"What's so different about you today Stiles?"

Stiles fumbled as he got up, almost missing the tree to fall back on. "Me? Nothing, nothing at all."

Peter shook his head knowingly, "No." he pointed his finger at him, "No, there is something different about you today." Peter had him corned now against the tree and it was taking all of Stiles willpower not to scream for help. "You smell different." Peter smiled wickedly as he smelled Stile's neck.

Stiles refused to shake and begged his heart again to calm down, "New body wash. That ninety-nine cents stuff wasn't cutting it." He gritted as Peter rolled his eyes.

"You know what I always regretted, Stiles?" Peter asked sweetly as he ran his fingers through Stile's buzz cut gingerly, "That I bit Scott and not you. Imagine you as my beta; I think you and I would have made a wonderful team. We do usually make a wonderful team." Peter stated earnestly.

Stile could see his mother's brown eyes go black. "Get away from my son Peter" she growled, sounding more like a wolf than human if possible. Stiles noticed more ghosts walking towards them, each of their eyes blacked out like his mother

Peter frowned and stepped back.

Stiles wondered for a moment if he was truly going to kill him, but instead Peter laughed. "There is something different about you. Not just your smell, you're different." Peter's eyes turned blue for half a second and smiled again. "I'll see you real soon Stiles." He waved before transforming back into a werewolf and running off.

Stiles waited three seconds before he vomited his lunch and breakfast behind the tree.

"I hate that man." He heard his mom whispered as she glared in the direction that Peter ran off too.

Stiles wiped his mouth with sleeve and spat out the sour taste still in the back of his throat. "Join the growing club." He nodded in the same direction, "That Nalusa thing should be the president."

Stiles looked at the others ghosts, five of them- all of different ages and race. "What was with the demonic eyes thing?"

"It's a type of a possession ability we ghosts have when we need to scare someone off." The ghost of an old hippy looking man answered him. "Usually if you have enough ghosts to pull it off you can scare off an entire army." He yellow stained teeth scared Stiles just a bit; he looked at his mom who looked just as confused.

"Hmm, he's not a median. At least I don't think so." Mused a young girl with long braided hair. Her dark cocoa skin blotched as she realized what Stiles could be, "He's a spirit keeper?" she said in shock backing away from Stiles. "How did you get your powers? There hasn't been a human being who could see and talk to us in centuries!"

Stiles looked at the ghost in disbelief, "You just mentioned medians?! Don't medians talk to dead people all the time?"

"They can't really see us all at once, they can get only speak to one spirit at a time and the messages come and go." The old man studied him for a while, "Something tells me kid that you ran into a spirit orb?"

Stiles nodded his head wordlessly.

The old man looked at rest of the ghosts and arched his caterpillar brows, "I thought so." He nodded at Stiles' mom, "You better make sure your boy knows what he's getting himself into. There are a lot of things that come out in the dark."

Stiles huffed and rubbed his head in frustration, "Trust me; I know that for a fact."

Stiles' mom looked at the sky and pinched the bridge of her nose. "We need to go, now." She urged as she thanked the rest of the ghosts and led the way back the jeep.

"Wait, why do we have to go?"

His mom looked at his watch, "Because your dad is going to be home in half an hour and Derek is on his way here."

Stiles clapped his hands together and pointed at his jeep, "And we are out of here." He waved at the other ghosts and thanked them (uneasily).

He had made it to the house twenty minutes before his father did, giving him enough time to wash his hands and cook up whatever they had in their cabinets.

("How you managed to get your father to eat steamed halibut and broccoli is beyond me." His mom said in awe as she stood by the counter watching Stiles make a simple salad. "The only way I could get that man to eat anything green was if loaded it with butter and salt or between two flanks of steak."

"You just have to hit him where it hurts which happens to be our health insurance coverage…" Stiles smirked as went to check on the brown rice simmering in the pot behind him)

By the times Stiles was ready to sleep his father had been called away to a possible crime scene and his mom went along to guard him.

"You're not going to tuck me in and read me a bedtime story?" Stiles teased as he got into bed, hearing his father patrol car pull out the drive way.

His mother smiled sweetly and "kissed" him on his forehead. Stiles was starting to find comfort in the chill touches now.

"We'll be back soon." She promised, evaporating in front of him. "I love you."

"Love you too."

Stiles' dreams were usually unfocused and incoherent as his thoughts were during the day. But this time he dreamt of mother and father, still living happily together in their house. He and Scott playing video games while Lydia and Allison tried to do their homework.

Stiles felt something cold and tight grip his chest like a vice. His dream started to dissipate in front of him. "No!"

"Stiles! Wake up!" His mom yelled, her voice made him feel like he was being thrown into icy water.

He shot up in his bed and found a pair of glowing blue eyes and a sadistic smile looking down at him.

"P-Peter." Stiles crawled further back into his bed until his back hit the headboard. Peter stood crouched on the foot of his bed. "How the hell did you get into my house?"

Peter's sadistic smile grew wider as he nodded towards Stiles' bedroom window. "Came through the window or otherwise known as the Derek door, right?"

Stiles didn't take the bait.

"What do you want?"

"It occurred to me as to why you all of a sudden smell so new…so different and familiar." Peter cocked his head to the side, "I'm sort of surprised that my hard headed nephew couldn't figure it out, but then again between you and me, he never was good at realizing things quickly enough. Otherwise he would have made you a werewolf ages ago."

"Well, you know with the whole talking and always being right thing, I think I would have driven him crazy like you are."

Peter chuckled at Stiles humorless remark, "You know, with a little time and a right mentor, you could be a great alpha pack leader." Peter slowly stood up and stepped down off the bed easily. "With your wit and cleverness and now your new ability to see and talk to the dead, you would be a great asset to any pack."

Stiles could feel his mom bristle in anger next to him. "I told you plenty of times Peter, no."

Peter pouted, "Is that what you want or is that what your mommy wants?" he asked condescendingly, looking straight at Stiles mom.

(Stiles couldn't tell if it was just a lucky guess or if Peter could really see or sense her)

"You know Elyssa, one day I'm going to stop being polite and not care to ask Stiles whether he wants to be a werewolf or not."

"I have a hard time believing that you were ever polite Peter." Stiles mom gritted out.

Peter chuckled at the expression on Stiles face. "What did she say?"

Stiles cleared his throat; there really was no point in hiding his powers. Peter would know that he was lying. "She has a hard time believing that you were ever polite." He muttered weakly as Peter continued to look at his mom slyly.

"I bet Donna and Jacob have told you wonderful stories about little old me. Like the one time where Mackenzie and I made cookies for Santa and the Easter Bunny." He looked at Stiles, "Mackenzie loved bunnies, so whenever there was a holiday we would always have to add bunnies somewhere." He said light heartedly as if he and Stiles were old friends.

"You and I both know that you're not the same person anymore Peter. You may have survived the fire but we all know what ever humanity and decency you had back then didn't."

Stiles looked back and forth between his mom and Peter, if he didn't know any better he might have thought their fight was a deeply personal one.

Peter arched his brows at him, "Well? What did she say this time?"

Stiles repeated what his mother had said causing Peter to laugh again. "You know what? I do really admire your mother. So smart and clever." He looked at Stiles' mom again, "I can see where Stiles gets his brains from, Elyssa. You must be so proud." He slowly walked closer to his mom, "But you and I both know that sooner or later Stiles is going to become a werewolf. If I have anything to say about it." Peter smiled down at Stiles like a proud father.

Stiles could hear the blood pumping through his heart. He truly didn't believe that Peter was that crazy or stupid enough to bite him here and now.

(Then again…)

"Those new found powers of your Stiles, it's going to get you into so much trouble. Trouble that you could only handle if you're werewolf."

Stiles brown eyes darkened as he finally understood everything that had happened to him. "You were the one that injured the orb. You attacked it."

Peter smile didn't fade, he slowly clapped for Stiles. "And as always you figured it out."

Stile finally stood up, throwing the sheets in a pile at the foot of his bed. He could feel his anger and sadness combine as the smile on Peter's face fueled his urge to punch the insanity out of the dumb werewolf.

"That Nalusa was after you because you attacked the orb, right? What the hell were you planning? Did you think you could really cajole me into becoming a werewolf?"

Peter mulled over his answer, "Not really." He sighed and crossed his arms, "I had no intentions on you getting the orbs' power. I wanted its powers and was close to it before Isaac and Boyd crashed my little party. You just happened to come across it." He stepped closer to Stiles, who backed away quickly, hitting the back of his legs hard against his bed.

"I guess it saw something in you." Peter stated reasonably, "It chose you before it died. I didn't plan on it and I honestly had no idea that it could even choose its next predecessor. But it happened and I can't help but feel thankful that it chose you." He moved closer to Stiles until they were a breath away from each other. "This is the final time I'm offering you the bite Stiles, think of it as a mean of a protection from the evil spirit eaters and guides who will come after you now that they know who has a spirit orbs power."

"Get away from my son Peter or I swear to God that I'll make sure you never get a moment of peace for the rest of your life." Stiles mom whispered menacingly, her eyes turning black again.

Peter and Stiles both felt the air in the room change, the energy around them thickened and darkened as Stiles' room become warmer and darker. "Mom?" Stiles asked worriedly as he watched Peter start to twitch uncontrollably.

Peter's face contorted in half amusement and pain, "Nice going Elyssa. But that's not going to stop the rest of the shadow council from coming after your son. If you knew what was good for him you would let him get turned."

Stiles watched as his mom's eyes started to glow, her hair floating around her.

(Well, Stiles was starting to understand why she didn't count as an angel officially.)

"Not on your life Peter." His mom voice was icy and heartless.

Peter looked at her, somehow understanding her without having to hear her. He looked down at Stiles with a sad and disappointed smile. "This is the last time I'm offering you the bite Stiles, the next time I see you, if you're still alive after the shadow council is through with you, I won't ask you for your permission." It sounded more like a promise than a threat. Peter waved goodbye with mock grandeur and jumped gracefully from Stile's bedroom window.

The room and Stiles' mom returned to normal, Stiles though was still shaken and green looking.

"You alright?" his mother asked after she came back from checking on her husband.

Stiles rubbed his face wearily; he could only imagine how the next run in with Peter would end. "What am I going to do?"

His mom eyed his computer, "This fully goes against my mothering belief." She sighed and walked over to his desk. "You have school tomorrow and I don't want you falling asleep, one hour of research about this shadow council."

Stiles rubbed his hands and popped a few Adderalls into his mouth, dry swallowing them in pain. "You don't know anything about them?" he asked his mom.

"Just that they are part guardians, I want to say that they don't have the same powers as angels, but they are hardly talked about to us ghosts."

Stiles locked his windows and sat down in front of his computer and turned it on, "Guess we got a lot of reading to do."