I'm dedicating this story to my reader Cocobutterrox, who has been wanting me to write a Tugger/Misto fanfic :)

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The black and white tuxedo tom wandered through the Hidden Paw's warehouse, bored. He had finished his training and was released to go about the day. He passed the other henchcats who were either reading, wrestling, or playing pool. They glanced up and nodded towards him before returning to their activities. The tuxedo decided he was tired of seeing the inside of the warehouse, and he remembered when two other Calico henchcats, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, told him where the best food was at in the city. But first, he needed to talk to the Hidden Paw himself before leaving the warehouse.

He made his way down the long hallway before stopping at the door at the end. He hesitated before knocking.

"Enter," the voice said from inside the room. The tom opened the door and faced the flaming orange tom that sat at a big wooden desk. Papers crowded around him and he looked up irritated. "Well go on." The orange tom said when the tuxedo didn't speak up. "I haven't got all day!"

"M-Macavity, I was wondering if I could have permission to leave the warehouse for a bit?" The tom stammered.

"What for?" Macavity demanded, his yellow eyes blazing. He didn't like being interrupted when doing his paperwork.

"For a change of scenery and lunch?"

Macavity waved his paw. "Fine. Be back before dusk." The tuxedo bowed. He started to walk out the door. "Oh, Misto?" The tuxedo turned back to Macavity. "I mean it: only to find lunch and and a quick break. No where else."

Mistoffelees nodded. "Yes sir." He turned and ran out the door, happy for a quick break. Macavity had been training him long and hard to become second-in-command ever since Misto was a kitten. He skidded around the corner and bumped into the Calico pair who was in deep embrace.

"Oi, Misto. Whot's the big hoirrah?" Mungojerrie asked as Misto stammered an apology.

"Macavity gave me permission to go to the city."

"Yoi're so locky!" Rumpleteazer said. She was blushing from when Mistoffelees bumped into them, but she was slowly returning to normal. "Moind if Jerrie ond Oi join ya?"

Misto nodded. "Sure, but will Macavity let you out without permission?"

"Nah." Jerrie waved his paw off. "Macavity trosts moi ond Teazah."

"You've only worked here for a few years," Misto pointed out. "I've been here since I was practically born, but yet I still have to ask!"

Teazer shrugged. "'e jost does, Oi guess."

The three headed out the big door that led to the outside. Misto took a deep breath of fresh air. He was hardly ever allowed outside except on rare occassions, or when Macavity took him on one of his deadly missions. Jerrie and Teazer led the way to the restaurant with the good food, where they shared a delicious meal of rice pudding, curry, fish, and a few bowls of milk. They pawed over to a shady spot under a tree near the park and settled down for a catnap. Misto felt the warmth of the sun on his back and he felt his eyelids getting heavy.

Misto awoke later with a start and saw that the sun was beginning to set. He hurriedly shook Jerrie and Teazer, who mumbled in their sleep. Not wanting to get in trouble with Macavity, he found a cup of water nearby and poured it on the sleeping Calicos.

"Oi!" Jerrie yelled as he sprang up. "Whot the 'ell Misto?!" Beside him, Teazer was busily cleaning herself off.

"We have to hurry! It's almost dusk!"

Jerrie and Teazer turned to see the sun setting. They knew that Macavity would not be happy if they came back later than they had said. They ran back to the warehouse, hoping Macavity didn't notice their longer absence.

"Oh Everlasting Cat..." Misto whispered as they got closer to the warehouse. Macavity was standing in the doorway, his yellow eyes shooting daggers. Jerrie and Rumple lowered their heads to not look at the dangerous tom. "Macavity, we're really sorry! We fell asleep and lost track of time!" Macavity grabbed the scruff of Misto's neck and dragged him to his cell. Jerrie and Teazer padded away, giving their friend a sad glance.

"I'll deal with you two later," Macavity growled at the pair, who hung their heads and sauntered off. Misto was dragged to his cell and was thrown in. Macavity, who held magical powers, began abusing the poor tom for at least an hour. When he had left, Misto had singed fur, a cut on his forehead, and a broken ribcage. He was too weak to keep his eyes open, but saw a Persian, Griddlebone, enter his cell to help heal his wounds.

When he woke back up he had a white bandage around his waist. The cut on his forehead was sealed and no longer oozed blood. He took the pills that Griddlebone had left on his nightstand, and felt better after a few minutes. He decided to lay low for a few days before facing the Napoleon of Crime.

I know this chapter is really short but I will try to make it up in the next chapter!