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Letty could feel it coming through the air, the roar of the engine across skid marked tarmac. Even from watching on the side lines she could feel the adrenaline running though her veins. She could feel the gear shifts, the engine, the speed rushing through her body. Mr Toretto was gonna make her a racer and no one was gonna change that. Letty yelled and screamed as he came pelting across the finish line and took his victory lap around the race track. A shit eating grin plastered across her face and pride enveloping her in its warmth.

No one could catch him, he shot past other drivers like he was a ghost and he was gonna teach her.

"Shit Dom, you dad is awesome!" Vince yelled, punching his fist into the air and cheering along with the crowd. Dominic Toretto didn't respond, he just stood stock still grinning down at his father as his pulled into the pit. "Come on lets go down and see him!" Vince said running off before he even finished saying the sentence out loud.

It was two hours before Mr Toretto could drag the three of them away from the races and a further half an hour before they found Letty, busy chatting to some guy about his engine. Mr T had just picked her up and carried her back towards the car, while she kicked and screamed half hardheartedly.

Now they were back at the house, things fell back to normal. Vince and Dom ran off to do what ever fifteen year old's did and Letty just hung out with Mia; she liked coming to the races but she liked her babysitting money more.

"Come on Mia at least try" Letty whined at her best friend, she was paying barely any attention to the video game they were playing; one of her brothers and it was pissing her off. If she wanted to watch someone read a magazine she'd go home.

"Letty you know I don't like this game" Mia flicked another page over and continued reading whatever girly article that had her attention. The gaming console long forgotten. Letty just lay there for a long minute, a sullen frown on her face and finally got up, mumbling a 'bye' as she left.

Letty didn't get more then ten feet from the house before she heard her name being screamed over the blare of a radio. She swung her head around in its general direction and saw Mt Toretto waving her over to his garage. She quickly ran up to meet him, her baggy boy shorts rubbing against her legs as she ran.

"Whats up Mr T?"

"How many times Leticia, call me Tony" he sighed exasperated with the little girl he thought of as a daughter.

"Sure thing, Mr T" she smirked triumphantly as he just rolled her eyes at her.

"I got a proposal for you, I know your turning thirteen this weekend" he started, making Letty slightly weary of where this was going. "I promised the boys when they turned thirteen they could start helping me out in the garage...I wondered if you would like the same?" he smiled already knowing the answer.

"Yes! yes! A million times Yes!" that shit eating grin plastered across her face again. "The boys are gonna hate me" she laughed out loud, already picturing there dismay when they saw her working on the cars as well.

"Only if you show them up" Mr T winked and joined in on her laughter.

"Trust me, I'm gonna show them up"