Jade sat in the Lodge section of Staple Center with her best friend, Rebecca. She'd never been to a live WWE Event before and they had All Access passes. The arena was alive with the buzz of millions rushing around to set up the grand stage for Summer Slam. She wondered how many tons of pyro went into a single event. There sure were a lot of bright lights and jumbo Tron screens everywhere around it. There were Men of all sizes and ages going up and down ladders and cranes adjusting this light and that angle. It actually fascinated her a bit. She was going into television production for a living.

Rebecca: "Jade, we can go outside now."

Jade: "OK."

Jade followed Rebecca into the LA Live Center area where All AXXEss is in full effect. There are millions of people down from mothers and children to grown adults on their own buzzing all over the place. There is a hum of excitement in the air.

Rebecca and Jade stood in front of a bunch of empty tables lined up for something with some chairs behind them.

Rebecca: "This looks like the place."

Jade: "Where's the actual talent? So far all I see is the backstage crazies and technical stuff. That's cool and all, but I get that at film school."

Rebecca: "Oh, you'll know when the talent arrives. Trust me. This place will erupt like a volcano."

Jade: "Please tell me I'm not in for a day filled with screaming kids and crazed teenies."

Rebecca: "Hell no. This is a mature audience. The only thing that gets close to that is when John Cena takes off his shirt and chucks it into the audience. Then grown women turn 12."

Jade: "That's understandable. Have you seen that rock hard body?"

Rebecca: "Oh yeah. It's yummy."

There is a commotion behind one of the back drops and the WWE Champion CM Punk comes out wearing blue jeans and a grey T-shirt similar to the one Rebecca has on that says "In Punk We Trust" and on the back in white letters "Best In the World CM Punk". Jade starts laughing. Rebecca looks at her like she has 4 heads.

Rebecca: "Is something funny? I missed the joke."

Jade: "Best in the world. Yeah, he's the best in the world along with 50 others who came before him making the same claim."

Rebecca: "Jade, don't go up there saying that to him."

Jade: "Why not? Is he gonna cry or something?"

Rebecca: "No, ass. He'll take it as disrespecting him. It's rude to laugh in someone's face like that."

Jade: "He's a human being just like you and I. He has a sense of humor or he wouldn't be in the public eye. Lighten up. I'm not going to embarrass you."

Rebecca: "I would hope not. He's the type who doesn't pull any punches."

Jade: "Please, I don't buy into that "I'm an asshole" cocky ass persona of his one bit. I'd love to teach him some respect."

Her green eyes get serious as Rebecca sees a familiar light click on. Jade was up to something and Rebecca wasn't quite sure if she liked it or not yet.

Rebecca: "Do I need to stand on the other side of the area for the scene you're about to cause?"

Jade: "No. I didn't pay 95 bucks to make a huge scene and get thrown out on my ass."

She takes off her black hoodie and reveals her shirt. The front of it has a picture of CM Punk holding the WWE Championship over his head and on the back of the shirt says "Respect is earned not demanded" CM Punk. Rebecca hasn't seen the back of the shirt until right now and Jade has her back to the table CM Punk is standing at so he can totally see the whole thing.

Rebecca: "Really Jade? You had to show that right now. He's going to cuss you out. I can feel this already."

Jade: "Watch and learn, my friend."

She makes sure she is in his line of sight with her back turned talking to Rebecca like she's not even interested in him standing there. If the shirt didn't attract enough attention, the purple and red braids in Rebecca's hair would draw his eyes for sure. As predicted, CM Punk sees the back of her shirt and reads it to himself.

CM Punk: "Check out that chick's shirt, right there."

He gestures to where Jade and Rebecca are standing and the big guy that's his personal security with him glances over nonchalant like and reads her shirt.

CM Punk: "How much time do we got, Paul?"

Paul glances at his watch.

Paul: "I'd say a good hour or so. Maybe longer, why?"

CM Punk: "I'm gonna go over and talk to those ladies. See what that shirt is about."

Paul: "Sure. Be careful over there, dude."

CM Punk: "I'm always careful."

He pats the guys arm and heads over to where they are standing.

Rebecca: "Dude, he's coming over here. Security was checking us out too."

Jade starts smiling to herself. She knew security wasn't going to do anything except tell Punk his own cocky attitude was coming back to haunt him.

Jade: "My evil plan is working."

She wiggles her eyebrows and gives a fake evil laugh. Rebecca starts laughing.

Rebecca: "You so should've been twirling a fake mustache right now."

Now Jade starts laughing. Punk comes over to where they are standing and puts his arm around Jade's shoulders throwing her totally off her game at the personal contact. He smelled good. She wasn't counting on him getting that close to her. She put her arm around him right back like they were old buddies who knew each other forever.

Jade: "Hello Mr. Punk. As strange as that sounds out loud."

CM Punk: "Hello ladies. How are you?"

He shakes Rebecca's hand and then Jade's. She shakes it respectfully.

Jade: "It sounds funny calling you Mr. Punk."

CM Punk: "We can stow the Mr. Punk. I'm just Punk or my family calls me Phil."

Rebecca: "You legally changed your name to CM Punk though."

CM Punk: "That I did. But, they still call me Punk or Phil."

Rebecca: "Well, Punk I'm Rebecca and this is my best friend, Jade."

CM Punk: "Pleased to meet you ladies."

Jade: "Same here."

CM Punk: "I'm not usually one to gush all over WWE swag, but I have to ask where you got this shirt from. It doesn't look like one of my licensed ones."

Jade: "That's because it's not. I made it myself. I got the photo off Facebook and made it into a T-shirt. It's all cloth so the picture won't crack or anything."

CM Punk: "May I?"

She lets him touch it which gives him an excuse to feel her up. She wiggles her eyebrows at him suggestively.

Jade: "Why Phil, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were flirting with me."

CM Punk: "You're right. It's cloth material. Thank you for taking the time to wear that for me to see. It's really awesome."

Jade: "You're welcome. It comes with an interesting story."

She smiles warmly at the well-mannered, polite way he is acting. Nothing like the guy in the ring she watches on TV.

CM Punk: "I have time for an interesting story. Would you like to sit down somewhere and chat?"

Jade: "Yeah. Let's sit down somewhere."

He takes her and Rebecca into the air conditioned tent area. Where there are chairs and couches. It's more comfortable then sitting out in the blazing LA sun.

CM Punk: "We're twins today, Rebecca."

Rebecca: "So it appears."

He puts his arm around her and Jade gets her camera.

Jade: "Wait, I got this."

She takes the picture and looks around like someone is going to jump on her for it.

CM Punk: "You're allowed pictures in here. I have say so on that not them."

Jade: "We pay enough money. I would hope so."

CM Punk: "I agree. I'm also a fan. I think you deserve to do whatever you want back here within respect of us. Would you mind if I took a picture of you for my IPHONE? I have to capture this T-shirt and its story."

Jade: "Sure."

She poses while he takes a picture of the front and back of the shirt.

CM Punk: "Beautiful."

Jade: "May I see?"

CM Punk: "Of course. It's you."

He shows her and winks with the same flirtatious tone she used earlier.

Jade: "Jadedrose5 should my image appear on your twitter feed some time tonight. I know how you like to twitter your encounters."

He fakes a surprised face as he saves the image on his phone.

CM Punk: "So tell me the interesting story behind this shirt of yours here."

Rebecca: "Oh God. Brace yourself."

Jade smiles to herself and proceeds to go into the whole story.

Jade: "Well, it started off one night when we were watching Monday Night Raw. You came out into the ring and demanded that everyone show you respect because you're the WWE Champion and you're the best in the world and all this other bullshit. So, I made a vow that I was going to wear this shirt at one of the live events and I was going to tell you why I felt respect was earned and not demanded. But, you came off as respectful and polite. I couldn't jump all over you and be a bitch."

CM Punk: "The nerve of me. How dare I show manners and respect to people? What the hell is my problem?"

Jade: "Yeah man. You couldn't just be some dickhead to me."

She nudges him like she's playing around with him and he nudges her back. Rebecca is smiling at them. Jade just winks at her.