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Summery: Sequel to Too Late. Joey is still working as a rock star and even appears as a guest star in a soap where he'll be part of a kissing scene, when Solomon finds some interesting papers that include a musical spell. What will Seto say if Joey not only is busy with kissing others on TV but also with those papers. And what is the spell for? Will Joey manage to find out or will Seto leave him because they hardly have any time for each other?

Authors Note: I hope you'll enjoy this little story. It's going to have 8 chapters.

Musical world

Chapter 1: Old papers

Joey is in his limousine on his way to Seto's mansion. Or rather their mansion considering that he always stayed at Seto's place when he was in the area. Of course he still went to his own apartment whenever he could to visit his father, for which he hardly ever found the time but today he had. Seto had been in the office and Joey had an afternoon off,which was a rare occasion. He was just back from a promo tour through America and hadn't even been at Seto's place since his return because he knew that Seto would be in his office.

Joey had enjoyed the trip since had been able and stay at his mothers place for a few nights. He had talked with Serenity and gone out with her a few times. He even went to the birthday party of a classmate with her. Mostly because said classmate only invited Serenity because she wanted to show off that her father was some rich business guy and could pay for a huge party. The whole school had been invited and Serenity didn't like it that this girl was always showing off with her daddy's money, but a rock star as a brother had been better and everyone had nearly ignored the birthday girl and crowded Serenity and her famous brother. They all had begged that Joey would join Serenity for their birthday parties too. Which of course he couldn't promise but he signed something for everyone who asked. Joey still had to smile at the memory of that poor birthday girl. Her death glare had been nearly as bad as Kaiba's. Once Joey arrived at the mansion and entered the living room Seto said "You're late. You said you'd be back by the time I get home."

"Geese cut me some slack here." Joey answered upset "I haven't seen dad in over a month and just went there to see him."

"Not my fault that you run around to flirt with your fan girls." Seto said even more grumpy than usual.

"I'm not running around flirting, I'm doing my job ya jerk." Joey simply said but allowed his grumpy dragon to give him a kiss anyway and soon felt his strong arms around his waist.

Seto looked deep into Joey's eyes knowing that his boyfriend always was less likely to fight with him when he did. "I just don't want you to leave me because I miss you when you're gone."

"I miss you too." Joey said and looked deep into the blue eyes of his dragon and felt his knee turn to jelly but tried to fight the feeling. "But I had to see dad."

Seto gives a sigh "I don't mind that…but I do mind when you flirt with those groupies."

"I need to be nice to them." Joey explains with a sigh of his own. They had this discussion so often that he got bored of it already. "It's part of my job so deal with it. It's not like I go around and make love confessions and kiss everyone."

"Quit the job." Seto said knowing the answer already but it still was worth a try. "Then you don't have to go away from me so often."

"Quit your job." Joey answered like always. "Then you can come with me and keep an eye on me."

"I can't quit my job." Seto said "I have a company to run."

"And I can't disappoint my fans and I love my music so I can't quit either." Joey just said and gave his dragon another kiss "And you don't need to worry, I'll always come back to you. And I would never kiss anyone else."

"You do realise that I do have a TV." Seto asked.

"And your point is?" Joey asked in return and had a bad feeling about it.

Seto didn't say anything. He just started a video he had on his laptop. It was from some news where Joey was shown when he signed his new CD's. unfortunately it was also shown how he gave a little 10 year old girl in a wheelchair that had said to be his biggest fan a little kiss on the cheek. "That doesn't count." Joey said "It's a kid for christs sake and it was just on the cheek."

"Kiss is kiss." Seto stated and still looked grumpy.

"Please tell me you're kidding me." Joey said worried about something he had to tell his dragon somehow and didn't really know how to do yet. "I mean the girl is 10 and it was just on the cheek. On top of it, this is my job, think of it as an act. I mean I need to show my fans that I appreciate them and like them, whether I do or don't doesn't matter, just that they feel that I like them so they buy my music."

"You're a musician, not an actor." Seto answers "So make them buy your music with your music."

"That isn't the way it works in the business honey." Joey said and took a deep breath before he continued "And anyway, I might not be an actor yet but I've been offered a guest role in a soap."

"What soap?" Seto asked with an icy stare, "And more importantly what role?"

"Nothing big." Joey answered trying to sound nonchalant. "I just have to play myself and this girl, from this soap that Mokuba used to like, is really depressed and wins a meet and greet with me and I say something nice and she feels better and I only do it to get laid which works."

"YOU WHAT?" Seto roars and Joey knows that this detail didn't agree with his dragon. "You're so not going to take that role."

"Hey." Joey complained "It's my job, not yours and it's a great opportunity since I'm going to get to sing my new song. Do you know how many people watch that soap? Much more than who know me around here yet. I just started out here and need to get as much public attention as I can. Why do you think all of my female fans think that I'm just playing around with ya for the public attention I get through you?"

"That isn't true though, is it?" Seto asked.

"Of course not." Joey replied with a sigh. Seto should know that it wasn't true Joey liked him way before he even dared to dream about getting famous.

"Then don't take that role." Seto ordered, "You're getting enough public attention through me so you don't need that and I make damn sure that it gets more if you don't take that role."

"But I would like to try it." Joey said and made his puppy eyes. They always worked on Seto "I just want to see if I could act too if I ever stop singing which I doubt will happen but still."

"So you're basically asking me for permission to fuck around or what?" Seto asked clearly angered.

"You do get the meaning of the word acting don't you?" Joey asked "We'll just be acting that. I mean I wouldn't even be completely undressed."

"How much is not completely?" Seto asked.

"Don't know," Joey answered hoping that it was a good sign that Seto asked for details, "I haven't gotten around to read the whole screenplay. But it's still just acting and I'm not going to do anything. Trust me a little, would ya?"

Seto simply stared angrily at Joey. He really didn't like the thought about him being half naked on TV never mind with some stupid girl that probably got to kiss him. And no matter which of those girls there would be the one who got to kiss Joey, they were all way to thin and hot to be allowed anywhere near his puppy. "You could come along and try to get some autographs for Mokuba." Joey tried to persuade his dragon to let him try. Not that he really needed to he would do it anyway since no one could stop him, not even a furious dragon, but he didn't really want to fight and much rather have Seto agree to it.

"I still don't like it." Seto said.

"You don't have to like it." Joey answered "You just have to accept it because I am going to do that. I want to try acting once and it is a great chance for me since I get to sing instead of just be in the news because I'm dating you. And you were the one to say that I should get famous with my music right."

Seto glared at him but didn't say anything further he knew that it was hopeless anyway. Seto was sure that if Joey's manager told him that he could sing one song if he jumped of a cliff the idiot would jump. Joey loved his music at least as much as Seto loved his company and there was no way to ever stop him and so he had to watch him flirt with some fans and kiss little girls cheeks and now he even would have to watch him make out with some stupid bitch on TV, even if it was just acting, it would hurt to see it and Seto considered to just pretend it never happened and not watch in the first place. "Will you at least be around during the next few days?" Seto asked "Or are you going to leave again?"

"I'll be around." Joey answered happily. "The TV studio isn't so far away and I can stay here with you every night and after that which is good since I'll just be at the studio for one day. But I still got a few weeks of practice and work out before I go on a live tour again. I can't wait to stand on that stage." He regretted the last part because Seto glared at him for the enthusiasm he showed for something that forced them apart. "Chill Seto. I'll be around for three months before I'll be gone for just two and a half months."

"I wouldn't call that just." Seto said in a low growl.

"It isn't as long as the first two years I stayed away." Joey tried to calm him. "And I'm going to call you everyday. After all, I'll miss you just as much as you miss me."

"Not true." Seto said and hold Joey close to himself "If you'd miss me even half as much you'd stay."

"If you miss me so much, why aren't you coming with me?" Joey asked knowing that Seto couldn't answer that one since he didn't want to give up his work anymore than Joey wanted to. It was quiet for a moment until Joey said "Let's not fight, we have three months where I'll be here at your place early every evening."

Seto glared at Joey. He hated it that Joey still considered the place where his father lived as his home. Officially it was but Seto wanted him to move in with him officially. "Why do you always say that it's my place, you're always here anyway so it is ours, isn't it?" Seto asked voicing his wish to officially move together for the first time.

"It's still yours. It always was yours and your name is on the papers right? And the place where dad lives belongs to me. It's just a fact." Joey said noticing the angry and upset tone in Seto's voice. "Seto, I am with you, isn't that enough?"

"Why won't you say that it's our place?" Seto asked.

"I don't know." Joey told him with a shrug. "It just doesn't feel like it is. I mean it really was always your mansion. Everyone calls it the Kaiba mansion because it's yours. It had never anything to do with me until I got together with you. It just doesn't feel like even one tiny part of it could be considered mine, so it isn't ours."

"You have your own room and music room." Seto pointed out.

"And when do I ever use it?" Joey asked. "I always sleep with you and you´re always all over me so I never have time to play in the music room and since I make music most of the time anyway I don't really mind too much. And on top of it, you made those rooms when I was gone and it's in your mansion."

Seto glared at him again and didn't like it at all. He was about to argue further that if Joey would be home more often he might actually consider it his home and get to use his music room more often too when it rang at the door. "Are you expecting someone?" Seto asked instead upset that his time alone with Joey would be interrupted and hoping that he could get rid of whatever nuisance dared to show his or her face really fast.

"No, not really." Joey said and wondered who it could be. He hoped that it was Yugi because he hadn't seen him in ages and the last time he had talked to him on the phone he had sounded rather down.

It didn't take long until a maid entered "Mister Solomon Muto would like to talk to you, mister Kaiba." The maid said and Seto glared at the poor thing.

"Tell him I'm busy." Seto said.

"Tell him I'll be over tomorrow and won't leave till Seto shows up to talk to him." Joey said looking at Seto sternly.

"Why would you do that?" Seto asked in a growl that rivalled a real dragon.

"Because I can't force you to let him into your mansion, but I can get you to talk to him at his place and I know Solomon, I'm sure he has a good reason to show up and wanting to talk to you instead of me." Joey explained.

"Fine." Seto said "Let him in."

Seto glared at Joey until Solomon walked into the living room "I hope I'm not interrupting anything." He said after seeing the glaring competition that was going on inside.

"Of course not." Joey said as cheerfully a always, completely ignoring the glare that still was directed towards his face. "How are you? And how is Yugi doing? He sounded so down the other day on the phone."

"Oh it's a little better with him again." Solomon said also sounding cheerful which was a great relieve to Joey. "In case you forgot it was the anniversary of his last duel with Yami. He was just down because he still misses his other half so much."

"I see." Joey repleid. He had noticed it before that Yugi was down whenever the topic came to Yami or there was something else reminding him of the ancient spirit. "But other then that he's fine isn't he?"

"Sure he is." Solomon said and didn't look worried at all. "But I'm sure he would like to see you some more anyway. You haven't been around for ages."

"He wasn't in the country for ages." Seto said in a grumble.

"Then let's get on with why I'm here so you can go back to seduce our little Joey." Solomon said causing Joey to blush. "I need your help with some ancient Egyptian papers since you're still able to read hieroglyphs aren't you?"

"And why should I bother?" Seto asked "I have better things to do, as you kindly enough already pointed out yourself."

"Oh come on at least have a look." Joey begged and Seto glared at him.

"It won't take long I promise." Solomon said and handed some papers over to Seto. "I already figured out most of it but those lines and stars. Their all differently and so randomly placed. I got what most of the hieroglyphs mean but they aren't very helpful with the explanations for the lines. And I don't know the meaning of this one." Solomon pointed to a Hieroglyph that looked like three half circles of different size the smallest one being the first.

"That one means a voice. But I don't know about the line either." Seto answers and looks over the rest. "What is that rubbish anyway? There just stands that it's a spell to make light using at least a level four spirit monster and a voice that says 'Light my way'."

"I know and I tried to say it myself with the Silent Magician LV4 from Yugi. But it didn't work." Solomon said and frowned while looking at the old paper.

"Of course it didn't work." Seto was annoyed to be interrupted for something meaningless like this "There is no such thing as magic."

"Yeah sure and there is no such thing as destiny or spirits or being able to see Yugi double and watch him duel himself or you being reborn and meeting your former self in a memory of the pharaoh. That all never happened." Joey said ironically. And looked at the paper for the first time. The word voice together with lines made him curious. There where 6 lines though instead of the five that he was used to and instead of notes there where stars and at the front was a bigger star. A seven-pointed one even. Joey looked at it for a while. "How did you say this 'light my way' in ancient Egypt? Just in case it's important?" Joey asked. He wanted to try something since it had some similarity to the notations he knows. The points might be the same as half and full notes and the lines just meant that the notation was arranged in a different way. But between two C's on his keyboard where 12 keys, if he counted the black ones and only one of the C's. having six lines and some stars on and some in between the lines meant that each of those lines and the space in between might be a key on his keyboard. The only question left was, where did they start and how long was each note?

Solomon and Seto both looked surprised at Joey. Seto was the first to get over the surprise of his sudden interest and answered while looking at him questioningly and wondering why he wanted to know in the first place."

Joey looked at the notes and thought about what might sound well and noticed quickly that there where two stars for each syllable in the words and wondered why that was the case he thought about it a moment but it didn't take him to long. He might not be as smart as Seto, but music was his thing and he could do nearly anything in that area.

He got out his Giltia the D. Knight. It was a level five light monster and should do the trick as long as his theory was right. He started to sing the words Seto had just taught him multiple times. Using the different pointed stars for quarter and full notes and so on as well as the lines for different notes. He started with the bottom line being a C and a star with few points a whole note and then he used the stars the other way around. It seemed logical that it would go one way, the more points the faster he would have to sing the note or the fewer points the faster it be. After neither one worked he did the same for the next note. He went all of them through but nothing happened. He thought about it for a moment while Seto just watched him looking annoyed. "What are you doing?" He asked once Joey had stopped his annoying singing.

"I wonder what the star at the start means." Joey mumbled.

"I wonder what you just did and whether or not I'll get an answer." Seto said still grumpy. He didn't like it at all that Joey could get so lost in his music that he hardly noticed anything else, him included.

Joey just stared at the paper he had been sure that it had something to do with music. The lines and all had looked so similar and it just felt right to him. He didn't know why but it felt like he had to sing those words. Like the word voice meant that it had to be sung. He thought about what had looked similar and how the modern time notation system was like and then it hit him. The clef at the start of the lines it could look different and even start on a different note telling the singer or player where the notes are located and the moment Joey thought of that it hit him hard, a keyboard might have twelve keys between two C's but it had much more keys because there where much more notes. He started to sing again and this time starting with a lower C and working his way up. Once he reached the lowest E and started to sing with that something happened. He had just finished the first two syllables when the card started to glow slightly. Not much but definitely enough to slightly light a very dark small room or the way right in front of Joey. Joey was so surprised that he stopped which ended the glow. Everyone stared at the card and Joey suddenly said "Wicked." Before he started to sing with the same notes again. Once more the card started to glow and Joey sang the song three times. The first two times he used the notes given and wondered why there was a change in the second turn and started again with the first notes once he was through with the notes but the moment he started the third go the light faded away.

"Why did it stop?" Solomon asked and stared at the card.

"Why did it start?" Seto asked sounding much more surprised by what had happened than Solomon had.

"I have no idea." Joey answered, "I just know those stars are notes. But I don't know why it stopped when I started to go over. I assume that it only works that long or that I need to find a pattern in the change and change it myself in the same pattern but I'm not sure about it. I just know that voice means to sing it the right way and those lines and stars tell you how."

"I'm impressed Joey, I never would have guessed it." Solomon said with a proud smile towards the teen that more or less had grown up with Yugi and Tristan in his shop and who had learned a lot about Duel Monsters from him. "I knew that music played an important role in ancient Egypt and that the people sang to pray and at a lot of other occasions, but no one had ever found any music written down on paper. It was taught from one person to the next without anything being written down. At least that's what was assumed so far."

"I guess they were wrong. Those are definitely notes. They just had a slightly different way to write them down." Joey told the older man who was like a grandfather to him but didn't stop staring at the notes hoping to find out why the light had stopped so suddenly.

"Slightly different?" Seto asked who himself hadn't been able to even to read it. He thought about the possibility that those stars were notes too but he knew that he wouldn't have been able to figure them out, especially not that fast.

"How did you figure it out?" Solomon asked wanting to know as much about this as possible.

"Easy." Seto answered before Joey got around to say anything, he knew enough about music to assume the answer. "notes are nothing but a stable frequency of a sound and a melody is a changing frequency of sounds that is pleasing to whoever hears it."

"Nearly right." Joey said "A melody doesn't have to be pleasing especially since a taste can be very different depending on the audience. It also means that no matter how you write it down the same basic principles apply."

"So it had to be written down in the same principle?" Solomon asked to clarify that he understood correctly.

"Not really." Joey answered "There are 7 notes in our system but much more frequencies meaning that they could have used any number of notes in their and clearly did all the half ones. You know like C# and F#. But they still used the same basic than we do and I assume that's because it was developed but not completely changed. Like it isn't everywhere the same even in our time but it isn't completely different either. Just some countries have a H instead of a B and in the past there was a time where it didn't start with a C but with an A and went to G and there are countries that have numbers instead of letters too. But the principles weren't changed as much over time and I assume that this is why this isn't completely different either."

"I see." Solomon said and watched Joey who still stared at the paper not looking up once. He hadn't really understood much but he feared that he wouldn't get it anyway and hoped to rather watch Joey do more and learn more about this kind of magic that way.

Solomon and Seto both watched Joey who stared at the paper. Just that Solomon looked interested in what Joey might find out next while Seto glared because Joey didn't look at him once. At least not until Joey suddenly said "Give me your blue eyes."

"Why?" Seto asked surprised.

"Maybe my one is too week to light up longer. Maybe that's why it had to be at least level four. After all it light up twice so maybe it needs a break or something." Joey said wondering if it didn't have any constant change because he hadn't noticed any yet, but then again, how could he after just one repetition. And the second one was so different that he had no idea.

Seto handed his blue eyes over reluctantly. "But you better make sure that nothing happens to the card or you´re dead."

"Don't worry, mine is fine too, see." Joey said and put his one down on the table next to the paper. He took Seto's blue eye and started to sing all over again and this time the light was much stronger and Joey feared that the level had nothing to do with the length of the light but more with the intensity and he was right. The second he started to sing the words a third time again with the first set of notes the light faded. "Why doesn't it go on?" Joey wondered upset. "Solomon, do you have more of those maybe I can see some pattern and figure it out when I learned more about this notation system."

"And when are you going to do that?" Seto asked already certain that it meant that he would see Joey even less than he already got to see him.

"Whenever I find time to visit Yugi." Joey simply said. "And don't worry, I'll still have plenty of time to cuddle with my dragon."