it?"

"No, I think that your almost being killed is the reason for punishment. I mean, really Stiles. I've had it up to here with your thrill seeking. Am, am I a bad father in your opinion?"

"No, dad"

"Am I too strict?"


"Then why do you insist on pushing the few boundaries I lay out for you"

"Umm... common teenage rebellion?", Stiles tried to soften his father with a smile. Three words. Did. Not. Work.

"No, what I think is that I've been too soft on you. I've been letting things go. Your behavior at school, your grades, your late nights searching for dead bodies. Even when I caught you lying the other day, the spanking you got was basically a tickle..."

"A tickle?", the boy mouthed incredulously.

"Obviously you need a stronger hand."

"No. Dad, please. I'm, come on, I'm really sorry, and I've been through a lot tonight, right? You know? Please."

"I'm sorry, but please isn't going to cut it this time son. Hand me your belt."


"Stiles. Do not make me ask again"

There were several thoughts that raced through Stiles mind as he tried to make the act of taking his belt off last as long as possible.

1. This was all Scott's fault.

2. Scott was a toolbag

3. His dad was a toolbag

4. What if his dad could read minds.

5. He loved his dad.

6. If the last spanking was a tickle, how hard did a spanking have to be to be a spanking that would be a spanking. And not a tickle.

7. This was all Scott's fault

"Alright, take down your pants", Stiles obeyed, "The boxers too"

Wondering if it was still called a birthday suit if you had on a shirt, Stiles bent over the table. It was sad really, how well he knew this position. The coolness of the wood on his cheek was almost comforting. Granted, he would be the first to tell you that he got away with much more than he was punished for, but even so his mischievous mindset kept him in trouble pretty constantly. He felt the rough leather of the belt rub against his skin and regretted borrowing his dad's belt that morning. The smooth ones that he had hurt, but his father's worn in belts stung worse than anything he owned.


Stiles dad wasn't much for talking during a punishment. In his mind, by the time you were bent over, you pretty much knew what you'd done. Talking just wasted energy.

Ssssss. Agh. Ssssss. Agh. Agh. Agggh. Okaaaaaaaayy.

Energy he used, of course, to continue beating his son's ass.

Agh. Agggh. Okaaaaaay. Daaaad. I'm, ow, I'm, aaahoooowwwww. Okaaaaay. I'm sorreeeeee.

This was, once again, all stupid Scott's fault. Stupid dumb big dumb wolfy Scott and his stupid wolf face.

Aaaaaahoooooooooow. Aaahhhhhhhooooooow. Pleeeeeeeaaaase. I'm. Owwwwww. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y. Okaaaaaaaaaay. Daahaaaaaaaad.

"Now. I don't want you putting yourself into danger anymore, understood?", the police officer targeted the boys thighs to make sure the message sank in deep. The resulting squeal let him know it had gotten through

Yeeeeeeeeeeess. Owwwwwwwww. I aaahow. I understaaaaand. I understaaand. Okaaaay. I get it. Okaaaaaaaay. Pleeeeeaaase. Dad. Okaaaaay.

Stiles father laid the belt on the table and lifted his son up to face him.

"Look. I hate doing this, so stop making me, alright"

"Yeah, alright", he sniffled, rubbing his tender bottom until his dad pulled him into a hug. He held on even tighter, the emotion of the night mixed in with the spanking. When he got himself together, he pulled away.

"I'm, I'm real sorry about all this Dad"

"No problem son. Now, go to bed. It's four o clock in the morning."

"Hey, use the door man.", Scott said when Stiles climbed in his window, "You're going to give my mom a heart attack. She was totally freaking out, hugging me and crying. She barely wanted me to go out for the mail this morning"

"Yeah, my dad freaked out to. But more in a, "what were you doing at the school-can't sit down for a week" kind of way"

"Oo. Harsh man"

"But there was a plus side to it"

"What", Stiles pulled out a bottle of Jim Beam.

"I've already gotten myself into so much trouble, he's not going to care that I stole this. Come on"