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Finding GoM Matching Partner

Signal: Epilogue

Akashi was looking upward at the winter sky from where he stood in the middle of a city park at Ginza. It was a fine morning, albeit rather chilly, but it was okay since he was always strong against cold air. The sea of grey above his head poured the snowflakes slowly down to the earth, creating a beautiful sight.

Akashi chuckled lightly at himself for thinking so uncharacteristically like that. He had never thought that he could find such a simple natural occurrence a pretty thing. Well, not when he was still trapped in the idealism of his closed perfect-like world. Before he could only taste the freedom from the shackles that had bound him and his entire life until recently, before he understood the true meaning of friendship and—


Akashi smiled lightly remembering the events that happened to him just a week ago, when he was still rather weak because of the drug and he had to stay over at Furihata's house…

A knock on the door of Furihata's room brought Akashi, Kagami, Takao, Himuro and Aomine's attention away from each other. They turned to face it as someone opened the door and Furihata's head snuck in from the gap between the door and its frame.

"Hey, is everything okay here?" Furihata asked with an attentive small smile plastered on his face.

"Yeah, Furihata. We're good," Kagami answered with an easy grin.

"What's wrong, Kouki?" Akashi asked as the smaller brunet seemed to hesitate at the doorstep.

"Um… there are more people who want to see Akashi-kun, but if you don't feel like it, I can tell them to come back later," Furihata informed.

"More people?" Akashi was puzzled since he didn't recall inviting anyone but the GoM and their respective partners.

However, before Furihata could tell him who they were, the door was unexpectedly slammed open wider as some people rushed inside the room while shouting.



Akashi widened his eyes slightly seeing his Crownless Kings suddenly appear there, looking very much concerned and agitated for some reasons. "You guys… why are you here?"

They immediately made a face as if Akashi had grown a second head. "What do you mean why we are here? Is that a serious question?" Mibuchi was visibly distraught.

"Akashi, we are worried about you," Hayama said, kneeling beside the bed and looking at Akashi in the eye, expression grave and somber, unlike the usually energetic and cheery Hayama.

"Coach suddenly announced that you might not come back to Rakuzan next spring. Everyone was in shock, you know. And they all asked questions. We asked questions. Why? It's not true, right?" Nebuya frowned deeply, clenching his fists slightly.

Akashi was silent for a moment while spotting from the corner of his eyes that Kagami, Aomine, Takao and Himuro, along with Furihata discreetly walked out of the room to give him, them, some sort of privacy.

The door closed quietly as Akashi sighed, grateful that Furihata and the others were considerate enough. He looked upward slowly again to Hayama a moment later. "I did send the two-week notice to coach," he confessed, and the three boys near him paled slightly. He could see the tell tale of protest bubbling up in their expressions and Mibuchi seemed about to voice it out when Akashi beat him to it.

"But it's not my intention to leave Rakuzan."

That stopped the dark haired teen. Instead, he looked confused now, as well as Hayama and Nebuya.

"Are you guys aware of my situation?" Akashi asked a few seconds later and they nodded slightly.

"We know bits and pieces… about your family circumstances, but we haven't yet heard the details of what actually happened that caused you to transfer," Mibuchi said, sounding calmer than before, but he still looked anxious.

"Akashi… can't we do anything to help?" Hayama asked, looking helpless. "Are we really that useless to you as friends… teammates, that you can't even rely on us?"

Akashi didn't change his expression, but inside, he flinched. Indeed, he didn't consider them as that, friends, until now, but seeing them like this… concerned and seriously worried about him, Akashi guessed that he had made another mistake.

"Akashi?" Nebuya called him and the red head closed his eyes, trying his hardest to hold down his pride to do the right thing, as much as he resented this. Rome wasn't built in one day. Of course Akashi would still feel very reluctant to do this. But he needed to do it. He had to if he wanted to change, to be a better individual, a better person.

To be fully human with all of their imperfections….

Akashi inhaled deeply and paced his breathing to calm down, to prepare himself to do something he wouldn't have thought to do in million years if his friends hadn't pounded some senses into him. He repeated the maneuver a few times, before being sure enough to say "Is it too late if I want to ask for your help?"

His friends didn't seem to expect that at all. They went rigidly silent with stunned looks on their faces. Akashi felt rather self-conscious when he was gawked at so blatantly like that. They didn't even try to be discreet with their expressions of wonder about what just happened.

Akashi felt that he had slipped, doing something so aberrantly like this, and was about to take back what he said when Hayama suddenly surged forward and gave him a bone-crushing hug, surprising him so much that he actually almost yelped.


"Of course it's not too late! You can ask anything! Anything at all!" Hayama tightened his embrace and Akashi was slightly bewildered at the sudden action. Moreover, Mibuchi gave the gentlest smile Akashi had ever seen from him and Nebuya grinned so widely that his cheeks almost looked like they were splitting.

"Everyone…" Akashi reached up slightly to touch Hayama's back, still feeling rather surreal with the warmth he could feel from him. Even though it was different from the warmth he felt from Furihata, it was exactly the same warmth he could always feel from his GoM friends.

"Akashi belongs with us in Rakuzan," Mibuchi said while sitting on the bed, reaching out and draping his arms around Akashi and Hayama.

"We will do anything in our capabilities so you can come back to Rakuzan with us." Nebuya also moved closer and looked at Akashi's eyes surely, his dark caramel colored eyes reassuring, and Akashi instantly knew that he had done the right thing.

Akashi could trust these people as well, because they were…

"We're friends; that's why! And we want to be with you," they said and Akashi could feel that they were sincere, honest… and serious with every word they uttered.

The ex-GOM captain knew it was ridiculous because no one could guarantee that, and he also didn't exactly use his Eye to see whether they were lying or not, but he just could feel it, that their words were true.

Akashi smiled gently then. "I'd like to stay in Rakuzan too…"

Akashi's smile widened slightly as he felt another gush of warmth inside his chest after remembering that time. He recollected how they started to discuss what to do to cancel the transfer. Luckily, they didn't have to do anything at all because Seiji, his father, promised to immediately fix that for him, saying to the destination school that the transfer was a mistake and the paper works were lost or something, so the decision could be annulled.

Father can be cunning and devious too once in awhile—Akashi couldn't help smirking as he recalled how frantic Seiji was when he called Akashi at the evening, when Akashi was still staying at Furihata's residence.

Seiji said he had heard everything from Setsuna. After learning the details from Akashi himself regarding the matter, he also promised that he and Kurenai would take care of Soujirou the next day.

Well, from the rumors a few days later, Akashi knew that Kurenai was furious about what happened, and if Seiji didn't put Soujirou into safety, she would probably have murdered him or something, so Seiji admitted Soujirou into a psychiatric ward at the Tokyo Central Hospital before moving him to a nut-house somewhere away from Kurenai.

Akashi had visited Soujirou the day before yesterday, and no, Akashi hadn't come home to the Akashi Family's main house yet despite Kurenai's wish. Seiji somehow had made sure she didn't know where Akashi stayed after he recuperated in Furihata's home, which was actually at Kagami's apartment.

Akashi lowered his gaze as he recollected the events when he was visiting Soujirou in the nut-house.

Akashi stoically looked at Soujirou who was smiling from his comfortable looking plush seat. "Good to see you here, Sei-nii," the younger greeted, but Akashi didn't say anything back. He didn't want to say anything. He merely raised his eyebrows slightly.

Soujirou chuckled at his minimal response. "I know you probably want to say 'I told you so', but you can save your breath because this isn't over," he continued, looking upward at Akashi easily. "My position as your right hand man is still valid. Not even mother can revoke me from that role," he sounded perfectly confident with everything he said, but Akashi knew better.

"Delusion won't get you anywhere, Soujirou," Akashi said frostily. "Get a life. I'm tired of you. You aren't my shadow. You don't have to act with that mindset anymore. You have your own life to live. Go for it."

Soujirou looked especially shocked by what Akashi said, but then his expression softened slightly before he started laughing as if he had lost his mind. "Oh, Sei-nii, you are so funny," he shook his head, seeming to have difficulty toning down his laughter. "You forgot, didn't you? I don't have a life without you in it. I have no purpose in living if you're not around. Is this how you want to get rid of me? By abandoning your role as an heir, are you abandoning me?" he looked at Akashi again, smirking acrimoniously.

Akashi was silent for almost ten seconds (yes, he's counting), before he reached out to put his hand on Soujirou's cheek. "You're wrong. I will succeed the family, but I don't need you as my right hand man," he inanely stroked the skin under his palm as Soujirou widened his eyes slightly. "You are my little brother, so you should act like one."

There was a pregnant silence stretching for almost two minutes after that before Soujirou put his hand on top of Akashi's, his eyes glassed, years of unshed tears beginning to gather below his eyelids.

Akashi sighed slightly as he saw the younger slowly close his eyes and nuzzle his palm, his tears dripping one by one like a broken dam. He instantaneously knew he had made the right choice. "Mother won't interfere with our lives anymore. You don't need to please me or her to be recognized as one of Akashi's."

Akashi could feel Soujirou tighten his hold on his hand as he started to sob faintly and Akashi alleviated his expression as he reached out his other hand to ruffle the slightly taller boy's hair for good measure.

Akashi knew Soujirou needed to stay longer in that place for treatment over his 'ideas' of the perfect, strongest family and ideal world, but he'd like to think that he already freed Soujirou from their mother's shackles that imprisoned him to all the Akashi Family's doctrines.

As for Akashi's mother… there was rumor that Kurenai was busy hunting down Soujirou's loyal servants and making their lives miserable.

Akashi chuckled. His mother could be childish too sometimes. He couldn't help feeling flattered of how much he was loved, regardless of his wish that she would control her possessiveness a little bit more. Too bad Akashi didn't get to know much of the details of her hunt (even though he really wanted to see those insolents squirm as well) since Seiji had set some ground rules that forced Kurenai to stay out of Akashi's sight until everything was settled down.

Akashi was actually wondering how Seiji did that… forcing Kurenai to back off. Well, wondering without knowing was never in Akashi's agenda, so he asked the closest person that knew about it outside the family.

"It was an ultimatum, that Seiji-san delivered to Kurenai. 'Stop interfering with my children's lives or I'll leave with them,' he said. Kurenai was pretty shaken up because she loves him more than she thought she did and she can't afford to lose him and her children at the same time. She is a rationalist and a perfectionist, so she backed off for the time being, or something similar to the past might happen again," Setsuna explained.

"You mean when you decided to leave," Akashi nodded somberly and Setsuna smiled rather forlornly at that.

"I hate to be bound by rules and my father put chains on me, so I retaliated and ran away. Kurenai helped me because she wanted to have the Akashi Family for herself. However, she also regarded me as a part of her Akashi Family, so the night I ran away, she swore that she would get me back in again after she possessed everything else," Setsuna chuckled now. "She thought I didn't love her anymore after leaving… and Taira- ah, he's my husband by the way, is seen as her enemy because he took me away from her, so… I just don't want to see her again because she will do something bad to him."

"You don't know that," Akashi raised his eyebrows.

"Oh, I know. Trust me. I know Kurenai the best. What she wants, she gets it by any means necessary. She's just like that, beyond saving," Setsuna chuckled again, sounding amused.

"You seem 'okay' with that," Akashi was curious because there was no resentment in Setsuna's tone. It was weird because he thought Setsuna would at least hate Kurenai a little because of her selfish trait.

"Well, that's why she's my younger sister. I mean… I love her despite all of that. She's not always so hateful, you know? She can be cute too sometimes," Setsuna shrugged, before grinning easily, apparently feeling nostalgic. "She just takes the Akashi Family's doctrine too far and too long under our father's order, so… just like you before all of this, Seijuurou, she doesn't know how to love normally except possessing them completely," she explained, looking rather poignant.

"How come you are so different from her?" Akashi asked strangely. Setsuna's existence and personality were like an anomaly in the Akashi Family after all. It was honestly intriguing.

"Hmm… maybe because I've had Taira since I was a kid. He was the only person in the family who dared enough to scold me when I did something wrong or selfish in the commoners' eyes," Setsuna said, smiling fondly as she seemed to reminiscence the past events.

"I thought he was supposed to be your bodyguard. Was he allowed do that, scold you?" Akashi raised his eyebrows again in wonder. Normally, Akashi would have that Taira guy's head if he dared to question his decision despite only being an SP.

"Taira was not only my bodyguard, but also like my caretaker. Mother passed away early and father was too caught up in his ambition to make the Akashi Family even bigger than it already had, so… he didn't have much time to bond with us and only shoved the family principles down our throats via special educations and whatever, you know the gist. Kurenai did the same things to you and Soujirou, right?" Setsuna looked apologetic as she gazed at Akashi and the younger teen could only sigh at that.

"So it is a family tradition after all… hiding the existence of one brother or sister from the other," Akashi mumbled quietly, feeling rather annoyed at the information. If he succeeded the family name, that was the first tradition he would wipe off.

"Well, that didn't happen to Kurenai and me. I guess it's because we're twins. We just… realized each other's existence from birth. But since our caretakers were different… the way we were brought up was different as well," Setsuna shrugged, looking carefree.

"Huh? Wait a moment, how old is this Taira guy?" It suddenly occurred to Akashi. If what Setsuna had told him about having Taira since she was a kid was true, then… how much of an age difference did they have when they got married?

Setsuna laughed lightly at his question. "Seriously, Soujirou, call him uncle," then she giggled for a few moment until Akashi gave her a look of impatience. "Relax. No need to be so uptight with me. Well, I guess you are the type that dislikes to be made waiting, huh? One of the Akashi's characteristics. Very fitting. I have to admit that I'm like that as well," she continued before her chuckles receded. "He's 48 now," she answered a moment later.

"And you are around 36…" Akashi mumbled slowly. Setsuna made a protesting noise about how he made her sound so old for mentioning her age so indelicately like that.

So it was 12 years difference. No wonder the Akashi family forbade the relationship, not only for the status disparity, the age gap alone was already controversial. "Did he really take you away when you were 18?" he asked again, feeling rather skeptical.

"Yes, I was old enough to get married, so we did get married right after that, but he didn't touch me until I turned 19, even then, it was because I forced him to, since his morals and conscience wouldn't let him take advantage of me," Setsuna smiled very softly as she talked about that man. It was extremely clear that even until now, she was still very much in love with her husband.

It was true love, Akashi believed, if even until after 18 years the fire of the passion never faded from Setsuna's ruby colored eyes. He wondered if he could find that kind of love as well someday…


Akashi blinked slightly as someone's face appeared in his mind. He almost choked at the bizarre image because that boy's smiling expression came up right after he thought about some cheesy stuff like true love.

No, it wasn't because Akashi thought about him as a 'true love' candidate or anything. It was just a fleeting thought. He hadn't known that boy for long and even though he occasionally felt his heart thump faster when he was nearby, it didn't mean he had fallen for him or anything.

Okay, Akashi knew he was pushing it. There was a limit for being in a denial, but he just hadn't acknowledged his feelings as the real deal, because let's face it, he was still a teen… a young boy with hormones. He couldn't yet make a wise decision regarding 'love' and 'relationship' since chemistries in his brain would cloud his judgment. Physiological responses couldn't be taken as real feelings and now when he wasn't as weak as the last time he saw that boy, he couldn't help having second thoughts.

Really, having an outstanding logical mind could be very vexing because it interfered with Akashi's feelings and instincts. He just couldn't help the way his mind worked over things like this. He was Akashi Seijuurou. Planning and plotting were something he does on daily basis, like breathing air. Of course he couldn't just drop that habit.

"Ah, Akashi-kun!"

Akashi blinked in surprise when he truly heard a voice call him, bringing him back from his train of thought. He slowly turned around to face the owner of the voice as the boy waved at him with a cheery smile on his face.

Akashi thought his heart just thumped harder for a second, but he ignored it in favor of smiling back at the shorter brunet who had helped him a week before. "Good morning, Kouki," he greeted as Furihata arrived in front of him.

"Morning. Sorry, did you wait for long?" Furihata asked as he checked his watch, looking quite nervous now, apparently thinking that he had made Akashi wait.

"No, I just wanted to enjoy the view of the sky before you came, so I arrived earlier than our promised time. You aren't late," Akashi answered reassuringly.

"Oh, thank god. Alright then…" Furihata looked down for awhile before looking upward again. "Um, so… where do you want to go?" he asked timidly.

Honestly, Akashi felt relatively perturb at how Furihata seemed still rather wary of him even though he should know that Akashi wouldn't hurt him or anything. He thought it was odd at first because he usually encouraged such behavior on other people when they dealt with Akashi, but somehow, Akashi didn't like it when it was Furihata.

"Do you have something in mind?" Akashi asked, optioning to give the other boy a freedom of choice because he was sure that Furihata would go along with whatever Akashi wanted just to be in the safe zone, and Akashi wouldn't know what kind of boy Kouki was if he didn't see the boy decide on something by himself.

"Eh, you want me to decide?" Furihata widened his eyes, outwardly surprised.

"Yes, aren't you the one who promised me an outing a week ago to celebrate my recovery?" Akashi smirked slightly, not intending to tease him, but Furihata's cheeks turned fairly pink anyway at the remembrance.

Yep, a week ago, when Akashi had just recovered from the fever, the drugs, and everything else, he felt rather disappointed because he needed to go home. Furihata seemed to sense his loss even though Akashi didn't say anything, so he offered Akashi to hang out together sometimes. He gave him his cell phone number and yesterday, Akashi had called him, saying he wanted to go on an outing in Tokyo. Furihata had agreed to go with him.

"Uh… um, then, there are a lot of places in Tokyo where you can hang out with friends. Ah, but these places aren't fancy, okay? It's high school boys' level of sites after all," Furihata warned tentatively.

Akashi chuckled at his response, suddenly wanting to know everything Furihata could offer with his knowledge about entertaining him. "Do your worst."

~Akashi x Furihata~

Kagami and Kuroko were watching from the bushes.

Alright, Kuroko was watching and Kagami was grumbling slightly in annoyance. "Why are we here again?" he whispered while his split eyebrows twitched slightly.

Kuroko and Kagami were supposed to be on a date at this moment to make up for the cancelled date and some lost-private-times for a week now, due to a certain shorter redhead occupying Kagami's spare room. However, when Kuroko noticed Akashi standing alone and unmoving on a park ground in Ginza, he had pulled Kagami to hide behind the thick bushes -that grew quite well even in winter- around the park and started to 'watch' over the Rakuzan's captain for awhile.

"In case Akashi-kun is still targeted," was what Kuroko quietly said when Kagami complained about the sudden change of plan.

Still, nothing actually happened for a few minutes until Furihata came into the picture and Kuroko raised his eyebrow while Kagami was still muttering that they were wasting precious 'date' time and Akashi was living with him already, so he didn't want to see his face outside his apartment as well.

"Furihata-kun and Akashi-kun…?" Kuroko tilted his head aside in wonder.

"Why are you surprised? Weren't you the one setting them up in the first place?" Kagami sighed, deciding to 'glance' as well since he was quite curious about the progress of their relationship.

After all, Kagami was the one who dumped Akashi in Furihata's hands a week before. Even though it wasn't on purpose, he would like to know if his decision was right in making Furihata take care of the 'psycho'. He hoped that Akashi would consider Furihata as a friend instead of a slave.

"Yes, but it was a long shot. I did not actually think that it would work," Kuroko said, pulling back slightly to let out a small smile. "Akashi-kun needs someone observant to sense his feelings, and since I knew Furihata-kun instinctively 'knew' about us, I thought he could be the one. Though, unless there had been an extreme event that made Akashi-kun aware of Furihata-kun, I doubt it could have worked."

"Well, there was an extreme accident, right?" Kagami couldn't help but point out the accident with the Akashi Family. He also raised his eyebrows at Kuroko. "With that kind of thing happening, anyone would 'see' the person who supports him unconditionally."

Kuroko blinked once, deadpanned as always, before a nice relieved smile bloomed on his adorable face. "You are right," he said pleasantly.

Kagami couldn't help his heartbeat from picking up pace after seeing that. Seriously, why was Kuroko so cute? It was bad for his heart if from now on, he saw Kuroko get even more endearing than right at this moment. His heart wouldn't be able to take it and he would do something bad to satiate his hunger for Kuroko.

Kagami just couldn't help himself as he reached out and pulled Kuroko into a hug, slightly surprising the smaller boy. "Kagami-kun…?"

"I got an 'okay' to have you from Akashi, you know. I will never let you go," Kagami said surely, tightening his hug.

Kagami could feel Kuroko grip the jacket material on his back and they were silent for a minute or two before Kuroko broke it with a light chuckle. "Kagami-kun is being cheesy."

Kagami flushed red at his teasing, even though Kuroko's tone was dreary as usual. "Shut up! I'm being serious her—!" he couldn't help raising his voice in embarrassment, but Kuroko cut him off mid-rant when he pulled back noticeably only to surge upward and give Kagami a tender kiss on the lips.

Kagami closed his eyes instinctively as he felt the pair of yielding lips attack his slightly open mouth. He felt the kittenish licks and nips afterwards, raising the heat to his face because Kuroko was being exceptionally bold with his actions.

"W-wait, Kuroko…" Kagami tried to position himself better so he could kiss back, but before he could, Kuroko had released the kiss and pulled back, setting a pair of beautiful sky blue eyes on Kagami's dark red orbs meaningfully.

"But I love it when Kagami-kun is being sweet and cute," Kuroko whispered and Kagami couldn't help his face from flushing darker at the other's statement.

"Sheesh, you…!" Kagami felt burned inside and outside, totally embarrassed. It was not fair! He loved Kuroko very much. But he was kind of annoyed too that Kuroko got to tease him so easily.

Kagami didn't like to lose, remember? To remind Kuroko about that little fact, without further ado, he leaned down once again to give Kuroko a proper deep loving kiss this time, effectively shutting Kuroko's up, and the master of misdirection didn't seem against the idea of making out in the open. There was no one around anyway.

Yeah well, except for Akashi and Furihata in the park.

~Akashi x Furihata~

"Let's go over there!" Furihata turned around 180 degrees away from the direction they were heading the first time. Akashi raised his left eyebrow at him, looking rather puzzled. "I think we should drink something warm before taking a walk. There is this nice café that sells good stuff in that direction," he explained while pointing to the west gate of the park, sweating profoundly as he tried to steer Akashi away from that place because…

Damn that idiotic duo! What the hell are Kagami and Kuroko doing, making out in place like this?!—his mind screamed in mortification as Furihata noticed the shuffling and rustling sound in the bushes. Luckily he was a few feet away from Akashi, so the taller redhead hadn't seemed aware of what happened there, but he needed to take him away before Akashi noticed as well.

Furihata didn't want to imagine what would happen if Akashi saw it. That indecent view almost burned his eyes after all. However, Akashi seemed to notice that Furihata was somewhat flustered.

"What's wrong, Kouki? Why is your face red?" Akashi asked sounding rather inquisitive.

"Eh? N-nothing! Ahaha… Let's just go over there," Furihata nervously forced a laugh, but Akashi grabbed his wrist to stop him from walking away as he pulled the boy closer to him, making Furihata yelp in a surprised "Eh?!"

Akashi leaned his face closely to Furihata's and he instinctively shut his eyes in shock and confusion when he felt Akashi's forehead on his own. "H-huh?" he blinked soon after Akashi pulled back.

"You don't seem to have a fever," Akashi said thoughtfully.

"Eh? Um… no, I… I'm fine. I don't have a fe-fever…" Furihata could feel his face heating up more and he was sure he was as red as tomato now because he thought that Akashi was about to kiss him just then.

What the hell am I thinking?!—Furihata berated himself for even having such an idiotic thwarting idea. Seriously, what the hell?!

"But your face is very red," Akashi palmed one of Furihata's cheeks, and his hand felt nice and cool on Furihata's hot skin.

"T-that's because…!" Furihata stuttered. He couldn't say that he saw Kuroko and Kagami making out behind the bushes, could he? He also as sure as hell didn't want to admit that Akashi made him very uncomfortable with his too close proximity.

"Kouki…" Akashi stared at him unblinkingly and his intense mismatched eyes bore deeply into Furihata's dark chocolate ones, entrapping the shorter boy's gaze completely, seeming to seek an answer by looking straight into his soul.

Furihata's breath hitch slightly as those beautiful curious pools shifted their focus on his lips. His heart rate skyrocketed when Akashi lowered his eyelids and leaned his face even closer and he almost whimpered at the extreme high temperature he could feel rising on his face before-

"Ah, Kouki-kun!"

—the spell was immediately broken when a high pitched voice that belonged to a certain girl was suddenly heard. Furihata snapped and turned around to face the owner of that voice and brightened considerably as he saw his lovely crush approaching.

"Sasaki-chan!" Furihata called back while waving, feeling giddy suddenly.

Akashi took a step back and looked upward as well, his expression back to his neutral stoic one as the girl arrived. She pouted without delay at Furihata and then started to complain. "Jeez, I haven't heard from you in weeks after our last date! You ditched me when I was shopping, Kouki-kun!"

"Ah!" Furihata just remembered that. "I-I'm sorry, Sasaki-chan! An emergency came up and the situation was kind of hectic at that time. I forgot to tell you about it… sorry! I'm really-really sorry!" he clasped the both of his palms in front of his face, feeling very regretful.

Jeez, it completely slipped out of his mind over the past weeks. Well, Furihata was at wrong for ditching their date, but that was because Kagami abruptly handed him a blind Akashi to be escorted to safety. Because the situation was so bad, it didn't occur to him at all that he would worry Sasaki.

"Do you know how embarrassed I was after getting out the store and you weren't there? I couldn't even lift all the things I bought myself and I had to call a taxi to go home! My sister laughed at me for being ditched in the middle of a date!" Sasaki whined. Furihata could only laugh apologetically, feeling a bead of sweat trickling down his cheek.

That's what you were upset about?!—his mind practically dissented.

"I thought if I left you alone for awhile you'd come to your sense and apologize, but you didn't even email me afterwards. Kouki-kun, what are you thinking? Aren't you supposed to be in love with me?" Now, Sasaki sulked, demanding an answer from Furihata who stammered nervously, trying to explain, but he didn't even know how to because the matter with the Akashi's family wasn't really for him to tell.

"Ah… I really am sorry, Sasaki-chan. You see, about that…"

A cough behind Furihata saved him from having to explain, as well as reminded him that he was with Akashi at the moment, so he turned around to face Akashi who already set a critical glance at Sasaki. The wavy-black haired girl seemed to realize that they had company and turned aside to look at Akashi in surprise.

"Oh, my…! I'm sorry. I was too caught up with my own conversation that I didn't notice you're with someone. Um, Kouki-kun, he is…?" Sasaki nodded politely at Akashi and the redhead nodded back, most likely for common courtesy.

"Ah, I almost forgot. Sorry, Akashi-kun, this is Imai Sasaki, my childhood friend. Sasaki-chan, this is Akashi Seijuurou, my friend from Rakuzan High," Furihata then immediately introduced Akashi to Sasaki, and Sasaki visibly blushed as Akashi kept his unreadable stare on her.

"Um… hello, nice too meet you," Sasaki greeted Akashi while smiling shyly, and Furihata almost dropped his jaw seeing her being so quickly self-conscious.

"How do you do," Akashi greeted back albeit sounding rather cold and distant. But Sasaki seemed to regard it as a very cool gesture.

Sasaki immediately pulled the still very shocked Furihata, who was thinking that Akashi might become a love rival instantly after this, and whispered enthusiastically, "Oh my god! Kouki-kun, he's so cool and handsome! Is he a model or something?"

"Uh… no, he's… oh. Well, in a way you can call Akashi-kun a celebrity, since he appears on the news many times. He's very famous in the basketball circle," Furihata stated half-heartedly.

Akashi was ten times better than what Furihata had described, but seeing him as a potential love-rival, he didn't want to feed Sasaki's curious –totally interested— mind with more good points about Akashi, or she would really fall for him.

Sasaki was like that. All her past boyfriends were some hot-shots that just played with the girl until they were bored of her and discarded her like she was nothing. Furihata believed Akashi wasn't that kind of person, but he had decided that he would be the one to treasure her, so….

"Heeh! He plays basketball! Aww~ he must be very good at it, I presume? Since he's famous!" Sasaki's eyes sparkled and Furihata felt troubled at the eager look she gave him.

Damn it! Why am I so weak?—Furihata sighed deeply, feeling his resolution falter at Sasaki's hopeful gaze. She knew exactly what to do to get her way with him. It wasn't even fair.

"Yes, he's incredible, the captain of the Rakuzan High basketball team that's called the 'Emperor' for the last decade," Furihata muttered under his breath, finally giving in, even though he was still very reluctant. Sasaki immediately squealed happily and hugged him.

"I hope he's single!" she whispered near Furihata's ear keenly, looking very excited.

Furihata was about to whine that Sasaki absolutely couldn't fall for Akashi because she promised that she would be Furihata's girlfriend if Seirin became number one in Japan, but his voice was caught in his throat when he felt a sudden chill coming from behind.

Sasaki apparently felt the drop of temperature around them as well because she shivered. "Huh?" she tilted her head confusedly.

"I see… so she's your girlfriend, huh, Kouki?" the creepy venom-induced voice that dripped from Akashi's tone moments later made Furihata pale as he slowly turned around once again to face the redhead, and then Furihata wished he hadn't because he could see a very frightening dark aura dance around Akashi's evilly smiling form.

Hiiii! So scaryyyyy! Why?!—Furihata felt his blood draining away at the mercy of Akashi's dark, toxic glare. He immediately knew that Akashi was mad. No, he was livid… but at what?!

Furihata was very bewildered and Sasaki already shrieked in horror as she ran away from their location, probably feeling her life threatened and extremely terrorized by Akashi's killer look, leaving Furihata frozen in his spot, unable to move his gaze away, let alone his body from Akashi's deadly dichromatic eyes. He was like a monkey being stared at by a hungry snake that was ready to attack, literally.

"A-A-A-Akashi-ku-kun…?!" Furihata was trembling now, not knowing what he had done to earn such rage from Akashi.

Did Furihata say something wrong? Did he somehow do something that offended the redhead in any way? Wait, just now Akashi asked whether Sasaki was his girl friend… did that mean Akashi was interested in her?!

"Break up with her," Akashi commanded icily after that and against his better judgment, Furihata protested.

"WHY?!" Furihata completely didn't understand it. Well, she wasn't even Furihata's girlfriend in the first place. But, Akashi just met Sasaki. There was no way he actually fell at first sight for her, right? This was bizarre!

Akashi narrowed his eyes at him severely and Furihata gulped, totally scared, yes, but he steeled his heart to stay strong. "I-I'd like to know the reason of such a request, Akashi-kun. I can't just obey you without knowing anything, or else I will misunderstand you and I don't want to misunderstand you." He knew he was crazy for actually talking back to Akashi, but he had faith in the redhead.

Akashi was a rational person. He must have had a good reason for requesting such an outlandish thing like that.

"Anyone can see that you and her aren't meant to be," Akashi said dangerously.

Furihata frowned at his answer, not satisfied at all. "Who decides that? I like her enough to fight for her affection. I'm sure I can make her happy," he reasoned obstinately.

"No, I meant…" Akashi looked another way, looking troubled, before sighing. "She doesn't deserve you," he continued slowly.

Furihata blinked once. "Huh?" he honestly didn't expect that.

"You are too kind, Kouki. She will only use you if you persist on dating her," Akashi said again, looking slightly uncomfortable now. "I don't… want to see you get hurt."

Furihata couldn't believe this. Did Akashi just…? Was he actually concerned about him to that extent? "Akashi-kun…." Somehow, Furihata was astonished. There was a spark of warmth that blossomed inside his heart when he saw how strained Akashi looked as he told him all of that.

Akashi was definitely not used to be so truthfully direct with his words. Even though he didn't seem to be a liar, Furihata thought that the redhead was the type of guy that twisted his own words around, so his opponent wouldn't know what his real intentions were despite never lying.

Furihata smiled bashfully, feeling very happy that Akashi was worried and willing to utter his reason straightforwardly like that. But, Akashi seemed to get the wrong idea as he narrowed his eyes again. "I don't think it is a funny thing," he rebuked and Furihata cringed slightly, shaking his head vigorously in response.

"No, I don't either," Furihata replied before chuckling. "I just feel… very grateful and happy that Akashi-kun is worried about me. Thank you," he smiled more pleasantly now and Akashi seemed surprised before notably averting his gaze, rapidly looking awkward and Furihata thought that Akashi looked quite endearing at that moment.

"Then… you will break up with her," Akashi verbalized another order since it didn't sound like a request, but he did look rather hesitant.

"Sasaki-chan and I aren't a couple," at that statement, Akashi partially widened his eyes, looking very taken aback. Furihata grinned sheepishly. "Well, I do want to be her boyfriend, but someone like me is totally outside her radar, you know. I've been rejected several times, but I didn't give up because I really like her," he continued ruefully.

"Then I'm glad," Akashi said, sighing slightly.

"Um… that's pretty harsh," Furihata knew Akashi could care less about his words, but he wished the redhead would be more considerate about his feelings. Wow, this was depressing.

"She's blind for turning you down," Akashi added and Furihata looked upward speechlessly, not having seen that coming. "You deserve someone better."

"Err… I wonder…" Furihata lightly laughed, feeling that Akashi was probably right. It was clear that Sasaki wouldn't reciprocate his feelings even though Seirin did become number one in Japan. Love wasn't something that you could force upon someone after all. Maybe it was the right time to give up on her and find someone else, someone who could love Furihata as he was….

Huh? Furihata felt rather baffled at the idea. He never thought that he could let it go that easily. Ultimately, he had been crushing on Sasaki since middle school. He had confidence that he could make her happy, but… lately he thought that she might not be the one for him. She didn't seem too incline to make him happy just as much in any case.

"You can do better. My eyes don't lie," Akashi reassured and Furihata smiled warmly at him.

"Yeah, maybe I will find another nice girl to date after this," Furihata turned around and stretched his arms above his head as he started walking away.

"I don't think another girl will suit you too," Akashi muttered lowly as he followed.

"Ah, please don't jinx me!" Furihata pouted.

"I don't think anyone but me will suit you."

Furihata stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the last line. He slowly turned around to face Akashi who looked back at him deeply with his sharp mismatched eyes, a faint color of pink tainting his cheeks.

"Eh?" Furihata had trouble swallowing what he just heard. He was astounded beyond belief. Did Akashi just…? Furihata gradually widened his eyes as his blood rushed up flooding the arteries and veins in his face, as he fully digested what Akashi had just said.

"Kouki… go out with me," Akashi declared, apparently more determined now after seeing Furihata's utterly peculiar response. Furihata couldn't help gawking after that when Akashi reached out to grab his hand and pulled him closer to him again.

"Eh, wha—? Akashi-ku—!" Furihata almost panicked, unable to comprehend what he was about to say because the only thing he could feel right at the moment was a pair of soft lips that was suddenly planted on his own and Akashi's face that was so… so enticing and attractive and holy shit! Akashi was kissing him!

"Nnh!" Furihata couldn't help making an embarrassing noise as those sinful lips moved on his, pulling and mashing deeper, teeth nipping and tongue licking insistently until he had to open his mouth and he could feel that slick wet muscle invade it. "Ah—!" he moaned at the alien, yet somehow wonderful flavor that bloomed on his taste buds right after.

Furihata didn't know what was going on afterwards. All he knew was that he was embraced so tightly and kissed so deeply until he felt bothered and dizzy since he was unable to take a single breath during the session. He could only feel how good and enjoyable it was and how talented Akashi was with his tongue, exploring inside his virgin mouth that had never been touched by anyone else before and coaching his own tongue to dance with his in passion.

By the time Furihata felt his lungs burning and screaming for air, he already felt very light headed by the amazing kiss. Akashi caught him before Furihata collapsed since his knees felt unpredictably weak. Moreover, his brain seemed to have short-circuited as his body felt so hot, like… like it was almost melting and turning into a puddle of goo.

Furihata's heart was still pounding so hard and fast that he thought it would burst out of his ribs, and his breath… it was difficult to breathe properly when his lungs were still trying to catch as much oxygen as they could. Akashi didn't even give him enough time to recover as it should be when he renewed another connection with his mouth in full fervor, literally turning Furihata into a moaning mess.

At some point though, Furihata remembered that this was an insane development to the situation and he tried to push back. "Mnn! Ah, wa-ahn-wait! Akashi-kun! Hold on—Time out, please!"

Akashi seemed to be reluctant when he released Furihata who tried to cover (and clean) his wet mouth –courtesy of their mixed saliva– after their heavy make out session. He was still flushing so badly and he didn't actually know what to say to this as he stammered, "W-why did you ki-kiss-…?" The teen couldn't even continue because he was on the verge of combusting.

"I figured that would be an appropriate next step after confessing," Akashi said, not releasing his confident gaze from Furihata's still spinning one.

That's too abrupt! You don't usually do that kind of thing right after confessing!—Furihata gaped, still thoroughly red-faced as inwardly, he was screaming in chagrin. Where the hell did Akashi-kun learn such logic?!

"You don't seem too thrilled," Akashi noted easily when Furihata was still completely speechless.

"A-Akashi-kun… I haven't yet given you an answer. You don't do that to a person who hasn't given you an 'okay' to your confession," Furihata tried to explain even though he was kind of sure that Akashi was just messing with his brain.

"But you do like me, right?" Akashi's smile seemed very genuine and Furihata's heart skipped a beat at the very attractive look. He felt like blushing again and he was sure that by the end of the day his face would be permanently red.

"Or… was that a rejection, just now?" Akashi asked again, looking somewhat downcast and discouraged.

Furihata's heart went 'kyuuuun' at Akashi's look and he couldn't help feeling that he wanted to hug him. Holy crap! Furihata had lost his mind completely for actually considering Akashi Seijuurou very adorable at that moment. But damn it! He was totally hooked, okay?!

"T-that's… sly…! There's no way I can turn you down…!" Furihata covered his very hot and crimson face as he said all of that, while his inner self couldn't help repeating words like 'cute, cute, cute!' as if it was a mantra.

It was seriously unfair. Furihata had vaguely known that he was somewhat attracted to Akashi, but he didn't think that it could work. Someone like Furihata… would a perfectionist like Akashi be really alright with him? Could Furihata really live up to his expectations? Was it okay to wish that Akashi really liked him for who he was and not because he misunderstood something in his moment of weakness?

There were a lot of worry and questions inside Furihata, but damn. After getting kissed like that… by Akashi to boot…! Furthermore, Furihata kind of already admired the ex-GoM Captain for his accomplishments from afar as a fellow point guard; it was totally unreasonable to turn Akashi down, right?

"Does that mean a 'yes'?" Akashi inquired again, sounding vague. Furihata nodded timidly, still covering his face even though he could peek from the gaps of his fingers. "Do you feel pressured to accept it? Because, I'd hate it if you feel obligated to say yes or something equally boring," he continued, turning somber and serious.

Furihata looked up slowly removing his hands from his face to gaze at Akashi's ardent mismatched orbs. He shook his head lightly before moving closer to Akashi once again, reaching out with both hands and encircling Akashi's sides in a gentle hug. He probably should ask permission first before doing that, invading into Akashi's personal space… again, but Furihata wanted Akashi to know that he wanted this and it wasn't because he was forced to do it. Thus, he had to initiate things.


Furihata heard a slight puzzlement in Akashi's tone, and he smiled, feeling somewhat relieved when Akashi put his hands on his back. "I do want to try… being together with you, Akashi-kun," he whispered quietly, but he knew it was loud enough for Akashi to hear.

When Furihata pulled back, Akashi gave him the most pleasant smile he had ever seen in Akashi's expression. This time, it was Furihata who was very tempted, so he leaned up slowly while gazing at Akashi's lips a few times before lowering his eyelids and closing his eyes as his lips met Akashi's once more, softly, tenderly, and it felt… perfect.

It should be alright. Akashi… no, Furihata and Akashi would make it work, somehow. Even though they hardly knew each other, they could start knowing from now on… while getting closer and closer as more than just friends.

~Akashi x Furihata~

"Unh… I cannot believe it went so well," Kuroko commented offhandedly, seeing the way Akashi and Furihata kissed, as Kagami was still molesting his neck with his mouth in much vigor.

"Humh? What is?" The redhead didn't seem to be paying much attention to the spectacle in the park since he was busy performing indecent ministrations to Kuroko's body, marking him so possessively with his bites and sucks that Kuroko didn't know what he was doing anymore, but those felt really good.

"Akashi-kun and Furihata-kun are kissing," Kuroko informed in a gasp and Kagami instantly made a choked noise.

"Seriously?!" the Tiger actually stopped to sputter, looking utterly shocked as he took a peek as well. "Uwaaa, they are really going at it," he went red before immediately looking away again, seeming to feel embarrassed.

Kuroko chuckled. "Kagami-kun is still embarrassed seeing other guys kiss despite what he has done and is doing, huh? How adorable," he couldn't help teasing, glancing at Kagami, feeling rather amused despite his dull, dry tone.

Kagami visibly flushed redder. "I feel like I'm intruding!" he whined in an indignant tone. "Let's go. We should be on a date now. Forget about them already," he huffed.

Kuroko gave him a small peck on the nose, wanting to see Kagami's cute face more. "Alright," he said trying to smile as nicely as possible, and judging by Kagami's amazed look, it was positively a success.

They were trying to move away discreetly with the protection of the bushes, but some way or another, Akashi seemed to notice their presence as - "Tetsuya, Taiga," his eerie voice actually called their names, totally freezing them in their spots when they realized he really talked to them first hand. "You don't think I didn't see you, do you?"

Furihata yelped and turned scarlet in the face as he seemed to see them as well. His expression was like a deer caught in sight of a headlight. "Kagami, Kuroko! You're still there?!" he squawked, apparently already knowing that Kagami and Kuroko were there before.

Kuroko was sweating even though he didn't show it much, but Kagami was visibly paling with every second passed. "This is bad."

"You have to say that now!?" Kagami protested with dread. Well, it couldn't be helped since they were caught eavesdropping and peeping on Akashi Seijuurou of all people.

Akashi slightly scrutinized the pair as they obediently came out from the bush. Kuroko was feeling sheepish and Kagami looked very wary.

"Also, Daiki, Ryouta. I know you are behind the trees as well. Come out here or I'll go there and drag your butts out personally," Akashi addressed again without even turning to face the direction, but there was some rustling sounds behind the trees to his right, accompanied by some quiet bickering before a very awkward, embarrassed and disheveled Kise Ryouta and an equally disheveled but –looking more annoyed–Aomine Daiki, stepped out from their hiding place.

"Ehehe, ossu," Kise raised his hands and both Kagami and Furihata dropped their jaws in shock while Kuroko only widened his eyes as Akashi huffed, looking irritated.

"Aomine and Kise?!" Kagami pointed at them incredulously.

"Stop pointing at us as if we were freaks, Bakagami," Aomine scowled at him, a hint of pink on his cheeks.

"Aomine-kun, Kise-kun, why are you here?" Kuroko asked, somewhat wondering.

"Um… we're in the middle of a date…" Kise seemed still nervous even though he was smiling.

"I can see that," Akashi pointedly stared at Kise's tousled appearance and Kise (plus Aomine) noticeably winced at it, having the decency to look discomfited at least.

"No way! There are more people here?!" Furihata was outwardly horrified as his face turned a shade darker. Apparently, he didn't notice Aomine and Kise's presence there at all before.

"Let's not forget there are more nosy people that were trying to run away. Shintarou, Kazunari. I know you are here too," Akashi added wryly.

"Now way! How come you realized it?!" Takao's surprised yell came from a certain direction as his head peaked out from behind the fountain.

"Takao, you idiot!" and Midorima immediately followed out soon after, giving a chop to Takao's head.

Everyone was speechless as Midorima started to reprimand the owner of the Hawk Eyes before the green haired teen noticed that they were the center of attention and stood up, coughing lightly. "D-don't misunderstand. We were just here by pure chance. It's not like we were listening on purpose," he looked and sounded overwrought as he pushed his glasses up, but since his face turned pink, it was kind of cute.

"Shin-chan is lying! He said he really wanted to come here for our date!" Takao wailed childishly.

"Shut up, Takao!" Midorima scolded him again, looking interestingly mortified at the tactless act of his boyfriend.

"They are hopeless…" Kagami commented; sweat dropping while the others silently agreed. Though, Kuroko considered this rather funny.

"It would not be strange if Murasakibara-kun and Himuro-san are here as well, huh? What a peculiar twist of fate," Kuroko shook his head as a startled 'Ah,' from the direction of the park monument was heard.

Everyone went silent and wide eyed at that, except Akashi who solely raised his eyebrow and Kuroko who only blinked.

"Muro-chin, we were caught." It was Murasakibara's voice and a deep sigh followed right after as an abnormally tall boy and his slightly shorter dark haired companion stepped out from behind the monument, revealing their selves.

"Good morning," Himuro greeted with a calm smile, even though Kuroko could see a hint of discomfort in his expression. "It's a surprise to see all of you here." Apparently, he was still trying to save their cover even though it was clear that they were eavesdropping on Akashi and Furihata as well, just like the rest of the GoM members and their partners.

Akashi chuckled lightly at the futile attempt while Furihata was on the verge of passing out in shame when he seemed to realize that a LOT of people had seen him and Akashi kissing just a moment ago. He was covering his face again with both hands now.

"Really, you guys. You don't have to be so concerned about me," Akashi said as he pulled Furihata closer, causing Furihata to yelp slightly.

"Actually, we are more worried about that guy you're currently holding, Akashi," Aomine was surprisingly the one who brought up the subject despite the amount of sweat trickling down his cheeks, and it was winter. People do not sweat in winter, right?

"There's nothing to worry about. We're very good together," Akashi didn't seem hesitate as he encircled Furihata's neck and hugged him closer and Furihata was already steaming in total embarrassment.

"Akashi-kun, Furihata-kun will be cooked if you continue snuggling him like that in front of everyone," Kuroko pointed out dully.

"Ah," Akashi seemed to realize that as he loosened his hold slightly. "Sorry, did I hug too tightly, Kouki?" he asked with a gentle voice and smile at the almost fainting Kouki while the others were about to crack at the scene.

"W-who is that host over there?" Kagami couldn't help pointing with trembling hands, looking completely traumatized.

"A-Akashi-chi turns into a lady (gentleman) killer…!" Kise seemed to be as disturbed as Kagami was at the view.

"Is that really Akashi?" Aomine gaped.

"It is Akashi-kun, alright," Kuroko smiled amusedly and Takao gawked while Midorima almost broke his glasses. Himuro was visibly speechless as Murasakibara raised his eyebrows very high.

"Well, I guess once in awhile, all of us can win, right, Tetsuya?" Akashi gave him a peculiar look and smirk while still holding Furihata possessively. Kuroko blinked slightly in surprise before smiling again.

"Signal, received, Akashi-kun… Signal, received."

End of Signal: Epilogue

A/N: Uwoooh! XD Finally I finished the epilog~ *dance happily* and I did before the end of the year! Yes! Now I can concentrate on my unfinished fics and probably starts to work on Nuramago fics once again while waiting for Kurobasu anime 2nd season to air~ *more dances*

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~Omake 1~

The reason why Kagami's dad doesn't show up in the end

Akashi: "In the end, even though Taira's name is often mentioned in here, he never once shows up, huh? What's the deal, Taiga?" *raises eyebrows*

Kagami: "Who knows? Maybe the author doesn't know how to fit him in this story." *doesn't care and Author winces*

Kuroko: "Well, I kinda wonder how he looks." *tilts his head aside cutely*

Setsuna: "He looks just like Taiga, but with brown hair and eyes and a nicer personality!" *totally excited*

Kagami: "A little bit like Kiyoshi-senpai, I think…?" *not sure*

Kuroko: "Even his quirks?" *surprised*

Kagami: "Except for the quirks." *sweat drops*

Setsuna: "Wasn't he supposed to show up as soon as the winter break starts?" *pouts*

Kagami: "I bet the author just forgot." *stares accusingly*

Author: "Oh, shut up! I tried to bring him out once, but the story got so very complicated and I want to make it simple, okay?! Give me a break!" *totally embarrassed*

Taira: "My screen time…" *cries pitifully*

Kuroko: "Maybe author-san will make another story so she can bring him up sometimes." *states dully*

Author: Kuroko-kun! You can't say something like that! That will sound like I promise the readers, right?!" *panics*

Akashi: "I don't think the readers want to see him at all." *dryly comments*

Luna and Taira: DEMON!


(A/N: yah, so you know the reason why now… *feels rather guilty*)

~Omake 2~

In which there's a twist and readers shouldn't read this if they want this story to stay light

In a certain average looking house in Tokyo, a telephone was ringing in the dim living room.

Trr, trr, trr.


"Hello." A slender boy answered the wireless phone.


He raised his eyebrows as he heard the familiar voice. "Soujirou-kun?" he sounded surprised as he mentioned the name. "Why are you calling?"

"Ah, I'm just checking up to see if everything is going smoothly there. And I'm bored, you know, getting trapped in this place,"—Soujirou whined from the phone and the boy chuckled.

"What are you saying? Is it not a part of the deal? You did get what you wish for, right?" the boy asked, sounding rather amused himself.

"Yeah, well… that's true."—There was a weighty silence for a few moments before Soujirou spoke again. "But, really… he doesn't suspect a thing, huh? That you pulled some strings in our lives like a puppeteer. The accident in middle school… and the fact that you pulled away from that group to set some 'doubts' in my beloved Sei-nii's mind…. I can't believe you actually managed to break the Akashi Family's doctrines through him. It's… amazing. You truly are… a shadow master,"—he exhaled a shuddering breath as he said it.

The boy's mouth turned up slightly, a nice smile plastered on his face. "I do not know what you are talking about, Soujirou-kun. I merely showed some facts and some ways to some people. I never actually did anything at all," he said politely.

"Playing dumb again, sheesh… You are seriously a wicked person, Kuroko Tetsuya."

Kuroko's smile widened a fraction even though no one would see it with his mastered poker face. He did smile, though. "I humbly accept the compliment," he said flatly while sitting relaxingly on the couch. "But, Soujirou, you sound happier now. I am glad that Akashi-kun can accept you as a brother after all of this."

"Ha, that would be deadly true. Thanks… for hearing my request all those years ago. It took some time… but Sei-nii finally sees me as a brother now,"—Soujirou sounded relieved.

"Good for you, then," Kuroko said before Soujirou said good bye and hung up.

Kuroko pushed the end-call button and put the phone back on its receiver before he sighed and closed his eyes, resting his back on the backrest of the couch. He stayed like that for a minute or two before opening his eyes again to set a confident look in his expression. "Now… what request should I take this time?"

"I probably… fell in love with Kise, Tetsu. That idiot just won't see it."

"Shin-chan needs someone to take care of him. Can I be the one to go for that task?"

"Taiga is officially yours, but I want something in return… like maybe Atsushi, for example?"

"Akashi Seijuurou's attention, I want it."

Kuroko chuckled as he remembered some requests that paralleled Soujirou's when he was in the middle of making it true. Really, there were such long and difficult tasks. However, it was better since he and Kagami would get a lot of fun as the result.

"Basketball in high school will become more and more interesting from now on…"


(A/N: This is atrociously hideous. Why did I even make such twisted omake? *sweats* Don't mind this omake. I just wanted to try to make Kuroko the true shadow master for all of things that happened in this series…along with me, of course *dies laughing*)