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"Oh, father, please, I do not want to go to Paris!" I said begging

I did not want to go to Paris, most unfortunately my father wanted me to leave and not work so much more

"Well, yes you will, you have fun, you work more," he says with an amused

"More for me, working on sonic boom is fun!" I do my best eyes - puppy to see if he changes his mind

"No use making dog face, and you will stop." He takes the car and goes

I do not think I'll have to stay 1 full month enduring the idiot Austin moon, the most popular boy in school is to ignore the way, you can ally ... you can -.

"ALLY!" Trish screams snapping his fingers in front of me how long does it get here?

"Huh, what?"

"It's time for our French class, we will!" She drags me

"Yes we .." I mumble.

In the classroom ...

"Students, Now let's put the couples to go on the trip to Paris together, and school security measures adopted for the dual use handcuffs during the whole trip ..." says Mrs. Marie

Wow, students were frightened by this notice including me, who is going to be my double?

"That's right, because last year two students were lost, so the school would rather not risk it, and above all a warning, the duo will have to share your room with another double, then will be 1 bedroom to 2 doubles, understood? "

kill .



"And one more thing, the duo will have to share a bed," she said with a smirk

"Oh my god" muttered

I was almost panicking when trish touched my shoulder ..

"Calm down Ally, I know she'll choose a good partner for you, like Dallas," she said with a soothing voice

"Thank you trish, I can accept anyone ... unless you know who .."

"Austin moon, the dumbest kid in this school, the boy who finds himself, the boy who is so annoying that I cannot stand not being with him"

"I know .. I know .. Austin moon, I think he may have decided not to go because I did not see him showing his 'muscles' to cheerleaders today"

I laughed softly with it

"Trish is, you might even be right, maybe he did not .. -.

I'm cut through the open door, and guess who just arrived?

"... Come ..." I finish

"Shit" I'm very lucky today, "I thought sarcastically.

"Mr. Moon you know you're late, right?" Says Ms. Marie

"She is a great teacher, but when you're nervous," I laughed for thought

He shrugged and sat down beside me,

ugh , because I had to choose this place?

"Well I guess that's why I liked him at the time, well, it was when he was not that stupid, in hindsight it was even legal, I think it was more he suddenly entered the popular pro group - bad boys of the school and was hating me so much, what I did to him? "

Most did not even realize that it had a sad sigh that caught the attention of Austin, who looked min, but when I turned around, he looked at the time.

What is his problem? ...

I was interrupted from my thoughts by Mrs. Marie who had started delivering papers with the names of double ..

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