Pairing(s): Draco/Albus, Clint/Phil
Word Count/Art Medium: 827
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s) AU
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter nor Marvel and I do not make money out of my writing.
Notes: Written for hd_and_sons Back to Hogwarts Challenge Week #1. This is a crossover with Avengers some characters in Harry Potter have been change in age, sorry. I would also like to say thank you to drarryxlover for betaing this story, all other errors are mine.
Summary: It isn't easy being a son to an Avenger. Now mix in a Potter and things just got interesting.

Frederick stood just before the wall, that would transport him to the other side and to the waiting Hogwarts Express, he moved when he felt one of his fathers beside him.

"Are you ready, Rick?" his dad asked as he laid a hand on Rick's shoulder.

He looked up and smiled, "As ready as I'll ever be."

"Good, come let's get this thing loaded, before your Father starts complaining about the time."

They laugh and move towards where his father was waiting, "Ready, Rick?"

"Yeah, Father, I am ready."

Rick bent down along with his dad to pick up his trunk when he was pushed from behind and would have fallen if it weren't for his dad's quick reflexes.

"Shit, I'm sorry, my stupid brother pushed me." The guy said helping Rick gather his equilibrium, "Are you all right?"

Rick looked up and into a pair of hazel eyes, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Damn, where are my manners? I'm James." The boy said extending a hand.

"Rick." He smiled shaking hands.

"Nice to meet you, Rick, I've got to go, but I hope to see around." James smiled broadly and with a wave left to join a big crowd of people.

"What will the neighbors think? If they see my son smiling stupidly at nothing," Rick's dad commented from beside him.

Rick groaned and shoved his dad lightly, "Nothing, because knowing Uncle Tony he is probably still sleeping."

The train whistle sounded and they hurried to load Rick's trunk before he said goodbye to his dads and promised he would write as soon as he could. Rick found an empty compartment and was about to lean outside the window to wave goodbye when the door opened.

"Do you mind sharing? Everywhere else is crowded."


"Thanks…hey I know you." The guy said, grinning.

Damn, even here he is known. He will have to tell his dad that he'll have to be homeschooled, again. Rick sighed.


"Yes, you're the guy my brother was talking to. You know the tall, red head, dumb one." The guy said.

"Oh, umm yeah."

"Sorry about pushing him against you, by the way I'm Albus." The guy extended his hand.

"I'm Rick." He smiled.

"Nice, you aren't a first year, are you? You're too old." Albus paused to smile before adding on an insincere, "Sorry."

"Nah, that is fine. Is my first time attending Hogwarts, but I'm a seventh year student."

"Oh, I see. Well hope you get Sorted into my house. We are the best."

"Now don't believe him, they are the worst." A girl with red hair said from the doorway.

"Oh, do shut up Lily." Albus snapped at her, to Rick he said, "She's my sister."

"Nice to meet you." He waved.

"Same here." She smile and turned, "By the way, Albus, your boyfriend told me to give you this." She handed him a black leather notebook.

"Oh, shit I had forgotten it, thanks Lils." Albus took it and put it away in his bag.

"You're welcome, okay I'll leave you guys alone." With that she left the compartment.

With all the commotion, Rick noticed that it was too late to say goodbye to his dad's, as they were all ready on their way to his new school.

"You don't mind, do you?" Albus said from across the seat.

"Mmm, mind what? Sorry I was spaced out." He turned to look at Albus.

"I mean about me being gay and all that." Albus looked intensely at him.

"Not if you don't mind me having two fathers." Rick stated.

They both stay quietly after that. Rick turned to look outside and watched the passing scenery. He thought about his family; he'll miss his dads, brother, uncles, aunts, cousins and of course his grandfather, who always let him get away with anything he wanted, as long as his father didn't found out.

Rick gave a sigh and looked at his companion. He didn't look anything like James, where James wall tall, Albus was on the shorter side, of course the eyes and even the hair were different. However, there were some similarities between them, like the cheekbones and even a little bit around the mouth.

"If you are checking me out, remember I have a boyfriend."

"What?" Rick blinked coming out of his musings.

"I said…"

"I heard you, I wasn't checking you out."

Albus raised an eyebrow, "Well you could have fooled me."

"Sorry, I was just thinking of how different you look from your brother."

The other eyebrow went up, "Now this is interesting."

"No more interesting than me hearing that you're going out with my father, Potter."

Both of Rick's eyebrows went up at this and he couldn't stop staring at the blond guy standing at the open door and looking back at Albus who was grimacing back. Rick already knew one thing, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was going to be more fun than he had anticipated.

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