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Jenny: Nate has intense feelings

Gina: Nate has Feelings, but also a sense of commitment

Jenny: Weakened by time; feelings lessen for Nate

Gina: Strengthened with time, feeling grows for Nate

Jenny: makes Nate worry or obsess

Gina: makes Nate relaxed and confident

Jenny: Nate wonders what Jenny thinks of him

Gina: Nate knows what the Gina thinks og him

Jenny: Nate Imagine what it would be like to be together

Gina: Nate knowing what it's like

Jenny: Every moment with Jenny blissful for Nate

Gina; Sometimes Nate want to scream because Gina drive Nate nuts, but Nate still love her

Jenny: Nate feels like he needs Jenny

Gina: Nate feel blessed having to get to know Gina

Jenny: Nate never fight with Jenny

Gina: Nate fight and annoy Gina but compromise and resolve their differences

Jenny: Nate desires Jenny

Gina: Nate want what is best for Gina

Jenny: Nate think of Jenny all the time, everything reminds Nate of Jenny

Gina: Nate think of Gina when Nate is making an important decision or planning for the future, but Nate don't daydream about Gina

Jenny: Is exciting and thrilling, fireworks and sparks for Nate

Gina: is calm and quiet, warm and soothing for Nate

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