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Letty found herself at the beach for sunrise. Thinking on it now as the rays of a new day shot out from the horizon, she probably shouldn't have been driving. But whatever. She needed to get away. She hung out in the parking lot, at the edge of the sand. Sitting on the bonnet of her Nissan, she'd put such hard work into that car, saved every scrap of cash she could get her hands on. Anything she won racing went straight into the car, her paycheck as well and it had finally payed off.

She was officially King of the streets. But it didn't fill her with the sense of pride she had hoped for, last night was still a blur in side her mind. She vaguely remembered doing shots with Vince, but she couldn't be sure. Letty was at a loss for how she ended up in Dominic Toretto's bed and quite frankly the answered scared her.

Out alone, watching the edge of the world bathed in burning flames she couldn't help but feel a little let down by herself. Maybe she should have waited to get an explanation from Dom before leaving, but then again what was she expecting? He was Dom Toretto 'Skank central', she wasn't what he was looking for and that thought hurt more than she expected.

The sun was hanging heavily on the horizon when Letty finally worked up the nerve to head home. It was a quiet drive back, the sky turning the bright hues of the early sunrise. She was almost feeling back to normal as she pulled into her street. This was not happening, her mom was home. What? Was the universe out to get her or something?

Letty was then forced to park up behind Dom's car on his driveway. No matter how awkward and tense this was going to be, she refused to go home.

Dom sat at the kitchen table calmly while his sister started cooking some hangover eggs for him. He wasn't a pretty sight, not to mention he was now bald. The next time he saw that little Latina he was gonna kill her.

"Hey Mia!" the steady voice of Letty Ortiz rang out before she entered through the back door and into the kitchen.
"Christ Dom you look like hell" she practically yelled at him.

He just sat there in shock, staring at her. She looked completely fine. Hadn't she just been passed out on his bed? She looked like she'd had a three day fucking sleep!

"Letty I was so worried" Mia smiled running over to give her a hug. Wait a second, rewind.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Dom's tone so incredulous it would have been funny.

"I'm hear for clear up duty and breakfast" she chirped snatching a piece of wholemeal toast that had just popped out of the toaster.

"Your bald" Letty pointed out, like it was a bad joke or some shit like that. Dom was still too shocked by her presence to say anything beyond opening and closing his mouth like a gold fish. "Has anyone woken up Vince?"

Mia shook her head and Letty just sprinted off to the spare bedroom.

"Did that just happen?" Dom asked Mia hesitantly who had just continued cooking as if nothing had happened.

"Yep, schooled again brother, your losing it" she was right, Dom was off his game. The woman had beaten him in a race, drank his best friend under the table and shaved his head in less than twenty four hours. What was she doing to him?

Dom quickly trailed after Letty, taking the stairs two at a time and spotted the woman bent on all fours with her head tucked into Vince's room. Why had he come up here again? With her bent over like that he couldn't really remember.

"Vinnie?" He heard the little vixen chant. "Viiiinnnie?" she sang again, crawling closer into the spare bedroom. Dom had had enough of this. He stomped forwards grabbed Letty by her waist and placed her on her feet. Her tight little ass pressed firmly into his hips. He held her body in place with one hand and her neck with the other. She wasn't moving unless he let her.

"You pervert!" Letty screamed out almost as quickly as he had grabbed her. "I knew it was you! I can't believe it" It took a second for Dom to catch onto what she was insinuating and then it hit him. Or rather she did. She stomped so hard on his bare foot with that stupid boot of hers he thought he heard a crack. "I'm so glad your bald Dom or I would be ripping it out now!"

He stumbled backwards slowly, what was he supposed to do? It had been stupid, reckless, but he couldn't get her out from underneath his skin; no matter how hard he tried. "Look Letty I think we're pretty even, I danced with you, you shaved my hair off"

"Oh we're not nearly even" her voice was so low he couldn't believe it came from the same person.

"Why are you so angry we just danced!" Dom shouted at her, sick of taking this shit. She was sixteen, a little girl compared to him. He stared into Letty's eyes so intensely that he feared he might not be able to drag himself back out again. Then he saw it. She had liked it, she was pissed off because he hand turned her on. Oh, this was too good, this he could work with.

"What the hell is going on out here?" Vince mumbled, opening the spare bedroom door. He looked at Letty then at Dom and then at Dom's foot. "Did she finally call you out? Not cool man, not cool"