Pairing(s): Albus/Draco, Clint/Phil

Word Count/Art Medium: 919
Rating: Pg-13
Warning(s) a little angst,
Notes: Written for hd_and_sons Back to Hogwarts Challenge Week #4. Not beta!
Summary: Things are not always what they seem.

Rick sat with his parents in the crowded The Three Broomsticks, he tried to see over the throng of people to see if he could spot Madam Rosmerta, but it was to no avail. The place was overcrowded with parents, students, and even some regular customers. He gave a sigh and sat back down on the booth and waited with his parents to be noticed.

"How is school?" Father asked not looking up from the perusal of the menu.

"Overall it has been good, however I'm still having trouble with my runes class." Rick yawned as he work the kinks of his tired body.

"Haven't been sleeping?" Dad said looking over him quietly.

He grimace when he saw the look on his Dad face. He didn't' know which of his parents he prefered when they started asking question about his health. His Father tended to over examining him even to the point of almost dragging him to his Uncle Bruce for a full exam if he found even something he could consider harmful on one of his sons. His Dad was different he would ask one or two questions and then he'll leave it alone, but he'll be constantly looking at them over the space of a week. He gave a sigh and was opening his mouth to respond when they were interrupted by the arrival of Madam Rosmerta.

"What can I bring you, gentlemen?" Madam Rosmerta smiled at them.

His Father looked up from his menu and smiled, "We would like three butterbeers and anything you can recommend to eat."

"Three butterbeers and I recommend the mince pie. Would that be all?" At their nod she left in a swirl of her skirts as she weaved around people.

"What a nice lady." His dad said still looking after Madam Rosmerta, "Interesting too."

"If I didn't know you better I would think you'll leave me for her." Father said pulling out and checking his phone.

Rick smiled at the bestow look on his dad's face as he turned to his Father, "I wouldn't leave you, not even for the most beautiful women in the world."

"Flattery won't get you nowhere, Clint." Said a dry voice.

"Uncle Loki!" Rick smile, stood up, and caught his Uncle Loki in a hug, "Uncle Loki, how you been?"

"Hello Frederick, I'll been good and you?"

Rick grimace at the use of his full name, "I been good, still having trouble with one of my subjects."

He scoot to the other side of the booth to leave space for his Uncle to sit, "Thats why I'm here. I receive the message that you sent."

He began to tell his Uncle about his homework and the class and what exactly he wasn't understanding about the whole runes. As he was drawing his Uncle the diagram he had been working in class, they were interrupted by a clearing of a throat. They look up and Uncle Loki broke into a smile as he got up, clasping Mr. Malfoy on the arm and pulling him into a hug.

"Phil, Clint, Frederick. I would like you to meet Draco Malfoy." Uncle Loki smile, "Draco let me present to you Phil Coulson, his husband Clint Coulson, and their son Frederick Coulson."

Rick stare in bewilderment at Scorpius father as the other just stood there and shook hands with his parents and then in turn to him. Mr. Malfoy didn't give any indication that he'd meet him before as he shook his hand. Rick didn't know what to do, he felt awkward as he notice the smile on his Uncle Loki's face as he continue to talk to Mr. Malfoy.

Were they going out? Was Uncle Loki the reason why Mr. Malfoy broke up with Albus? He thought about these and other questions as he saw his Uncle Loki smile more than he'd ever saw him before. He turned to his fathers and saw the same bewilderment look that he probably was sporting. At least this couldn't get any worse, he thought.

He wanted to groan out loud when he knew it could as he saw Albus enter the Three Broomsticks with one of the Weasley boys. He was praying to whomever would listen for Albus not to spot him this time. However, his prayer weren't answer as just as he finish thinking it, Albus turned his head and spot him. Rick saw the narrow of Albus eyes when he spotted Mr. Malfoy in their booth and made his way toward them. Rick was trying to think fast for the best option he could make, should he tell Mr. Malfoy? His parents? His Uncle? However, his time was up when Albus arrived and stood in front of them hands clench in a tight fist.

"So this is him, then? The one you left me for?" Albus hissed.

Everyone on the booth look up at Albus with a few raise eyebrows, but Albus wasn't looking at anyone but at Mr. Malfoy.

"And you?" Rick blinked when the anger was directed at him, "I trusted you and you knew all along."

"Now wait one damn minute." Rick said getting up, he could see they were making a spectacle
of themselves all ready.

But Albus didn't wait for him to continue as he left the Broomsticks with the same swiftness that he'd arrived.

"So that's the boy you were telling me about?" Uncle Loki said, into the silence.

Rick groan this time, cradling his face in his hands, he felt one of his dads pat him on his back. Life as he saw it was getting too complicated.

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