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Rose sat quietly beside Lily and Albus reading a book. Albus and Hugo were trying Berty Bott's Every Flavored Beans.

'Gah!' cried Hugo sticking out his tongue, 'Blood.'

'Where?' asked Albus frowning.

'He means the flavor dumbass.' Muttered Rose smirking.

'Let's see,' said Albus popping another in to his mouth, 'this one is a familiar taste. It's the taste I get in my mouth every time I see Victoire and Teddy snogging.'

'Vomit?' asked Lily laughing.

'Correct.' Replied Albus spitting it out.

The compartment door opened as Scorpius Malfoy entered.

'Should have saved that vomit flavored one,' said Lily grinning, 'might have come in handy now.'

Rose blushed as she glanced at Scorpius, who was her boyfriend of sixth months now.

'Ah Scorpius!' said Albus lounging lazily, 'where ever have you been? I haven't seen you in the last what was it?'

He turned to Hugo and Lily.

'Fifty,' said Hugo smirking.

'Or forty.' Added Lily rolling her eyes.

'Seconds.' Finished Albus grinning.

'Lame.' Muttered Scorpius pushing Albus aside to sit beside Rose.

Lily smacked Scorpius on his head.

'Lily!' exclaimed Rose frowning.

'Where is your fool of a best mate?' asked Lily ignoring Rose.

'Why do you care?' asked Albus examining a greenish brown colored bean, 'didn't you guys break up like a month ago.'

Scorpius chuckled putting his arm around Rose.

'Didn't I tell you Al?' asked Scorpius a smirk on his face.

'Tell me what?' asked Albus pausing in the act of popping the bean in his mouth.

'I caught Lily-' began Scorpius grinning.

'Shut up Malfoy.' Cried Lily blushing furiously.

'What?' asked Hugo and Albus in unison.

'Don't!' Lily warned Scorpius, turning redder by the second.

'Oh for goodness sake,' said Rose shutting her book, 'Scorpius and I caught her and Josh snogging in an empty charms classroom last night.'

'Rose!' exclaimed Lily.

'Hey it was Scorpius whom you warned not to breath a word.' Said Rose shrugging.

'Yuck that's repulsive.' Cried Albus making a face.

'Real mature.' Muttered Lily darkly.

'No.' said Albus spitting out the greenish bean, 'I think this was a bogey flavored one.'

'can we talk about something else?' asked Hugo annoyed, 'something which involves neither snogging, nor bogies.'

'Yeah,' said Scorpius sitting up straighter, 'We need to find the best way to break the new that Rose and I are together to her family.'

'They don't know yet?' asked Hugo frowning.

Rose shook her head.

'I want to explain it to them calmly,' said Rose looking at Scorpius who nodded, 'preferably when we are not in public.'

'Whoops.' Muttered Albus in a low voice.

'What was that?' asked Rose glancing at Albus.

Scorpius raised an eyebrow.

'Well,' began Albus grinning sheepishly, 'I might have-err-mentioned it to-'

'Please don't say James.' Breathed Rose her eyes wide.

Lily giggled obviously entertained.

'James.' finished Albus in a whisper.

'Right.' Said Scorpius, 'we are screwed.'

'Screwed?' cried Rose, 'have you met my family? My dad?'

Scorpius raised an eyebrow.

Rose rolled her eyes.

'That was different.' She said, 'they didn't know you were you, they thought you were me.'

Hugo suddenly let out a maniacal laugh causing the others to jump and stare.

'Dad,' he managed to choke out his eyes watering, 'Rose dating a Malfoy. His reaction will be priceless.'


'Lily you can stand at front.' Said Rose panicking, 'you have a sweet face, they will soften up.'

Lily rolled her eyes as she walked ahead of the others in the corridor.

'Again Rose,' said Albus grinning, 'I am so sorry.'

'You will be sorry you little git.' Muttered Rose, 'You told your big mouth of a brother'

'Hey now,' said Hugo frowning, 'let's not talk about big mouths.'

Rose stopped to turn to Hugo.

'Spill.' Ordered Rose.

'Well,' said Hugo starting in the same way as Albus did, 'I might have mentioned it to Louis and Fred.'

Scorpius chuckled.

'Now I am curious to see what waits for us on the platform.' Said Scorpius.

'That makes one of us.' Said Rose as the doors opened.

'Rose!' cried Hermione pulling her daughter in to a bone breaking hug.

'So far it's normal.' Thought Rose nervously.

She turned to her dad who hugged her as well.

Finally when all the hugging was done Rose realized an awkward silence had fallen over the group of Potters and Weasleys. The Malfoys were only a few feet away.

'So Rose,' said Hermione in a nervous bright tone, 'I hear-'

'Yes I am dating Scorpius, mom.' Said Rose in a low voice blushing.

'He's a great lad.' Rose heard Albus say.

Hugo and Lily joined in agreeing to Albus.

'Excuse me.' Said Hermione walking over to where Scorpius stood with Draco and Astoria.

'Uh oh.' Muttered Hugo.

'This cant be good.' Thought Rose following Hermione.

Draco raised an eyebrow as Hermione approached Scorpius. To everyone's surprise she pulled Scorpius in to a hug.

Ron who had been looking pleased all this while was frowning now.

'Hermione,' protested Ron, 'We talked about this.'

'Oh shut up Ron.' Said Ginny smiling at Rose.

Rose joined a very surprised Malfoy family.

Scorpius had a slight pink tinge on his cheeks.

'Mother, Father,' said Scorpius turning to his parents, 'I'd like you to meet Rose.'

Astoria beamed at Rose.

Draco glanced at Ron, a confused look in his eyes. Ron shrugged.

'Hey Rosie!' came an all too familiar voice.

Through the crowd James appeared followed by Fred, Louis, Teddy, Dom, and Victoire.

'Well if it isn't the most rebellious member of our family.' Said Fred grinning at Rose.

'I thought I asked you lot to stay at home.' Frowned Ginny.

'We got bored.' Replied James promptly.

'Nice.' Muttered Lily dryly.

'He's handsome.' Said Dom aloud.

Scorpius chuckled.

'Merlin's pants! Cried Ron, 'why are all of you talking like they are engaged.'

Ron suddenly stopped and glared at Scorpius.

'You are not engaged are you?' asked Ron.

'Dad!' cried Rose embarrassed.

'If you stay around long enough,' said Teddy in a private whisper to Scorpius, 'I'll teach you how to get on his nerves.'

Scorpius grinned. It was all working out quite well.

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