The loopy scrawled signature was placed upon the dotted line, sealing the deal between Wayne Enterprises and Robinson Incorporation, making the two powerhouse companies the one and same, sharing the same resources across the globe and strengthening their position of power. Helena and Terry held up the official document for photographs, and then Terry took his seat at the head of the table due to his promotion as Wayne Enterprises CEO. While finalising the deal, Terry had been reluctant to take on the role, believing that he was too young and that there were others more fit to run the company, but Helena had convinced him otherwise, believing that he was the only one suited for the position and he finally agreed.

"Now, my first rule as CEO, I will cease production on our weapons development program," Terry said, "Our contract with the army will be terminated. It may cost us, but I believe it's better for the future. It has been shown that the weapons we create are too dangerous in the wrong hands and thus, we shall find other ways to make profits."

Helena smiled to herself, knowing that things were on the right track with Terry in charge.


The symbol of Batman shined against the clouds, the floodlight having been turned on for the first time in years, ever since the second Batman suddenly disappeared for good. Jesse stood on the MCU building, staring at the symbol, remembering all the stories he'd been told over the years about the Batman, when he heard a tapping noise and turned around to see the Huntress examining the symbol on the floodlight. It had been changed from the bat symbol to a cross like the one on the Huntress' costume, except that the edges of the horizontal bar were downturned and the bottom of the cross ended in a spike. It mostly resembled a sword, but it was the right symbol to encite fear into the criminals, to tell them that the Huntress was hunting for them.

"Nice," she said, "I assume this is for me?"

"I figured that if you're going to take over from the Batman, the scum of Gotham have to know that you're out hunting for them," Jesse said, "We haven't arrested everyone who was involved with Duela, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time."

"I guess with you being a detective now, you'll be able to round them up pretty quickly."

"Foley's put me in charge of my own task force to clear out the Mob. I'm quite proud of it."

"Stepping up in the ranks. I'm impressed, Detective."

"Thanks. Although, it's mostly thanks to you, Helena."

The Huntress grimaced slightly, before disabling the trap on her mask and removing it, knowing that she could no longer hide around Jesse. He slowly approached her, captivated by her beauty as always, cupping her cheek and she half-closed her eyes at the gesture.

"What made you want to do this, become a masked vigilante?" Jesse asked, reluctantly removing his hand.

"I wanted to help," Helena replied, "I wanted to live up to my father's legacy."

"You mean to tell me your father is Batman?"

"Was. I told you, my parents left America and moved to Rome. More specifically, they left Gotham City. I never knew the truth until several years ago and ever since then, I wanted to come to Gotham and carry on where they left off. I do have your trust that you'll never tell anyone else, right?"

"Mostly because I've seen what you do to the guys you've beaten up and I'm a little scared," Jesse joked, then became serious, "But of course, you have my word. This secret stays between us. And naturally, I'd be concerned for you, but I know you can handle yourself."

"So, is that dinner date still on?" Helena asked.

"I'm not going to say no, especially if you're gonna hang around."

"Don't worry, I will. I still need to watch over Gotham, don't I?"

Jesse smiled and with the desire to taste her lips again, still time without her mask on, he gripped her by the shoulders and pulled her in, their lips mashing together. She drew him closer, the kiss tasting of promises and desire, until they finally, yet reluctantly pulled apart, mostly due to the need for air.

"Yeah, I think I'll stay around for those too," Helena said, breathing heavily.

"Good. I'll start making reservations," Jesse said, also trying to catch his breath.

He couldn't get enough of her, but he was on duty right now and that was preventing him from taking Helena out somewhere for the night, while Helena knew she had a duty to the innocents of Gotham and she stepped away from Jesse, slipping her mask on and stepped up onto the edge of the MCU rooftop.

"You know, I never really got to thank you," Jesse said.

"Hopefully, you'll never have to," the Huntress said.

Then, she jumped off, her cape spreading out around her like a pair of wings and she glided off into the night.


The plane touched down and slowly pulled off the runway, the passengers filing out one by one, heading straight for their loved ones. A family of three stood away from the crowd, waiting for the fourth member of their family to join them, but when she did show up, she wasn't alone.

"Mom! Dad!" Helena cried happily.

She quickly joined them, throwing her arms around her parents, having greatly missed them while she was in Gotham and the feeling was mutual as they squeezed her tightly.

"Hey, kiddo," Helena said, ruffling her brother's hair in a manner she knew he hated.

"Yeah, welcome back, Helena," Damian said without any enthusiasm in his voice, "I missed you so much. I thought you were going to stay in Gotham."

"I am, but I missed you a lot, little brother, that I had to come back and say hi."

The youngest Wayne member rolled his eyes, before seeing the young child standing behind his sister. Cassandra was both in awe and scared of the amount of people around her.

"So, this must be young Cassandra," Selina said, getting to her knees before the child, "Hi there."

Cassandra shied away from the older woman, until Helena whispered in her ear and gaining some courage, Cassandra stepped forward, holding her hand out.

"Hi," she finally managed.

"Welcome to Rome," Selina said.

After witnessing Cassandra's abilities the other night, Helena learnt that the child was capable of reading body language, which was how she knew that Helena was really the Huntress, as well as knocking out the goon who tried to assault her. With this in mind, Helena knew that the best place for Cassandra was actually in Rome, where her parents would be able to help the child. She had phoned ahead to her father and explained the situation with him and Bruce was more than happy to help, agreeing with his daughter on the matter.

"So, Helena, tell me, how was Gotham?" Bruce asked, "Did you enjoy it?"

"Well, I'm a little worn out from the flight, so how about we head home and I'll tell you all about it?" Helena suggested.

"Good idea."

She grabbed her luggage and headed for the exit with her family, looking over at Cassandra and seeing that Damian was leading her by the hand. With a smile on her face, Helena left the airport, looking forward to spending time with her family.


John sighed as he sat in the car, then looked out at the cemetery. It was that day again, a day he never looked forward to, simply because it was a day he would never forget. With another sigh, he got out, thankful that his wife and son were at home today, knowing how important it was to him. Dressed in all black, John picked up the bouquet of flowers and slowly made his way through the headstones, the memory of that day a source of turmoil in his mind, until he came to the grave he'd been looking for, the grave of a soldier he had buried here eleven years ago. The grave of Jason Todd, a teenager whom John had taken under his wing, seeing a potential in the boy and trained him to be a fellow crime-fighter known as Robin, which was quite ironic given John's real name. But then, Jason's life had been cut short by the Joker, who had escaped from Arkham Asylum a second time and John discovered how close he'd come to crossing the line in his savage beating of the Joker in retaliation. Realising that he couldn't keep fighting crime in that sort of condition, John decided to hang up the cape and cowl, focusing instead on his family, hoping they would never be taken from him like Jason had been.

Reaching the grave, John quickly forgot the words he thought about saying, the bouquet crashing to the ground and he fell to his knees, fingers trembling as he reached out and plucked the domino mask from the bottom of the headstone. He stared at it in complete shock, with no idea on how it came to be here, given that it was the very same mask that Jason had worn at the time of his death and John quickly stood up, scanning the cemetery for any signs of someone who would've put it there. But no-one apart from him, his wife and his son knew about Jason's dual life, which could only mean one thing to John: Jason was still alive.


AN: And that's the end. Yes, Cassandra is going to be taken in by Bruce and Selina, but it'll be a while before she becomes a sidekick. The ending with John and Jason sets things up for a sequel if enough people are interested. In searching for a decent villain for the Huntress to face in the sequel, I felt that Jason Todd would be quite an interesting foe and hopefully, I can explain his 'death' and 'resurrection' within the realms of the Nolanverse, so we'll wait and see. For now, I would like to thank everyone who reviewed, favourited and/or followed. I greatly appreciate each and every one of you and your reviews for supporting me through this story. I couldn't do it without you guys, so thank you again.