Chapter 8: The wedding

The coming days Seto had many fights with Joey about what he wanted to do right before getting married. Seto had to re-organize a lot for the wedding since Joey wanted to marry in Egypt and all of his friends and family had to be flown there. Along with plenty of security from Kaiba Corp.. Even Mai would be present and had taken a few days off to enjoy the trip. But the morning of the wedding the whole gang including Joey and Seto would make a trip to where Yugi and Yami had their last duel. It stood in the instructions of the spell that it needed to be done where the spirit was last seen and so they all went there. Téa, Tristan, Duke, Mai, Valon, Alister, Raphael, Serenity, Ishisu, Marik, Odion, Mokuba and even Leon went with the soon to be wedded couple to that place. Everyone but Yugi since he was supposed to be surprised during the wedding and Solomon who should ensure that Yugi, who wanted to visit this place sometime during his stay here, wouldn't show up during the spell.

Once there Joey got out the cards and held them all in his hand. He stared at the Flamed swordsman for a moment, remembering the first and only time he had used that part of the spell so far. It had scared him to hear that voice but he hoped that it wasn't a bad sign. He hadn't even dared to start that little fire again, not that he needed it for any other spell and this one was not practicable since it could actually cause some damage to Joey if he used it without a spirit to be raised to life. Once Joey was done with his preparation, all of his friends fanned out behind him. Two touching his shoulders, who in return were touched by two on each shoulder and so on until they were all in position. Joey had experimented with this and it should work this way. He had managed to summon up a whole warm meal this way using only five of his friends, including Seto.

Once they were all in position Joey took one last breath and then he started to sing. Most of his friends had seen him use this magic now since he had tried out a bit with some of them. But a few hadn't seen anything and gasped momentarily after seeing the first card glowing menacingly in a dark black and dark purple colour that strongly reminded of the shadow realm, even though they had been told about this beforehand. Once the fire card started to light up crimson red Joey heard the voice again, "Jono, don't stop, you can't turn back any more."

He had known that he couldn't turn back, stopping now would unleash all the elements since fire was the last attribute and everyone in this room would get hurt if he dared that. He kept singing ignoring the voice in his head that kept telling him things.

The pictures he saw weren't as easy to ignore though, he didn't understand them. He saw himself in a temple with stone tables walking next to his flamed swordsman all the time. He saw different things happening there but most of all he heard his own voice sing all those strange songs and always something would happen. And at some point he saw Yami, or rather Pharaoh Atem since he was dressed as he was back then and really tanned. "I need your help." The picture changed again like it did all the time and Joey saw himself write the lines he had read before. "Will you understand them?" The Pharaoh who was present asked.

"You do know who you're talking to, right? I will always understand my music." Joey could hear himself say, "but someone needs to write some instructions to those. I don't know anyone could know the words and what monsters otherwise."

"I get your master on it." Atem said, "Unless you finally change your mind. The offer of becoming my singer still stands, I would treat you better than locking you up in a temple with a monster as your only companion."

"I'm his." Joey heard himself say, "I don't mean to be disrespectful my Pharaoh, but I once saved his life just to be saved by him in return. We're connected and now I'm his, just like he is mine and I´d rather die than belong to anyone but him."

Joey couldn't believe what he saw, could it be that he was a singer? But who's singer was he? Who's singer had he been? It was clear that he wasn't the Pharaoh´s one but who's then? It can't have been Isis either since then he wouldn't have been his, it been hers. Could it be that he was that all powerful singer that belonged to Set? It wasn't possible though. Joey was followed by a monster Seto didn't have, a fire monster that was at least level 4, a flamed Swordsman. But then again, maybe Joey had been right and Joey had this monster now because it had to be with him. Maybe he was Seto's singer after all.

It was hard to focus on his singing enough to pronounce everything right but somehow Joey managed and finally the end of the song came closer. The mighty blue eyes from Seto lit up. The second light monster he had in his hand an extra monster that was needed for this spell. And then there was another light. It came from the stone wall that had opened for Yami to let him enter the after life. From that light someone seemed to walk out and then Yami stood there. His own body and all. Joey sang the last note and the light disappeared while Yami stayed there grinning at him. Even though he had this much help, Joey felt close to faint and let himself drop backwards knowing that Seto would catch him no matter how exhausted he might be. "Joey?" Came the worried call from his dragon and Joey gave him a weak smile.

"I'm fine." He whispered and smiled at Yami. "Long time no see."

"I was starting to worry you'd never learn to bring me back. I knew that if those papers existed you'd eventually find them and probably deceiver them, but I thought it´d go faster." Yami said with a proud look on his face.

"Well sorry for the wait." Joey mumbled but then had to ask just to be sure, "Yami, something else just happened, I mean, I'm not sure what but I think I remembered something from when ya told me to make those things."

"Really? That isn't supposed to happen but maybe it jammed something loose in your brain." Yami mused surprised. "Either way, do you still not want to be my singer?"

"Newsflash, slavery is out. I'm no ones singer." Joey grumbled, "But I'd like to know whose singer I was."

"You don't remember that?" Yami was surprised, "Well that could be since you two don't seem to get along all that well in this time. Or rather, you didn't seem to get along but that seems to have changed." Yami grinned towards Seto who still held Joey protectively and was currently glaring towards Yami.

"Just stop talking gibberish and leave him to rest." Seto ordered. "He's going to have an exhausting day anyway."

"How often do I need to tell you that I'm not some damsel in distress?" Joey mumbled and slowly started to get back onto his own feet. "I'm fine and I'm still going to dance circles around ya later." After that he gave Seto a long kiss.

"I guess you where right back then after all." Yami chuckled and after a surprised look from Seto he added, "In his last life he once told me that you two are connected, that you´re his, just as much as he's yours and that he'd rather die then belong to anyone but you. I tried all the time to get him as my singer." Seto glared at him while Yami quickly explained, "No reason to be jealous. I only wanted his voice, you could have kept the rest all along. And while were at the rest…where is Yugi?"

Joey saw the worry on the ancient spirits face and smiled at him. "He's with his grandfather. The old man is keeping him distracted because we wanted to surprise him. He missed ya a lot."

"I missed him too." Yami replied. "When will I get to see him then?"

"At my wedding." Joey replied grinning.

"You're getting married?" Yami asked and looked at Seto.

"He is and the wedding is in about two hours so get moving I'd hate to be late for my own wedding." Seto told the ancient spirit with a glare. He still hadn't forgiven him that he wanted Joey to be his singer.

They all hurried to get back and ready in time for the wedding. Joey still kept Yami close since he really wanted to see Yugi's reaction when he'd see his other half. They had shared a body for so long and Yugi had yearned to talk to him again so often that Joey was sure he would smile like never before.

A little later Joey stood in a hotel room and got ready for his wedding. Seto was in another one and Joey could hardly stop himself from going to Seto's room to see what he was going to wear. He was reasonably sure that it was white and light blue but he was absolutely certain that he would look damn sexy in it. "When will I see Yugi?" Yami whined again like he did a few times by now.

"Oh chill out." Joey told him. "He should show up soon since he's my best man. We planned for Mai to accompany him since he's single but if both of ya rather want something else now that you're back it's fine with me. Mai knew that ya probably want to go together."

"You don't want Mai to be there?" Yami asked surprised remembering how close those two were.

"I'm fine as long as she's at the wedding and all of my pals are happy." Joey told him.

Then there was a knock on the door right before it flew open, "Sorry I didn't…" Joey smiled at his little friend who stood in the doorway and stared at the ancient spirit. "...come sooner." He finally finished the sentence and Joey stared at Yugi who looked like he was seeing a ghost, which probably wasn't too far of track.

"You're okay, pal?" Joey asked grinning.

"I think I am." Yugi replied while Yami walked up to him.

"Sorry," Yami said much to the surprise of both of the other males. "But I wanted to do this for so long." And with that said, Yami kissed the still slightly shorter man.

Joey blushed a little and grinned while Yami ravished his friend´s mouth. "Joey." Yugi said after a few minutes when the two lovers needed to part for air. "I think I'm losing my mind."

"Why that?" Joey asked and couldn't help but giggle. "Is Yami that good a kisser?"

"You see him?" Yugi asked surprised.

Now Joey really was laughing unable to hold it back another second, "Don't tell me you thought you're hallucinating?"

"Well, I dreamed about him a lot." Yugi said looking at the man who still held him in his arms.

"This time it's not a dream." Yami whispered seductively, "I'm back, and I'm planning to stay."

"I did that." Joey told Yugi. "Ya gramps found a way for him to come back and I brought him back together with everyone else."

"That's right." Yami confirmed. "There was an ancient spell that I ensured to leave papers of where they would be found eventually. I hoped it to be sooner but at least I came back at all."

"You… you're really staying? With me?" Yugi's voice was shaking a little. "But if you left those papers to come back, why didn't you just stay right away?"

"I couldn't stay, I had to leave to get rid of the millenniums items. But I'm staying with you now," Yami replied and gave Yugi one more heated kiss before he added, "I'll be by your side as long as you have me."

"For ever." Yugi quickly said and clung to his new boyfriend.

"I guess Mai will have to sit with the others then." Joey said with a grin and winged to his little friend who just smiled at him. "And I have to thank your grandfather for distracting you all day so ya wouldn't show up in the middle of the spell."

"You could have told me." Yugi chided, "I would have helped too."

"That wasn't necessary and I really wanted to see ya face when he shows up out of the blue rather than if ya had known he's coming." Joey grinned at him, "But now we have to hurry, Seto will kill the both of ya if I'm running late because of you two."

A little later the ceremony was starting. Joey was right, Seto was wearing white and blue and he looked damn sexy in it. Joey was wearing a suit in black with a red tie. They ceremony was outside close to a bend of the Nile. The water was glittering with the setting sun and Joey loved every moment of it even though he was sure that his best mans Yugi and Yami hardly heard or saw anything but each other.

Joey hardly noticed though because all he saw was Seto's beautiful eyes that reflected the sun at least as beautifully as the river did. Later during the party Joey enjoyed dancing with his dragon until he suddenly said, "I hope you realise that you've got to quit working soon."

Joey glared at him, "And why ever would I do that?"

Seto pulled him closer and whispered, "Because I want a family with you, and that includes adopting children who will need someone to raise them."

"Why does that someone have to be me?" Joey complained.

"Because if I raise them and you keep touring we all would miss you for months," Seto kissed Joey's neck a little before he continued, "While if you raise them we see each other every night."

"Screw you." Joey mumbled.

"You know, that's sort of beside the point." Seto still whispered seductively and pulled Joey even closer. "I much rather screw you." And Seto was planning to show Joey the advantages of staying close to his dragon during their honeymoon.

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