Author's Notes – I know, I really should work on Back to the Beginning, but I couldn't help it. Found this plot bunny bunny on The Tudors Fanfic Forum and couldn't help myself.

Summary – Plot Bunny #23 - You know that scene where Anne gets into argument with Henry about Katharine making his shirts for him. What if Henry realizes that he is not ready to let go of his wife, that he still loves her? So later on that night he goes to Katharine and tells her he'll give her one more chance. In a twist Katharine tells him to 'hit the road" so speak. Who has grown tired of how Henry has treated her, with him yelling in face her after the trial basically did it. Shocked, Henry becomes obsessed with winning Katharine back. How will Anne and her family react? Especially later on when they find out she is pregnant?


Anne snatched the shirt from the hapless page boy, her temper growing by the moment. Katherine still made Henry's shirts! Why was he still allowing this when he was attempting to marry her? Clutching the shirt furiously, she stalked towards Henry's rooms with a scowl marring her pretty face. Not waiting to be announced, she stormed impatiently into his chambers and viciously threw the shirt at him. "How could you?"

Surprised, Henry jumped up from behind the great mahogany desk he'd been sitting at. "Sweetheart, what is the matter?" Henry catches the shirt offhandedly, gazing at it in confusion before looking up to meet Anne's eyes.

"She still sews your shirts!" her tone harsh and unforgiving, Anne glares at him, not caring that he's the king. "You cannot have three people in a marriage!"

Approaching her like he would a wild animal, Henry gently places his hands on Anne's shoulders and meets her eyes. "I will speak to her about this at once," he promises gently, placing a kiss on her forehead.


Katherine looked up from her embroidery in surprise as Henry came into her chambers unannounced. "Henry," she greeted him, a smile curving her mouth as she rose from her chair.

The words died slowly in Henry's mouth as he looked at the woman who'd been his wife for so long. Everything they'd been through together seemed to play in slow motion in his mind: Arthur's death, his father asking him on his death bed not to marry her, their marriage and coronation. They'd been so happy in the beginning, he recalled somewhat wistfully. He used to ride in the lists as her Sir Loyal Heart, always wearing her favors for luck. The many pregnancies and miscarriages came back to him as well, how they'd grieved together over the loss of the tiny infants who hadn't lived long enough to take their first breaths. Then, of course, there had been their little prince Henry who had lived for such a short time. They had Mary, the pearl of his world, who had been the only one of their children to survive infancy and was now a beautiful and intelligent little girl who would soon blossom into an even more beautiful young woman.

"Henry?" Katherine questioned gently, concern etched into her features. "Is something the matter?"

'I'm still in love with her.' The thought hits Henry like a brick. He couldn't still love Katherine, he loved Anne now! Anne would give him the son he longed for, he was sure of it! If that were true, why couldn't he tell Katherine to stop making his shirts? Why did he allow his Great Matter to drag on this long, regardless of the fact that the Pope had yet to grant his annulment? "I still love you," he finally says, unaware of how true it was until the words leave his mouth.

Confused, she stares at him silently. Henry stands stock still before her, looking utterly vulnerable and lost as the words leave him. "You have an interesting way of showing it as of late, Henry." The words are harsh, she knows, but part of her wants to hurt him like he has hurt her. She'd shut her eyes and maintained her dignity while Henry had taken mistresses from her own ladies. It had hurt when Lady Blount gave Henry a living son, something she had not managed to do, but she'd managed not to resent the charming little boy. It was not his fault he wasn't her son and she'd refused to be seen as anything but the gracious queen the people loved so dearly. Now, as Henry's so-called Great Matter dragged on and he proceeded to make a fool of himself with that Boleyn whore, she could not shut her eyes to it any longer.

Flinching imperceptibly at the barb, Henry gazed at his queen beseechingly. She had to see that he loved her still, that he was willing to take her back! "Katherine… please… I want to give you another chance…"

Laughing bitterly, Katherine simply shakes her head slowly, looking incredulous. "You want to give me another chance? Henry, I don't know if I want to give you another chance." With that, she turns and retreats into her chambers, closing the door firmly behind her.