Gifted and Taken

Stiles hated waiting in the forest while the others went running through the woods during the full moon, it had been somewhat of an unplanned tradition for the last eight months or so (okay, so 'tradition wasn't the right word to use here): while the alpha and pups play and frolic in the woods (again "play and frolic" weren't the right words to use) Stiles had the honor of sitting in a tree, listening to music on his I-phone while he waited for the others.

In a way he was okay with this. Both Danny and Lydia had received the bite from Derek (Danny because he wanted to and Lydia because she and Jackson both wanted to (The fifth time was apparently the charm), but he never asked Derek or Scott for the bite. Peter had asked him numerous amounts of times if he wanted to be a werewolf. But the answer was always the same. "No."

He didn't receive any encouragement from the others, Scott wouldn't have wished his curse onto anybody and Derek probably found him too annoying to be an "official" pack member. (If he had to equate the pack to Buffy the Vampire Slayer-he would more than likely be Giles…or maybe Xander-no Xander was actually part of the group throughout the whole series and he got the girls. Most of the time, but still. Or maybe he was a bit of both?). Part of him thought being a werewolf was cool and all, but another part of him always felt cold towards the idea of being a werewolf (Not like he hated the idea of being a wolf, it's just he would actually get cold, like shiver.)

He was looking though his list of music when he saw something sparkle and fall in his peripheral view. He looked down to see something gold and small struggling to keep up, what looked like to be wings flapping frantically in order not to crash. (No way! That was not what he thought it was!)

He looked around; looking out for any of the pack members (Derek could never promise him that they wouldn't kill him during their full moon hunt. Way to go team! Let's all kill Giles/Xander…God, he was Andrew, wasn't he?) before he jumped down from the branch, landing a bit rough on the dirt ground.

He staggered over to the gold flying thing, it wasn't a fairy like he originally thought (Hey, they could exist-the team had had run in with witches, large snake like women, and mer-people (No, do not walk down that lovely memory of almost drowning in the lake before Boyd had to pull you out)) but an orb. It almost looked transparent but effervescent. Stiles could have sworn it was speaking to him, giving a buzz of energy that was calming him down.

It was weird.

He never felt calm.

Even with all the medication he had to take for his ADHD, he never felt calm-like he could sit and think of something, just one thing or think of nothing at all.

It felt nice, almost.

It looked like it was struggling to fly up to meet with Stile's line of vision. It blinked off and on.

"Hey, are you okay?" Stiles asked, he didn't feel ridiculous asking something that no face, body, or voice if it was okay. He had seen weirder things. "Are you-Are you hurt or something?" He looked to see if the orb had a crack or something.

The orb buzzed louder, maybe frighten by him?

Stiles smiled a bit, "I'm not going to hurt you. Trust me when I say this I'm the least scariest thing in this forest right now. You should be more scared of flowers than me." Stiles quipped, remembering two weeks ago when he and Scott had to save Lydia, Allison, and Erica from a deadly plant that took over the bodies of girls who were in love.

(Let the Erica and Boyd love ship set sail!)

"Can-Is there any way I can help you? I don't know if you can talk. Can you actually talk?" Stiles moved his hand close to the orb but it flew back from his touch. He didn't know why he was so hurt by that. "I'm not, I can't hurt you. I just wanna see if you're okay."

The orb seemed to understand, it flew around Stiles slowly before hovering in front of his face again. It was blinking more now and it looked almost more heavy, as if the orb's wings (It looks like a snitch, or like a snitch got in on with a snow globe or something) couldn't hold up its body up anymore. Apparently the orb seemed to really trust Stiles now because it buzzed closer to him. As if it was asking for Stiles to touch it again.

Stiles frowned; he didn't know what the thing was or what it could do. He should have ran or went back up in his tree and ignore the thing. But something was telling him (The orb, it can talk!) to trust the orb. He bit his lip, "I'm not going to hurt you. I promise." He gingerly touched the orb with the tips of his fingers before resting his entire hand on it.

It all happened fast then.

He felt something zap through his arms into his entire body, something that felt hot and cold at the same time before it hit his heart (He was going to die? Wasn't he? Of all the things to die from, death by weird glowing orb/snitch? It couldn't have been death by vampire (wait they weren't real, were they? God, they better not be real!) or death by wolf bite. And he was still a virgin!) and he could feel his head burn. It felt as if something had splashed scalding hot water onto him. Then he heard a loud snarl and growl and looked up to see Isaac landing right onto the orb, smashing it into pieces.

"NO!" Stiles yelled out, almost running to orb. It had lost its color and its wing were now just bones before Isaac smashed it. "What did you do?!" Stiles yelled before realizing that wasn't the best thing to do or say in front of Isaac.

(Correction: Totally werewolfed out and wants to tear out your throat with his teeth Isaac)

"Aw crap!" Stiles groaned, running his fingers through his hair before slipping a bit (Why? Why did he always have to slip when he was in danger? Was this the universe's way of saying "Screw you!"? Because that made sense.) and climbing up his tree frantically. He barely made it, he felt Isaac take a swipe for his leg, taking a good chuck of the fabric of his pants. "Damn it!" Stiles swore as felt a slight sting-Isaac scratched him, but it was hardly harmful-it didn't even break the skin. He felt relieved to know that he didn't have a chance of turning into a werewolf (Oh my God, if Isaac was the one to give him the" bite" he would have to spend his whole entire werewolf life consoling his "maker" (Werewolves used those sort of terms, don't they? Or am I thinking of vampires again?)).

He looked down to see Isaac circling the tree. He thought for a moment he saw him shake, maybe remembering that he shouldn't have attacked Stiles. Isaac looked down at the crushed orb and then looked up at Stiles. A small smile forming on his face.

(Also known as Stiles is screwed, big time!)

"Damn it!" Stiles swore softly as he realized that Isaac was walking backwards, planning to jump into the tree to rip Stiles into shreds. "Dude, if you eat me you do realize you're going to feel guilty like hell for the rest of your life? Not to mention Scott will never talk to you again, although on the other hand Derek might make you co-alpha leader or something for finally getting rid of me." Stiles sighed as he imagined Derek giving Isaac a hug for killing him.

He could see Isaac backing up and getting ready for the attack. Stiles tried to think of anything he could to save himself. He knew yelling was pointless since the others were so wolfed out of their minds that they would think Stiles yells where a good thing (screams of death from people or animals equated food for pack later…see good thing!). Stiles was counting the seconds of his final breath when he saw Derek jump, tackle, and pin Isaac to the ground. Wolf-Derek growled and roared at Isaac, leading the other boy to whimper in fear and run fast.

Stiles didn't know whether to be thankful or be even more freaked out because wolf-Derek could still kill him (Let's face it, wolf-Derek and not wolf-Derek could kill him. Point of the lesson: Derek wants Stiles dead). "Um, thank you?" Stiles lamented over his voice cracking in fear. He saw wolf-Derek scowl at him (What else was new? )

Wolf-Derek snorted (Could werewolves do that? He had seen dogs sort of snort.(It could happen!)) and growl softly up at him. Stiles wasn't fluent in wolf growl and howls, but he knew Derek well enough (Wow, did he really just admit that to himself? That he knew Derek well enough?! (God, I've gotta find new friends!)) to know that meant "You're an idiot. Stay out of sight or I will kill you." He raised his brows and shrugged as Derek let out another snarl and ran back in the same direction Isaac had.

Stiles looked down at the ground again to see the remain of the orbs still scattered and broken. He frowned and didn't even realize he was crying until he felt slight shiver go through him. He looked down at his phone. "Three more hours till sun up." He could leave in an hour or so.

It was only a few minutes later when he had his headphones back in did he realize someone was walking in the woods. Alone.

"What the hell?" Stiles squinted his eyes to see if he could a better look at the person. But before he could get a better look at the person, they disappeared. Stiles leaned back against the tree and breathed out.

"I'm going to pretend that I didn't see that." He looked up at the sky. "You have a sick sense of humor, you know that?"

Later that morning…

"STILES! WAKE UP! YOU'RE GOINGTO BE LATE!" His father yelled before slamming the front door loudly

Stiles groaned into pillow and he didn't want to open his eyes. He just knew that the sun was out, it was probably a beautifully balmy day outside (Screw you California weather!). He got up, stretching out the kinds and knots in his muscles before looking at his clock and sighing "Wonder if the teacher would actually buy the excuse, my pet wolves ate my homework and kept me up?" Stiles shook his head and walked past the dark curly haired woman sitting in his chair.

He should have been scared, usually he was freaking terrified.

But this time he wasn't.

Because he knew the woman sitting in his chair.

He blinked and rubbed his eyes, giving himself two painful pinches before deciding he was wide awake and lucid.

"Not dreaming and I'm praying to whatever is up there that I'm not hallucinating or OD'ing again on something."

The woman's large doe-brown eyes widened as she realized Stiles could actually see her. "Stiles? You can see me?"

Stiles gulped the large lump forming in his throat. His eyes stung and his vision was becoming blurry with tears. He licked his lips, "Yeah, mom, I can see you."

His mom smiled, tears streaming down her face as she got up and walked closer to him, "I-I can't believe this." She paused and laughed, causing Stiles to gasp and hold his hands to his heart in order to keep it inside his chest cavity.

He loved his mother's laugh.

He dreamt about it almost every night.

And to hear it now. It was…

Something else.

"Actually, I can. With all the crazy stuff you go through, talking to dead people doesn't seem like a big deal." His mother finished, putting her hand near his cheek.

Stiles couldn't feel his mother's warm skin on his. He realized she could go through him and all he could feel from her was a cold chill. He didn't realize that he had let out a childish sounding sob. "It is to me."

His mother could see that this was freaking him out. "How could you-when did you?"

Stiles brain clicked and turned until it halted with an answer, "I-" he shook his head, "There was this orb thing yesterday and I touched it because for some insane and inane reason I thought I could help it, but I guess it just transferred its power to me? I mean, if this is what it can actually do. I was going to check it out after school but…" He looked at his mom's eyes.

She didn't look sick.

She looked like she had before she gotten the cancer.

Long curly dark hair, full rosy cheeks, and dark painted lip. He used to hate her lipstick color because it would rub off on his cheek, but after she passed he kept a tube of it under his bed along with her perfume. She had the dress she was buried in-her favorite: a blue and white polka dot wrap dress.

"Mom?" He didn't even care to stop the tears from falling.

His mom moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around him. He knew she couldn't really hug him and all he felt from her hug was coldness, not the usual warm and coco channel perfume he had grown accustomed to when he was growing up.

He still felt her love for him though.

And that was the only thing that really mattered right now.