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Another day, another tally mark on the wall. Ten down, several thousand to go.

The Pirate Captain looked around at the confines of his cell and sighed. Today was the day.

Despite the crew's efforts to help him, he had been dragged back to Blood Island and tossed in prison on charges of insubordination, annoying the populace and making the Pirate King look bad. Upon arrival, he was told that the matter of a proper punishment would certainly be addressed, and swiftly at that. At least they were being considerate, he had thought - most people who came to this place were simply forgotten and set aside to rot. He himself was currently sharing his quarters with two old skeletons.

His worries had been somewhat assuaged when a letter from the Pirate With A Scarf managed to reach him. The lads were all doing well, although the Pirate With Gout had been loudly proclaiming that they should storm the island to rescue him. And as for Napoleon? He had been hauled off to Saint Helena with twice as many guards as before and then some. Europe, for the time being, was safe.

All this, however, had been pushed to the back of the Pirate Captain's mind as he awaited news of his fate. Perhaps they would hang him, or tie him to an anchor and drop him in the ocean. They still had the guillotine up; maybe the Pirate King was fond of poetic justice...

Clack, clack! Something was banging against the outer cell wall.

He looked up in astonishment. He was on the top floor; how on earth could someone reach him...?

On the heels of this first surprise came another - Mr. Bobo appeared on the other side of the window and smiled at him. READY?

"For what?"

After giving him a 'Seriously?' look, the monkey procured a small knife from his belt and quickly sawed through the bars. He then lowered himself out of sight, beckoning for the captain to follow him.

Poking his head out, the Pirate Captain found a waiting ladder propped against the wall. Standing on the ground at its foot were the rest of his crew.

The Pirate With A Scarf waved. "Come on, then!"

He didn't need to be told twice.

In a matter of minutes, they were all sneaking down the wharf, being careful to avoid the tavern. "So," the captain said to the Pirate With Gout, "I assume they went with your idea?"

"We compromised," the Pirate With A Scarf answered.

"I still think we should've gone after the lot of 'em..."

The Pirate Captain suddenly stopped. "Wait, how are we going to get out of here?"

"That's our reward!" the Albino Pirate chirped.


The Pirate With A Scarf pointed up ahead. "They wanted to repay us, and we asked about the boat Napoleon came in on."

At the end of the wharf, dilapidated as ever, was the Pirate Ship.

"Lads, what would I do without you?"

Black Bellamy had stepped out of the tavern and was ambling down the wharf when something caught his eye. He had to pinch himself a few times, but no, it was real. The Pirate Captain's ship was sailing off into the sunset, and the captain himself was in the crow's nest looking through his spyglass.

For a moment, he considered going back to the tavern and telling on him. There wouldn't be much to it...

Ah, whatever.

Shrugging, he ignored the boat and continued his walk.

The crew, meanwhile, was paying no thought to what was behind them. Somewhere out there, a proper holiday was waiting for them.

~The End~

Another Piratesverse story done! Shame I'll have to leave it behind for a while. And by "leave it behind," I mean "read the original Pirates book as research for the next story." What horrors am I planning? Let's just say that the next few installments of this series will be firsts for me, and possibly for this fandom. Heh, heh...see ya later!

~A. Kingsleigh