AN: Thought I'd have a go at what happened after The Dark Knight Rises, although I'm not sure if I'll continue it or just leave it as a one-shot. Depends. Honestly, I don't think this is really all that great, but that's just me


Selina's screams tore through the room, her body wracked with agonising pain. Bruce winced, more so from his wife's crushing grip on his fingers, but he knew better than to complain. She had quite a mean swing and despite the pain she was in, he knew that wouldn't stop her from throwing a fist his way. Instead, he did his best to soothe her as she cried in agony from the contractions swarming her body, him relying on the pain-ignoring techniques he had learnt from his travels to try and relieve the torment his fingers were going through.

"Okay, Mrs. Wayne, it's time to start pushing," the doctor said, his hands at the ready.

Selina nodded and bore down hard, pain lancing through her abdomen. Bruce hated seeing her in agony, so he did his best to whisper soothing and encouraging words in her ear as she screamed once more. Their baby was nearly here and Bruce felt both nervous and excitement, anticipating the child's arrival. It had been quite some time since he and Selina left Gotham to forge a new life together in Italy and hadn't that been an experience for Bruce, living with a former jewel thief. But he hadn't wanted it any other way, knowing that Selina Kyle was the only one for him and he made her fully aware of that fact (as if he hadn't already) when he presented her with a stunning twenty-four-carat diamond ring and she made him the happiest man ever when she said yes.

The wedding was quite simple, since it was only the two of them, but to Bruce, that was all that mattered. While their marriage may not be perfect (whose is?) with their arguments (that often led to great make up sex), at the end of the day, they knew they always had the other's complete love and support. Selina had given herself completely over to Bruce, something that she had never done with any other man before in her life and while it both surprised and scared her, she quickly got used to it, happy that it was indeed Bruce that she felt so complete with and not someone else. She couldn't imagine life without Bruce and the same for him with her. And now they were about to add to their family with the soon-to-be new arrival.

"When this is over," Selina panted through gritted teeth, "No sex for – nnnarrggghhh!"

Another contraction and she screamed again, Bruce wishing to ease her pain. Having broken fingers would have to suffice for now. He figured he deserved it.

"I swear I'm going to kill you for doing this to me," Selina promise, turning her pain into anger and directing towards her husband.

"That's a normal response," the doctor calmly told the worried Bruce, then announced, "Keep pushing, Mrs. Wayne. I can almost see the head. We're nearly there."

"Better be. You have any idea of what it's like trying to push a watermelon through a keyhole?" Selina panted, wincing in pain before pushing once more.

Bruce chose the wise option of keeping quiet as his wife cried out again, pushing hard one last time and the cries of a baby filled the room. Selina slumped against the pillows, breathing heavily and drenched in sweat, worn out from the ordeal, as Bruce wiped her forehead with a damp warm cloth and planted a kiss on her temple.

"I'm proud of you," Bruce said, "God, I love you so much."

The baby continued wailing at the top of its lungs as it was cleaned up by the nurses, but it calmed down when it was wrapped in a warm blanket and the doctor presented the newborn to the new parents, a warm smile on his face.

"Congratulations. I'm proud to announce you have a healthy baby girl."

Selina straightened herself on the bed, ignoring the twinges of pain in her abdomen, her desire to see her child overriding the pain and she took the bundle in her arms, a smile on her face as she gazed upon her daughter and suddenly all the pain was worth it. Never in a million years did she ever think she would become a mother, given her track record with her own mother. If someone told her a few years ago that she'd be married to Bruce Wayne with a child, Selina would've laughed at them, but here she was and she couldn't be happier, making a promise to provide the best that she could for her daughter in the way that her own mother couldn't.

Bruce stared at his daughter in awe, overwhelmed at the thought that he was actually now a father. After all the tragedy and pain in his life, never had he thought he'd see the day where he could be a father, always imagining that he'd either die in the streets as Batman or that he would die a lonely old man, especially following Rachel's death. But then Selina had come into his life and completely changed all that and now she had given him a daughter, who while only a few minutes old, was already the most precious thing in Bruce's life and he knew he would give his life to protect the bundle in his wife's arms.

"I'm proud of you," Bruce said again, after kissing Selina passionately.

"We should both be proud of ourselves for bringing her here," she smiled, resuming her staring, "Of course, I did all the work," she added humorously, causing Bruce to smile.

"So, have you decided on a name?" the doctor asked, pen poised over the certificate.

"Helena," Bruce replied, never looking up from his daughter, "Helena Wayne."

"Sounds perfect," Selina agreed as the doctor wrote the name down, "Welcome to the world, little Helena."


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