Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke

Rating: Pg-15/T

Genre: Drama/Family/Romance (no humor this time, sorry! _)

Pairing: Akashi/Furihata—main, Kagami/Kuroko, Aomine/Kise, Midorima/Takao, Murasakibara/Himuro

Summary: There's a reason why Kagami was sent back home to Japan. Akashi pulled some strings? Or was it his family? Why does Furihata get involved in this craziness? Will Akashi give his blessing to all the GoM members' new 'partners'? This is the conclusion. Akashi's 'eyes' are there for a very important reason, not just for basketball.

Disclaimer: Tadatoshi Fujimaki owns Kuroko no Basuke and its characters. Luna only plays with them to have fun. No profit is made from this fan fiction.

Warning: completely AU (because I don't know Akashi's BG outside what's written in the manga, obviously), Akashi (yes, because he's that dangerous), shounen ai/yaoi, language, slight oOC-ness (I hope not much… still shuddering that I have to write about Akashi at all *sighs*), etc…

Beta: tora-chan83. Thank you very much for your help! I owe you, dear!

A/N: I was freaking out after reading the manga chapter 178-179. Akashi is just… *shivers*. He's so crazily cool and scary! Dear god, those eyes… My poor heart wouldn't stop thumping like crazy seeing what Akashi is capable of with those eyes…! *still shuddering in fear and excitement*

Ahem, anyway *shakes head* I'm trying not to make Akashi oOC here, but don't expect much because his character is really my weakness (seriously! It's like writing Izaya all over again and he turned out rather ridiculous! T_T). Oh, and you read the pairing right. It's Akashi/Furihata. Don't ask why. Just read, you'll understand later… I hope *looks another way*.

Now, please enjoy this new installment of the 'Finding GoM Matching Partners' series!


Part 1

This… this is insanity!—was the thought that fleeted through Furihata Kouki's mind as he was running.

Yes, Furihata Kouki, Seirin High, Class 1-D, member of Seirin basketball club, was running away.

From what, you ask? Furihata himself didn't know. All he knew was that Kagami suddenly entrusted him to run with a guy behind him, a certain red haired teen whose hand he had been holding and pulling because his eyes were unable to see (according to Kagami and Furihata didn't even have a chance to ask why).

No, this is disaster!—Furihata knew that he was panicking. But who could blame him? After all, the one that he was pulling while running was actually…

The devil incarnation… Akashi Seijuurou.

Furihata shuddered as he remembered how he met the super scary guy at the opening of Winter Cup. He remembered how those heterochromatic eyes looked down at him with an icy glare. He recalled the horror he felt when the GoM's Captain tried to stab Kagami's eye with a pair of scissors just because he refused to back down. He couldn't forget how he was constantly shivering from sheer fright by only being in the redhead's vicinity.

So then… what the hell was Furihata doing, running away from –who knows what- while pulling Akashi –the psycho-'s hand- to run with him? Was he insane? That must have been it. He had turned crazy for actually going along with this madness.

Furihata was very confused and perplexed at this turn of event. He didn't know why his ordinary, peaceful day had turned into this absurd, chaotic situation.

This… this turn of event must have had something to do with the oddity that had been happening just after the Winter break started a week prior…

~Akashi x Furihata~

Let's rewind to the time in the morning after Himuro got together with Murasakibara…

Kagami and Kuroko's situation—

Kuroko woke up slowly at the feel of a cold breeze on his face. He blinked slightly as he looked outside the window glass which was just slightly opened. It was white and snowy. No wonder it was so cold. He tried to sit up because he wanted to close the window, but it was kind of hard to move when someone else's hand was draped over his waist.

Kuroko turned slightly to face the still innocently sleeping Kagami beside him. He gave the redhead a small smile at the possessive way he was holding Kuroko, even in his sleep. Kuroko turned to eye the window once again before he shrugged and scooted closer to Kagami, cuddling the larger male to get some warmth from Kagami's high body temperature.

Kuroko sighed comfortably as he closed his eyes once again. It was Sunday anyway. He didn't need to wake up so soon, especially after such exciting, yet exhausting activities last night.

Kuroko was about to fall asleep again when he heard Kagami sneeze. Apparently letting the window open when it was snowing wasn't such a good idea. Kuroko opened his eyes again to meet Kagami's bleary unfocused one.

"Hnn… cold," Kagami shivered lightly while grunting and sniffing. He blinked several times after that to focus his sight at the pale, dull eyes that were staring into his own crimson ones. "Oh, you've woken up, Kuroko?" He then proceeded to sit up, and shivered once again. "Damn it, why is it so cold?" He hugged himself now, his teeth chattering.

"The window is slightly open," Kuroko also sat up, pulling the blanket to cover his naked body while pointing at the window to show Kagami the problem.

Kagami blinked once as he noticed and then his face brightened. "Whoah! It's snowing!" He looked like a child getting a new toy as he gawked excitedly at the powder of fallen snow on his windowsill.

Kuroko raised his eyebrow in wonder. "Kagami-kun likes snow?" He thought Kagami was more like a 'summer' type of guy.

"Well, I like winter more than summer," Kagami nodded. "In winter, you can feel other people's warmth more, right?" He grinned after that, looking pretty happy.

"Hmm… I would not know about it since I was alone a lot during winter. In winter, it is also colder and I do not know, but emptier as well, I guess," Kuroko faced the window again as he spoke, remembering how cold it was to be alone in a house.

Because his mother and father worked until late every day, Kuroko was practically left alone to take care of himself since he was little. He was used to it by now, but he still felt lonely and cold when he was by himself. His weak presence didn't help as well because sometimes even they forgot that Kuroko was there.

Kagami seemed to understand Kuroko's feeling as the larger male suddenly hugged him from his side, planting a light kiss on Kuroko's temple. Kuroko blinked and tilted his head upward slightly to look at Kagami's soft expression. "Kagami-kun…?"

"Then, I'll warm you up during winter from now on," Kagami said with a gentle smile on his face. Kuroko was rather amused at the cheesiness, but he really appreciated the sentiment.

"Sometimes Kagami-kun can be embarrassing too," Kuroko commented with a small smile and Kagami's face instantly colored at that.

"Shut up. Don't destroy the mood, you idiot," Kagami scowled in annoyance as Kuroko chuckled lightly at Kagami's disturbed expression.

Kuroko didn't know why, but it was so easy to smile around Kagami. He was expressionless most of the time because it was his basic expression, but Kuroko felt like smiling around Kagami. It was a rather strange and magical feeling. If it was happiness, then he wanted to feel it more, to keep feeling like that.

Kuroko looked at Kagami's crimson eyes fondly before he leaned up closer and then kissed Kagami's lips chastely, surprising Kagami slightly. "Warm me up, then." Kuroko challenged in breathy whisper.

Kagami's eyebrows visibly twitched, his body shuddering lightly, but it wasn't from the cold apparently. He smirked slightly before leaning down to kiss Kuroko back; and unlike Kuroko's small kiss, it was deep, hot and arousing.

Kuroko moaned breathily as Kagami pushed his body to lay back down on the mattress. Kagami's hand roamed on his bare skin, igniting what felt like fire with his every touch. He kept kissing Kuroko while slowly bringing his body to bloom.

"Nnh… Ka-…gami-kun…" Kuroko groaned Kagami's name lowly in a throaty whisper, and the teal haired boy could feel the excitement and the desire emanating from Kagami's body as he slowly opened himself to accept the wild passion that Kagami would surely give him…

…if only there wasn't a growling sound, which suspiciously came from the direction of Kagami's stomach.

A bead of sweat rolled down Kuroko's cheek as Kagami stopped moving and their stimulating activity was momentarily halted at the disturbing, intruding sound.

Kagami groaned as he let his weight fall on top of Kuroko's body. "I'm hungry…" He whined while hugging Kuroko's body like a pillow.

That surely destroyed the mood.

Kuroko could see from the corner of his eyes that Kagami seemed to try to hide his reddening face on the nape of his pale neck. But since even his ears turned pink, he was busted.

Kuroko fell into a fit of small chuckles at that. Really, Kagami was very funny when he was embarrassed. "Well, maybe we can eat some breakfast first before continuing," he recommended.

Kagami perked at the suggestion and lifted his face to grin at Kuroko despite still blushing. "I'll make some then," he said, before slowly waking up and then redressing himself with a pair of sweat pants, not bothering to put on a top before going out of his room.

Kuroko roused before sitting up again. He shook his head at Kagami's antics before he found his own clothes and redressed himself as well, following his lover into the kitchen. Kuroko passed the living room area and noticed his own cell phone at the couch and went to check on it.

As he opened the lid, Kuroko blinked when he saw one missed call on the screen. He immediately viewed who it was. At the caller ID displayed on it, Kuroko instantly paled.


It was shocking. No. It was horrifying as the realization hit Kuroko like a hammer in his face. He had missed Akashi's call. He MISSED Akashi's call.

Kuroko's hand trembled and he almost dropped his cell phone at the sheer anxiety of what might happen afterwards. He shook his head and read the detail of the call. There was no voice mail or text message. It was just a missed call at 9.30 p.m. last night.

Why did Akashi-kun call at such an hour?—Kuroko wondered. Surely, it wasn't so late for a high school boy to call at that time, but Akashi didn't usually calling at that hour. That's why he and the others could always answer his calls.

This is bad…! This must be important—Kuroko was panicking inwardly. He didn't know what to do. He had never missed Akashi's call after all. I'm afraid to call him back!—he couldn't help freezing at the thought of the upcoming disaster the next time he and the GoM's captain met.


Aomine and Kise's situation—

Kise woke up slowly at the feeling of feathery touches on his face. He blinked slightly as he found Aomine's face so close to his. Actually it wasn't just close. Aomine was kissing his face repeatedly. Kise chuckled lightly at that. "Aomine-chi… that tickles," he said. Reaching to hold on to the back of Aomine's neck, he steered the dark skinned boy to kiss him properly on the mouth.

"Good morning," Aomine greeted Kise after the deep kiss.

"Morning, Aomine-chi!" Kise grinned happily before he moved to sit up and stretched his body while yawning like a cat. "It's rare to see you up so early in the morning, Aomine-chi," he said after that, tilting his head aside.

"Well, for some reasons I just woke up and couldn't sleep again," Aomine shrugged, resting his chin on his palm while looking at his boyfriend scuffle around, looking for his clothes.

"Are you hungry? I'll make some toast," Kise offered after he redressed himself with Aomine's shirt since he couldn't find his own.

Kise blushed as he remembered that Aomine had been undressing him while they were running to the room, or was it Aomine undressing him while lifting him to the room?

Aomine chuckled lowly, earning Kise's attention. The blond turned to face the taller teen that was staring at him, it was like Aomine was undressing Kise all over again. Kise blushed darker in confusion. "What?"

"You look good in my shirt," Aomine smirked, licking his lips sensually.

Kise's face felt burning at that compliment. "W-well, I can't find my own clothes, Aomine-chi! You must have scattered them on the hallway!" the blond whined, still so red from embarrassment.

"Maybe you don't have to wear the trousers," Aomine didn't seem to listen to Kise's protest and kept looking at Kise like he was a piece of meat that was ready to be devour.

"Come on, Aomine-chi! Don't be such a pervert in the morning!" Kise protested some more, while trying to cover Aomine's eyes.

Aomine laughed and caught Kise's wrist before pulling the blond model down to lay on top of him. Kise yelped in surprise as he realized how provocative their position at that moment. "Maybe I want to eat you for breakfast," Aomine whispered huskily near Kise's ear. Kise gasped as he felt the tanner boy nip at the tip of his ear.

"Ah, jeez, Aomine-chi~!" Kise whined again, but more turned on than displeased. Aomine smirked as he seemed to notice that as well.

Aomine closed the gap between them in a kiss again, rocking his bottom. This earned a deep moan from Kise, who felt pleasure just from the small contact. They were about to go further when the doorbell rang, interrupting them.

Kise flushed and pulled back, realizing that this was not the time to be doing what they were about to do since he had a photo-shoot schedule today. Aomine clicked his tongue at that. "Sorry, Aomine-chi. I have to get ready before eight today," Kise said apologetically. "You can go back to sleep if you want. I'll answer the door," he then gave Aomine a small peck on the cheek before getting up and out of the room.

A bead of sweat rolled down Kise's cheek as he immediately saw the scattered clothes on the floor. He picked them up one by one until he came across with his and Aomine's pants. Kise huffed as he picked up both and fished around the pocket of his pants to retrieve his cell phone.

The blond had only intended to check on the messages he surely got from his manager about the photo shoot today, but instead he found one missed call. Kise tilted his head aside as he viewed who it was and involuntarily screamed as he read the caller ID.

Aomine immediately got out of the room after that and headed towards Kise, having heard his scream. "What was that just now?"

"A-Aomine-chi…" Kise turned to face Aomine while tearing up, feeling mortified.

"What's wrong?" Aomine seemed concerned as he saw Kise's face.

"I… I missed Akashi-chi's call…!" Kise said, tears falling down restlessly on his cheeks in his panic.

Aomine paled at that, as he immediately grabbed his pants from Kise's hand and checked his own cell phone. He widened his eyes as he looked at the screen, before showing it to Kise as well. "I missed Akashi's call too."

Kise's breath hitched in shock at that fact.

We're gonna die!—Kise and Aomine thought at the same time.


Midorima and Takao's Situation—

Midorima had been awake for almost ten minutes.

Ten minutes of self-reflecting and wondering… just after he woke up, he had realized that for the first time in his life, he let someone go that far with him in the matter of physical connection.

Midorima slowly turned to see the person who was sleeping peacefully beside him. Takao's breath was even and he looked very comfortable resting while holding Midorima's arm.

Midorima sighed. His parents were downstairs. They would freak out if they found him and Takao like this. Although, he could always reason that the futon was too cold for Takao and so he had to hop onto bed and sleep beside Midorima because he was easily chilled.

His parents would buy it because they never fussed too deeply over whatever Midorima did, as long as he kept up his good grades and left their family's name untarnished.

Moreover, Midorima and Takao were both still clothed, THANK GOD for that.

Still, Midorima didn't panic like he thought he would when Takao attacked him… or actually, Takao made Midorima attack him after the raven had seduced him so blatantly last night. Midorima flushed as he remembered how Takao straddled him, and then kissed him, their hands moving to every nook and crook of each other's bodies as time passed.

I can't believe I fell for it!

Midorima looked away from the still sleeping teen, his face hot in shame. He felt like hiding under the pillow or something, but since Takao was still hugging his arm, he couldn't move freely. So, he settled with just sighing in defeat.

Midorima had thought that doing those –icky things lovers usually do– wouldn't sit well with his stomach, but last night had proven him -oh so wrong-. Midorima had enjoyed it… a little bit too much for his liking, but like hell if he would admit that.

Well, it was probably due to his teenage hormones acting up… or something like that. But, he was sure he would be repulsed if his partner wasn't Takao.

Takao…— really, Midorima didn't know what to do with him. Surely, he and Midorima were a couple now, especially after last night, even though they hadn't gone all the way. But still—.

Originally Midorima had wanted to move slowly in this relationship. He still wanted to treasure it more. But why did Midorima get swept away so easily by Takao's pace? They were just in their first year of high school. Wasn't it too soon?

Midorima sighed again deeply. He had believed that he could hold back no matter how long, but apparently, he was defeated the first time the little devil acted out. He didn't think he would get seduced like that. He had a strong suspicion that it had something to do with Takao's alone time with Aomine in that gondola the day before.

What kind of poisonous idea had that Ahomine planted inside Takao's skull to make the Shuutoku point guard actually decide to seduce him? Midorima would definitely give a piece of his mind to that pervert if they saw each other again.

While Midorima was muttering curses at a certain dark-skinned ace under his breath, Takao stirred beside him, alerting Midorima instantly. "Nnh…" Two pairs of onyx eyes slowly opened while the owner sighed lightly.

Midorima gulped as his emerald eyes met Takao's and a small content smile bloomed on Takao's face. "Good morning, Shin-chan," he greeted blissfully afterwards.

Midorima's heart thumped harder for a second as he witnessed such an adorable sight. His face heated and he immediately turned away from Takao, neither trusting his voice nor his expression yet to react accordingly to that kind of view. It was very embarrassing. He felt like burying himself in a hole, if there were any around him at the moment.

"Shin-chan?" Takao's questioning voice called him, sounding confused.

Midorima still hadn't said anything. Not yet. He would stammer and stutter if he responded to Takao now, and Midorima Shintarou didn't do those idiotic things.

The room was silent for another minute as Midorima still couldn't face Takao properly, but then Takao spoke out. "Um… if-, if you're regretting what happened last night…" His voice trembled slightly and Midorima had to react to that, because he detected a hint of fear in them.

Despite still being unprepared, Midorima turned to face Takao and grabbed his hand tightly, surprising the shorter, dark-haired teen. "Don't think about anything stupid, you fool. I wouldn't have let you do anything at all if I hadn't…" –another gulp- "-been at least interested in doing it at all." Midorima felt his face burning as he was spitting out those embarrassing lines.

Takao blinked once in wonder at that and Midorima felt the need to explain more because Takao could be dense too sometimes. "I was just…surprised, you know. Because I thought I could handle a teenager's hormones and be more composed about it. Moreover, we're still quite too young. If... if I decide to do something like that, I just want to make sure that I can at least be ready enough to take responsibility for it."

Well, it was the most mature thing he could muster in the jumble mess of his mortified feelings at that moment. Midorima absolutely did not want to sound like a girl for freaking out after last night impromptu activity.

Takao blinked again before he chuckled suddenly. This time, a wide happy grin adorned his handsome face. "Surprisingly, Shin-chan is a very romantic guy," he teased before scooting closer and giving Midorima a light kiss on the lips.

Midorima almost yelped in surprise, but he caught himself in time and scowled at Takao even though he was positive that his face was still colored like a ripe tomato. He was being serious there, damn it! He was about lecture him for being an insensitive jerk when Takao suddenly said something that pierced his heart with a Cupid Arrow instead.

"Shin-chan, you don't have to worry about stuff like that. I've decided from the start that I will be staying beside Shin-chan for a long time. No matter if it's ten years or fifty, I won't leave Shin-chan's side. Not even if Shin-chan is bored with me. We can still stay together as friends if our relationship as lovers doesn't work."

Takao gave Midorima a very nice smile. A genuine smile that screamed nothing but sincerity and honesty. Midorima was so moved, and at that precise moment the phrase 'true love' fleeted across his mind.

It was Midorima Shintarou. He didn't believe in fairy tales, and yet….

Mdorima felt the sudden urge to do something, something that could turn that sweet delicate moment into perfection. He dropped his gaze to Takao's slightly parted lips, and Takao looked at him back with half-lidded eyes, tempting him. Midorima wanted to… kiss him, just to feel how real this moment was.

"Shin-…chan…" Takao's low whisper tickled his hearing. Midorima leaned his face closer to close the gap between the two with a slow, languid kiss.

Although, that perfect moment had to be disturbed immediately by "Shintarou! Wake up, dear! Breakfast is ready!" Midorima's mother's sing-song voice suddenly called him from outside his bedroom door.

In a jolt of total surprise, Midorima and Takao hurriedly parted, blushing in panic and in mortification as they moved as far away as possible from each other. It was just in time when Midorima's mother opened the door and entered the room.

She blinked slightly seeing her son sit rigidly on the edge of his bed while his friend was on the opposite direction, their backs to each other.

Midorima's heart was hammering in his chest so hard and fast as he tried to see if his mother was suspecting something, but she didn't seem to think that anything was weird. "My, Takao-kun is awake too. Great! Freshen up, you two. Let's have breakfast together." His mother then smiled kindly and cheerily after that.

Sa-safe…—Midorima let out a long relieved breath that he hadn't realized he was holding until then.

Takao turned to face Midorima's mom and smiled childishly. "Yay~ I get to eat auntie's delicious cooking! Lucky~! Thank you very much! I'll surely enjoy it!" He said while jumping down from the bed with such a happy expression that any mother would want to fawn over him like he was five instead of a high school student.

"Maa, Takao-kun is such a nice, flattering boy!"

Midorima was so lucky that Takao was a good-natured flirt because his mother seemed to like the raven very much. He also had enough manners to act respectfully when his dad was around, so even his strict father could also accept him as a good friend for Midorima.

Midorima couldn't help but wonder what they would do or say if they knew he and Takao were dating, though… but that could wait for as long as it would take, preferably until after Midorima could live separately and independently from his parents.

"We'll come down soon, mother," Midorima said and nodded at his mother in response after Takao and she were done chatting for a moment.

"Then I'll see you two downstairs," Midorima's mother smiled sweetly at Midorima and ruffled Takao's hair before she left the room, and the two teenagers were alone again.

"Auntie is such a nice mother," Takao chuckled happily after the door was closed. He seemed to genuinely like Midorima's mom as a mother figure. Well, Midorima couldn't blame him, though. His mother was kind and beautiful like Yamato Nadeshiko after all.

"You can use the bathroom first, Takao." Midorima stood up from his bed as well and grabbed the cell phone on the table, only intending to check the time since the clock in his room had been out of battery since yesterday and he forgot to replace it.

"Uhuh," Takao was about to get out of the room as Midorima noticed a missed call, actually squeaking when he viewed the caller ID. "Shin-chan?" the raven turned around again to look at his boyfriend.

Midorima paled slightly in total shock after he read Akashi's name. "Oh, my god…!" He sucked in a sharp breath as he tried to will his lungs to take in as much oxygen as possible since they didn't seem to work. It didn't help that he started to feel like hyperventilating.

"Shin-chan?" Takao sounded worried as he approached Midorima.

"Akashi called and I missed it," Midorima Shintarou had never been so distraught in his life, with the exception for that moment, as he imagined what kind of hell he would pay for that single miss he had done.


Murasakibara and Himuro's situation—

Himuro woke up to a shuffling sound beside him. He opened his eyes slightly and turned around, only to face the already sitting Murasakibara whose back was to him.

"Atsushi?" Himuro sat up slowly after that, moving closer to the violet haired teen who was fumbling with his clothes.

Murasakibara perked slightly as he heard Himuro's voice and turned around. "Oh, good morning, Muro-chin," he greeted slowly.

"What are you doing?" Himuro rested his chin on Murasakibara's shoulder while looking at the taller, younger boy's hands.

"I'm looking for my cell-phone. Can't find it in my pocket," Murasakibara lifted his clothes and flailed them around. It seemed that the device should have been in his jumper's pocket.

"Oh, it's on the night stand. You put it out yesterday before…" Himuro blushed slightly as he remembered what they were doing last night. As much as he wanted to appear cool about it, he still had enough decency not to voice such private, intimate moment out loud.

Murasakibara didn't seem to be bothered by the half-said sentence; instead he turned to look at his cell-phone on the night stand and smiled. He then gave a light kiss on Himuro's cheek, to Himuro's utter surprise before he looked upward at Murasakibara wonderingly.

"Thank you," Murasakibara said after that. Himuro wasn't sure if he was thanking him for telling the violet haired boy the whereabouts of his cell phone or for something else, but Murasakibara's expression was gentle and soft at that moment. Himuro averted his eyes and looked away slowly, feeling rather shy all of sudden.

Murasakibara reached his hand out to Himuro's chin and pulled the older boy in to face him again. "Don't look away from me, Muro-chin," he said before he leaned down and kissed him on the lips.

Himuro closed his eyes slowly, feeling the kiss. Murasakibara was being gentle, the opposite of what he had done last night. Himuro shivered when he remembered how… rough Murasakibara was. Himuro was kind of expecting the same treatment, so it was surprising that Murasakibara was being gentle now.

"You know, Muro-chin,"

Himuro slowly opened his eyes as he heard Murasakibara speak after he released the kiss. He started to nip at his jaw and neck instead, earning a soft gasp from Himuro.

"I kinda wish that your heart was something edible, then I could take it out and eat it just to make sure that you're always close to me and live inside me," the purple haired boy whispered lowly and Himuro shuddered at the seriousness of his tone.

It was kind of disturbing when Murasakibara said such sadistic things for intimate reasons. But Himuro knew that Murasakibara didn't have any ill intentions when he spoke like that. It was just… hearing something like that from the usually childlike Murasakibara put a question mark in Himuro's head, as he wondered whether he meant it as a type of figurative speech or meant it literally.

Himuro chuckled slightly at his crazy thought. It would be a cannibalistic behavior, but it was funny so he was entertained by the idea. "Then you can only eat me once and I will die," he said humorously, kissing Murasakibara's top lightly.

Murasakibara made a disappointed noise. "That won't do. I want to keep eating Muro-chin," he pouted cutely. Himuro chuckled again before kissing Murasakibara's lips once more.

"You can eat me as much as you want like this," Himuro licked the corner of Murasakibara's mouth and the younger one opened it to take the tongue inside his own before sucking it.

Himuro moaned slightly at that, leaning upward to deepen the kiss as Murasakibara's hand moved behind his neck to angle their position better. It was arousing to say the least. Himuro really loved the way Murasakibara kissed him and treated him. His roughness was something that excited Himuro very much. It was rather amazing.

Though, before Himuro could pull Murasakibara back to bed, the cell-phone on the table buzzed. Four different alert tones simultaneously rang after that, surprising Himuro and earning raised eyebrows from Murasakibara.

"Four messages at the same time?" Himuro thought it was weird.

Murasakibara moved away from Himuro to Himuro's disappointment. He still wanted to be close to the younger's body heat. Murasakibara reached for the cell-phone and retrieved it to see the screen. He raised his eyebrows again as he clicked the keypad around. By the time he finished and put the device down, he looked rather worried, frowning.

"What's wrong?" Himuro was curious of what he had received in the text messages.

"They are from Kuro-chin and the others," Murasakibara said slowly. "And one missed call from Aka-chin," at the last line, Himuro could feel the temperature drop around them. His body hair stood up.

"Huh?" Himuro didn't know what the bad feeling he suddenly felt was.

"Aka-chin called us last night, and we… all of us ignored it," Murasakibara crouched down with his arms around his bent legs and his face hidden behind his knees. "He must be very mad… We're done for."

Himuro paled at that. What did he meant by they were done for?!

~Akashi x Furihata~

Akashi was on his way out of the school dorm. Hayama Kotarou and Mibuchi Reo were walking, one briskly and one calmly, behind him.

"Um… Sei-chan," Mibuchi called the red haired teen in front of him warily as he noticed that the smaller tense figure seemed to be eliciting a dark aura around him. The raven haired teen was rather worried since Akashi appeared to be in a bad mood since morning.

Akashi didn't reply his call, so Kotarou took the matter at hand and called him as well, probably thinking that Akashi didn't hear Mibuchi's first call. "Akashi!" the light-brown haired boy's voice was louder and more reckless.

Mibuchi was getting even more concerned thinking that Kotarou would piss Akashi off with his behavior. Both fellow Crownless Kings looked at each other afterwards when they didn't receive any response from their younger captain.

"Neh, where do you think he was going?" Kotarou asked Mibuchi curiously. They were still following Akashi, and now they were on the school ground, heading towards the entrance gate.

"It's Sunday. He probably wants to go somewhere alone," Mibuchi deduced, since Akashi was wearing casual clothes and he only brought a small backpack with him.

Even though Mibuchi saw Akashi go to school this morning in uniform, the smaller teen just went up to principal office for something and by the time he saw him again back in the dorm, he already had on his everyday winter clothes. Then without saying anything, Akashi just took off.

Mibuchi felt the need to ask where Akashi would go because he didn't seem in an okay mood when he left the dorm. Hence he and Hayama, whom he met on the way, followed the smaller teen. Seriously, usually Akashi would greet them even though it was just formality, but today Akashi was acting rather strangely, for he didn't even give them a single glance at all.

"Akashi goes sightseeing?" Hayama made a weird face at the idea.

"Who knows, right?" Mibuchi shrugged.

They decided to follow him anyway. Just in case. A mad looking Akashi was scaring everyone around him, and it wouldn't do him (and everyone in general) any good if he pissed off the wrong people. Though, despite Akashi's scary personality (Mibuchi was sure he could take care of himself better than anyone else), it was still common sense to look out for him.

Both Mibuchi and Hayama stared ridiculously as Akashi went inside the train station not long after that. Looking over his shoulder as he purchased the train tickets, they were baffled as they noticed that Akashi was heading to Tokyo.

"What does he want to do in Tokyo?" Mibuchi asked incredulously.

"Maybe he has a meeting with his old teammates…" Hayama smiled ruefully at that.

"Oh…" Mibuchi nodded. That made sense. If he wanted to see those GoM guys, then it would be normal to go there instead of calling them to Kyoto, even though Mibuchi was sure they would still come running to Akashi if he summoned them.

Mibuchi's sweat dropped at that.

Though, he couldn't help wondering… What's with that murderous look on his face, if he's going to a reunion with those precious old teammates of his?

End of Part 1


A/N: Yosh, finally part one of Akashi's story (although I must apologize for the lack of his appearance in this part because I have to create the suspense first or I just want to add more love-love scenes of the other pairings first before moving with the slightly heavy plot *coughs*). Ahem, anyway, this will be an Akashi/Furihata fic later… I plan on this story to wrap up the series by telling Akashi's family background and why he acts the way he acts until now (in manga). Also, this fic will be seven to eight chapters long (according to my calculation, unless the fic takes a life on its own and forces me to add some extra chapters like what happened to 'Kiss Me Sweetly').

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