"Ugh, it's not fair!" Natsumi slammed the front door of her home and pulled her shoes off before storming through the house.

"What's wrong Natsumi?" Fuyuki asked sticking his head around the doorframe of the living room. In the room Keroro's head perked up and the rest of the platoon turned to listen.

"Oh, nothing." Natsumi hung her head and let out a defeated sigh. "I was just kind of hoping Saburo would invite me to the New Year's dance but it looks like he isn't going." She sighed and shrugged her shoulders raising her head with a lopsided smile. "It's okay, it's not like I was really hoping to go anyway. Oh well guess I should get dinner going." With a resigned look she walked past Fuyuki and towards the kitchen.

"Natsumi…" Giroro held out a hand towards her longingly as she disappeared into the next room, only shaking himself back to reality when the sergeant began to speak.

"Natsumi's all alone for the dance ay?" The glint in his eyes was evident and Keroro placed his teacup on the table then hopped off the couch. "To the secret base!" He said to all of them holding up a finger.

. . .

Tamama looked around confused. "How'd we get down here?"

"Ya the last thing I remember was Sgt. Over here saying to the Base. When did we actually move?" Giroro asked.

"Kukukukukuku, I installed a transport device last Thursday. It was raining so I had to cancel my actual plans and I didn't have anything better to do. Of course it activates when someone says to the secret base so it's not very secure, Kukukukukukuku." Kululu laughed behind his hand.

"So you mean you have enough time to install something so pointless but not enough to work on the invasion?" Giroro yelled at the scientist. "Why would you make the secret base so easily accessible?"

"We're not here to play the blame game now." Keroro said folding his hands together and looking over the team. "Right now we have to get Natsumi to that dance."

"Sergeant, what?" Giroro backed away enough from Kululu to stare at his superior officer. "Why?"

"Well, isn't it obvious? Every girl deserves to go to a dance." Keroro said spinning.

"Sarge, why are you spinning and looking misty eyed?" Tamama asked.

"What? Ah nothing." Keroro stopped and coughed, scratching the back of his head. "Anyway, as I was saying we have to get her out of the house- I mean to the dance."

"I heard Momoka talking about the dance a few days ago, she wants to go too but I don't think she'll go unless Fuyuki asks her." Tamama said sitting down.

"Perfect a double date! That'll get Fuyuki out of here too." Keroro almost clapped before Giroro interrupted him.

"Not to burst your bubble but Natsumi doesn't have a date. That Saburo kid isn't going to the dance unless you think Kululu can convince him."

"Not even close, but I do have this handy little gun I made last Monday." Kululu laughed and produced a heavy looking cannon.

The group went ridged and nervously leaned away. "What does that thing do?" Tamama asked.

"Well Sarge had it commissioned so he could attend the Gundam convention going on in the next town onver."

"Okay but that still doesn't explain what it does." Giroro said looking unimpressed.

"I thought that would have been obvious. It gives temporary Pekoponian forms to any Keronian who uses it." Giroro's eyes grew wide as Kululu spoke.

"Seeing as we don't have access to the most advanced suits, I figured it would be the easiest way for me to gain entry to the convention." Keroro said looking pleased with himself. "But Natsumi can't be here or she'll be searching for me all day." The color drained from his face. "And I wouldn't want to be me when I was found." He shook himself and regained his color. "Which is why we need to get her to that dance!"

"Oh! Oh Sergeant?" Tamama asked, bouncing up and down with a hand raised.

"Yes Private?" Keroro asked looking pleased with himself.

"Can I come with you to the convention?"

"Well… okay. I will need someone to help carry all my stuff."

"Yay!" Tamama danced about the room leaving Giroro looking unimpressed.

"Well that's all well and good but we still haven't figured out a way of getting Natsumi out of the house yet." He said gruffly, still leaning against the wall.

Two sets of eyes glinted as they looked at him. "Oh, I think I know someone who can help us." Keroro said ringing his hands together.

"Ya like who?"

"You, silly britches." Kululu said advancing on Giroro. "Now hold still this won't hurt a bit."

The light flashed and nearly blinded everyone in the room, leaving them coughing.

"Did it work?" Keroro asked waving his hand to clear away the dust that had shaken up with the power of the cannon.

"Of course it worked." Kululu said holding it down to his side.

"Giroro?" Tamama was the only one actively trying to find his friend.

"Over here." The gruff voice sounded different, deeper and fuller and after a brief fit of coughing it continued. "Ugh, I feel all – stretched out."

"Giroro, where are you I want to see – whoa." Keroro trotted over to where the voice had come from and stopped his eyes wide.

"Oh let me see, let me see!" Tamama followed and also stopped short.

"What's wrong? Is there something wrong with me?" Asked Giroro in a rare moment of panic.

"Kukukukukukuku, nothing's wrong. It worked just like I said it would." Kululu stood behind them resting the heavy gun on the floor.

"Somebody get me a mirror." Giroro scrambled to his feet and nearly toppled over. Only years of strict training kept him from tumbling to the ground like a newborn. "What the?"

"Oh yes. I should have mentioned, you'll probably have a bit of trouble controlling your limbs, seeing as they're at least twice the length of what they used to be. Kukukukuku."

"You think you could have mentioned that before?" Asked Giroro angrily as he felt himself pitch towards the floor again. "How long until I get the hang of it?"

"Well since this is your body and not a suit I'd say that's up to sheer determination." Kululu said. "But seeing as the dance is this Friday you may want to step up the practicing." He rounded on Tamama and Keroro and leveled the gun again. "That goes for you two as well." Another blast shook the room knocking all but Kululu onto their asses.

"Warn us next time won't you Kululu?" Keroro's voice came through the dust. "Oh wow Giroro you're right this does feel weird."

"Sarge? This doesn't feel right." Tamama appeared through the dust, making his way over to Keroro.

"Oh! I should probably also tell you. I modeled the change mechanism after a Pekoponian story called Cinderella. You'll all change back automatically to your regular selves at midnight. Kukukukukukuku."

"Kululu, I am going to kill you when I get over there." Growled Giroro, who was climbing shakily to his feet.

"Ya. How am I supposed to stay at the convention if I turn back into a Keronian every night?" Keroro's eyes widened. "That'll be right in the middle of some of the most important panels!"

"I guess you'll just have to meet me outside so I can shoot you again at 12:01. That way it'll last for another twenty four hours." Kululu shrugged.

"And just what will you be doing while we're off?" Giroro asked, using the wall for support and hating himself for it.

"Aki's agreed to have dinner with me, I've agreed to help flesh out some of her stories for work. It'll be nice to get to eat in a restaurant." Kululu said laughing and waving goodbye, moving out of Giroro's reach just as the angry Corporal got to him. "Have fun everyone."

"I'm gunna kill that slimy bastard." Giroro said muttering to himself before straightening up, one hand still on the wall. "Alright men, looks like we have two days to learn how to use these bodies and one of them's almost up. Let's go."

"Hold up, I wanna see what I look like." Keroro struggled to his feet making Giroro's mouth hang open.

"That's what we look like?"

"Huh?" Tamama turned and looked at his Sergeant. "Oh Sarge you look great!"

Keroro broke out in a smile as he found a mirror. "I do, don't I?"

"Give me that." Giroro snatched the mirror from him and held it up with trembling hands to see the reflection of his new face. "We're… we're…"

"Really good looking!" Keroro and Tamama high-fived as Giroro began to blush watching the deep red creep over his high cheekbones. "You'll have to leave the gun belt here though." Keroro said, finally paying attention to Giroro. "And we'll have to get you better clothes."

"What's wrong with these ones?" Giroro asked looking down at the high necked black shirt under a comfortable red army jacket. The pockets of which were stuffed to the brim with ammo and bombs.

"They're all wrong for a school dance, and you certainly can't wear that hat." Keroro snatched it off his head and handed it off to Tamama. "I don't think we'll have to do anything with your hair though which is good."

"And why do you get to wear yours?" Geroro asked, his patience clearly tested.

"Tamama and I are just going to a convention, you can wear street clothes to those. But not to a school dance. Not if you don't want Natsumi to be embarrassed." Keroro grinned evilly as he watched Giroro blush again. "Good, now tomorrow we'll get you new clothes and you can make sure Natsumi goes to the dance. Now let's get practicing!"

The night deepened, slowly the three of them gaining control over their limbs. Finally at the final stroke of midnight they collapsed on the floor back in their original shapes, exhausted from the physical exertion they had put forward in the last few hours.

"Tomorrow then. You have to ask her tomorrow." Keroro said, staring up at the ceiling.

"Tomorrow…" Keroro said wistfully and stood. "I'm going to bed, I'll see you both bright and early." He disappeared out the door without waiting for a response, making his way to his tent before laying on the grass outside and staring up at the stars.