Corinne, a young country girl, walked into the stables early that morning to do her chores.

Her kitten, Miette following close behind.

"Yesterday was my birthday." She said to the cat as she grabbed a pitchfork from the corner "You know what that means?"

Miette sat down and looked up at her master.

"I'm seventeen now." Corinne patted her cat's head "I get to go to Paris!"

For as long as she could remember, her dream had been to become a musketeer like her father.

She held the pitchfork in the air "Corinne! The first female musketeer in the world!" She smiled down at her cat "It does have a ring to it."

She forked some hay intothe stall of the horse that her dad had given her.

"What do you say, Alexander?" she asked as she rubbed his nose "Think I'll be as good as my father is?"

The horse nickered softly.

Corinne chuckled as he muzzled her neck "I'll take that to be a yes."

He was going to be so surprised when she showed up at the castle! He had trained with her until he had to go back to Paris to retake his position as Musketeer.

Her father's best friend and most trusted partner, Monsieur Treville, was also the captain of the Musketeers. Her father spoke of him all the time. She was sure that with her father's help, she would become a musketeer! And be one of the best!

"Are you ready?" Her mother asked her.

Corinne turned to face her mother "I was born ready!" She jumped excitedly "I can't wait to see the look on Dad's face!"

Her mother's smile was forced "I'm sure you can't."

"Mom?" Corinne walked over to her "What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing." She pulled a handkerchief out of her pocket "Just that my little girl is growing up… and going to be a musketeer."

"I'll be careful." Corinne hugged her mother "I promise."

The next morning, She was ready to set out for Paris!

"Good bye Mother." she said as her mom pulled her into a hug.

"Be careful. And be brave." Her mother advised "Being a musketeer is a serious job. And it can be very dangerous."

"I know." Corinne nodded, hugging her once more "I'll be careful. I promise."

Then she mounted Alexander and rode away. Towards her dream!