Hey you guys! You guys are awesome! Didn't get much reviews but I know your following my story! Special thanks to yaoifanfake and that guest that reviewed. Guest, your friend is like the best for knowing that song. Yaoifanfake, you can do what they did but your gonna get kicked out of the store. 1517, please record! Okay, to the point of why I'm gonna write this! I was in math tutoring after school and my math teacher started dance a weird dance. I asked where she saw that and she YouTube it for me. And ever since then I'm like obsessed with the song. So I'm gonna right about it. on with the story!

Everybody was at the mount doing their own thing. Wally shoving as much food he can possibly can before getting in trouble. Artemis was with robin and Zatanna playing on robin's laptop. Conner and Kaldur where talking about some boring stuff. And Megan was about to hit Wally with a wooden spoon.

"hey rob, YouTube some thing for me." Wally said running away from Megan.

Uhmmm...okay sure. What's the title."

"gangnam style."

Everybody looked at Wally like if he was on drugs.

"Gangman what?" Artemis said.

"its pronounce gangnam style Blondie.

"how the hell do you spell that Wally?!" robin said throwing his hands up for a dramatic scene.

"I have no idea but if you write "psy" the first song that pops up is the one."

Moments later...

Wally and robin where one the floor laughing and trying to catch their breath. The girls being girls were still on the couch laughing and superboy and Aqualad laughed like domesticated people they were.

"were did you see this *gasp* Wally?" robin said trying to breath but failing.

"I have this one female friend that goggles' the weirdest things ever *gasp*"

"can you *gasp* dance it?"

"hell yeah man! *gasp* like a boss!"

"so how do you dance it?" Zatanna finally asked.

"you need the sun glasses. So...

You do the cowboy

The horse back

And the finish"

Okay thats it for this chapter. You have to look it up if you still haven't. "gangnam style" by: psy. Share it with your friends and family, LEARN THE DANCE! Lol. It's a must. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

" Ttwineun nom geu wie naneun nom
Baby baby
Naneun mwol jom aneun nom

You know what I'm saying

Oppan gangnamseutail

Eh- Sexy Lady
Oppan gangnamseutail

Eh- Sexy Lady
Oppan gangnamseutail"