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Eli's POV

I watched her while she slept in my arms. Totally creepy, I know, but she looked so happy, so content, and so absolutely beautiful with her flushed cheeks that I couldn't bring myself to look away. Even in sleep she had a soft smile on her lips and her cinnamon curls were a perfect mess. I wondered for the hundredth time that night how the hell I got so lucky and came up with nothing. How did I, of all people,end up being the guy who put that look on her face? Slip in the universe, I guess. I ran my fingertips over her collarbone and down her arm, feeling the soft skin. She pouted cutely without waking up and snuggled closer to me, tightening her grip around my waist. I smiled widely and pulled her more firmly against my side. This moment was perfect. This night was perfect.

I pressed my lips to her forehead and drew in a breath through my nose; she smelled like soft vanilla and coconut. I smiled again. I wanted, more than anything in the world, to be able breathe her in everyday for the rest of my life. It sounded crazy even to me; I mean we were only teenagers. We had our entire lives ahead of us, but I couldn't imagine spending my life without the beautiful, neurotic, sweet, caring, intensely driven, serious, silly, perfect girl in my arms.

I loved her.

I had tried for so long to convince myself that I didn't. I tried to be over her. Then she came back into my life. Like an absolutely stunning tidal wave she washed away all the walls I had built up around my feelings when she kissed me. Clare Edwards was dangerous. One second I was content in pretending we were in the past, but with one movement, one kiss from her soft, pink lips and I was under her spell again. I would never be able to break her hold over me and I was completely okay with that.

I thought back to the day we met. I grinned and tucked a curl behind her ear. The universe had definitely thrown me a bone that day. What were the chances that I would be fiddling with the radio at the exact moment her glasses flew in front of my car, only looking up in time to see the glint of sunlight against the glass lenses and hear the crunch of the defenseless piece of metal as Morty's tire crushed it unmercifully. All it took was one look into her innocent blue eyes and I was a goner. I was hers and I knew it. Not that I would ever admit that to anyone, especially her.

That day had saved me from myself. I had no clue where I would be if it were not for Clare Edwards, but I was sure it was a much darker place. I'd tried so hard to push her away, but now I had to admit she was exactly what I needed. She wasn't afraid to love me, call me out on my bullshit when I needed it (and I often did), or support me in all that I wanted.

I sighed happily and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead. Her eyes began to flutter open and her nose scrunched up in the way it only did when she was roused from sleep. She looked up at me with soft eyes and a wide smile on her face. She was everything I wanted and everything I didn't deserve, but when she looked at me like that I could almost see myself the way she saw me. The way I saw her.

"Hey, sleepyhead," I whispered before giving her a chaste kiss on her soft lips.

"Hey," she muttered and buried her head into my bare chest.

"I love you."

"Mhmm," she grumbled sleepily. "Love you too."

I laughed and pulled her closer to me as if that were possible. I was the luckiest bastard in the world.

Falling in love with Clare Edwards? Best decision I ever made.