AN: ok so this is about season 6 finale, but it's slightly AU cause Rory and Lorelai still haven't made up. This story is basically about Lorelai and what she'd be going through after the way Luke and Rory shattered her heart.

Lorelai walked away from Luke, pulling her insignificant shawl tighter around her body. Lorelai almost broke into a run trying to get away from Luke, not wanting him to see her cry. Part of her screamed to just stop, turn around, wait, he'd be coming after her soon, but the bigger part, the part that had just been obliterated by him pushed her onwards.

As soon as she was home Lorelai jumped into her car, intending to drive straight to Chris. She wasn't entirely sure of the reason, maybe for comfort, maybe to try and hurt Luke like she was hurting, or maybe because he was her oldest friend and she just wanted to return to a better childhood time. Unfortunately her plans were ruined when her car didn't straight.

Lorelai screamed in frustration and thumped her fist on the steering wheel. Lorelai rested her head against the wheel, letting some anger and frustration pour out of her until all that was left was pain, desperation, and utter sadness.

Moving slowly now, she get out of the car and walked towards her house, her home. Lorelai looked up, thinking about what was inside. All of Luke's possessions, their joint bedroom and renovated bathroom, all the movies they were going to watch together, all the clothes he had helped her pick out. She couldn't go inside.

Lorelai slowly turned in a circle. She couldn't drive anywhere, she couldn't stay, she couldn't think of anywhere, anyone, that could help her, and more than anything she wanted to be alone. Without any more thought Lorelai disappeared into the bush behind her house, not going anywhere, just going.

"She's still not answering," Sookie cried impatiently.

Even Michel looked worried. "Try her home phone again."

"I have! There's no answer, goes straight to the machine."

"What about the diner man?" Michel suggested.

"Oh Luke!" Sookie smiled triumphantly, she couldn't believe she'd forgotten him. Sookie dialled his number immediately, knowing it off by heart by the amount of times she'd called Lorelai there.

"Luke's," answered a frustrated voice.

"Luke! It's me!"

"Sookie?" Luke was surprised, she didn't seem angry or sad, maybe she didn't know what had happened.

"Luke is Lorelai there?"

"No she's not?" Luke said evenly, he didn't want to give his anguish over last night's fight away to anyone. He was going to give her some time to cool off and then tonight, maybe tomorrow, he'd find her and sort it out.

"Have you seen her this morning?" Sookie asked, the worry and desperation back in her voice. If she wasn't at home, wasn't at the inn, wasn't with Luke, where could she possibly be.

"No, I haven't seen her since last night, why?" Luke asked, picking up on Sookie's worry and blending it with his own. Why was she not at the inn.

"She should have been here 3 hours ago and she won't answer her phone and Babette said that although her car is outside Lorelai isn't home. Where could she be Luke? I'm worried…"

Luke swallowed. He should have gone after her last night, God knows what has happened to her and it's his fault. "Sookie have you tried Rory?" It was a shot in the dark but maybe Lorelai had gone to her after the fight last night.

"I didn't know they were talking?"

"Maybe something happened last night?" Luke hinted.

"OK good, I hope so, I'll try now. Luke, if you see her get her to call me straight away, OK?"

"Sure Sookie." They disconnected.

Sookie turned to Michel, "no luck."

Sookie punched Rory's new mobile number into her phone.

"Hello?" Rory answered sweetly.

"Honey it's me."

"Sookie? What's wrong? Is it Mum? Is she alright?" Sookie never called Rory, except for the godparent thing, something must have happened.

"She hasn't shown up at work this morning, I was hoping she was with you?"

"No Sookie… we still haven't… we still aren't…" Rory couldn't admit it out loud. She had been horrible, completely horrendous, to a person that literally gave everything up for her, for a person who loved her with her fibre of her being, a person that had already been through so much heartache. She regretted what she did, so much, but she didn't know how to take it back, how to make it better.

"Oh," Was all Sookie could say, completely out of options for where Lorelai could be.

"What's happened?" Rory was extremely panicked now.

"I'm sure it's nothing," Sookie tried to calm Rory.

"Sookie," Rory pleaded.

"Your mum should have been here 3 hours ago and she never showed, no one, not even Luke, has seen her since last night. Her car is at home but she isn't there." Sookie was practically hyperventilating.

"I'm on my way," Rory said. Honestly she had no clue where her Mother was, and even if everything was fine, she couldn't go another day without apologising and making things right between them.

The phone disconnected.

Sookie looked and Michel and shook her head. "Any other options?"

Michel looked down. Lorelai was simply gone.

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so it's just short to start with. next will be longer