The Impala pulled to an unusually abrupt halt outside the motel room, Dean doing acrobatics with his left hand to bring the car to a stop, preferring to ignore the two clasped hands on the seat between them, and any help from his brother's free hand.

Sam stole a glance at his sibling's face.

The expression boded nothing good, and he prepared himself for a Dean that was going to be impossible to live with until their little problem was solved.

Right on cue he started to snark.


"Come on Sam, slide your giant-sized ass off the seat and let me out, and then go bury your nose pronto in your research until you find out how to get us separated. Being Siamese twins with a Sasquatch was never one of my childhood ambitions.

Get a move on before someone sees us." he ordered ungracefully.


Sam felt his own temper rising as he exited the Impala and waited for his brother who was pulling himself awkwardly from the passenger seat.

"What the hell, Dean! What's with the attitude! You'd think I'd done this on purpose or something! The next time some fugly throws you against a tree, I'll think twice about holding out a hand to haul up your ungrateful ass."

Sam turned away impatiently and if he hadn't been fettered to his brother, would have stomped off in a huff but as it happened he unfortunately came face to face with a couple of grinning teens who were staring at them in amusement.

"Aw, aren't they cute. They're having a lover's tiff," one said to the other as they delved into a bag of potato crisps, a worldy-wise smirk on their faces.

"Naa. They're holding hands so it can't be that big a thing," the other answered.


Sam's face took on a becoming shade of pink but he tried to keep his body between the young girls and Dean.

His brother's temper was already at red alert over the whole business, and he didn't want him to erupt volcano-style at the girls' words.


Alas, Dean was just in the mood to take out his anger on something or someone, and he aimed an annihilating, drop dead glare at the two unfortunates.

He didn't even get as far as opening his mouth, as whatever it was that the two girls were going to add, died on their lips and they scurried away terrified, mumbling as they went, but loud enough for the Winchesters to hear.

"God, I feel sorry for the tall guy. The other one is a psychopath. Did you see his eyes," the blond squeaked.

"Yeah, a born killer that one, and covered in all that yuck! Maybe he's just buried some poor dude in the swamps."

"Oh, God!"


Sam glared at his brother.

"Did you have to scare the shit out of them, Dean? They were only kids!"

"They don't know how near they were to their last day on Earth, man!" Dean grunted angrily.

Sam rolled his eyes.

"Jeez, Dean; don't you think you're taking this far too seriously? Think what would have happened if it were our legs that got stuck together."

"Shut up, Sam. That is an image I can really do without,"he bitched, as he yanked his recalcitrant brother unceremoniously into the shelter of the motel room.

Once safe and sound inside, far from prying eyes, Dean's anger abated slightly.


"Right," he griped at his brother. "We gotta get rid of this goo, you get to work."

"There's nothing I'd like better, doofus, but, if you want a shower, you're gonna have to put up with my company, remember!" Sam waggled their joined hands in front of his brother's nose, currently covered with puce-coloured dried mucous.

Dean surrenderer to the unavoidable as he sifted clumsily through his duffel with his left hand, almost making it tip over on to the floor, glancing up ruefully at his little brother as Sam silently brought up his free hand to hold the bag steady.

"Thanks, Sammy; I'm sorry I bitched at you man. I know it's not your fault. It's just..."

"It's okay Dean, I know you were just letting off steam," said Sam, his soft eyes full of understanding.

"Right," Dean answered, finding himself with a lump in his throat at his good fortune in having a kid brother like his Sammy, always ready to forgive and forget.

Time stood still for a nano-second as they held each other's meaningful gaze.

Dean was the first to look away, not wanting to chip any corners off his no chick-flick moments rule.


He collected his change of clothing and went towards the bathroom, Sam one step behind.

"Um, I'll just turn away while you clean up, okay!" he added.

Dean just grunted as he drew the shower curtain as far as it could go, and started to throw out his uber-stinky clothes.


"Pass the soap, Sammy. I'm gonna have to use the whole bottle to get this Quagmire gunk off, otherwise no chick is gonna come within a hundred yards of me."

"Well, I doubt any chick is gonna come near you anyway until you've got another guy hanging on to you hand," Sam observerd with unexpectedly dry humour.

"Right, yeah; Definitely no chicks until you get your giant paw off of me."

"Wise decision, Dean I'm not really into threesomes, especially if you're a part of them!"

"Yuck, Sammy, that's the second image that you've given me today that I just don't want to see."


As the shower hissed down the blessedly hot water, Dean soaped himself up one-handedly, including Sam's conjoined paw in the big wash-up.

Sam waited stoically on the other side of the curtain; he felt the hot water and peach-scented suds slither on to his hand and he perked up as he sensed one of his fingers becoming mobile in Dean's grasp.

Could it be? What if the remedy was so simple?

"Dean!" he yelled. "I think my hand is coming unstuck. Do you feel anything?"

He felt Dean flex his fingers slightly.

"Yeah. I think i can wiggle a couple of fingers," Dean replied excitedly.


Sam could feel his brother pouring the whole bottle of shower gel onto their joined hands, and with an almighty "shhhcluck"...their hands jumped free and he retrieved his from behind the plastic curtain, relieved that it had taken so little to separate what seemed like an unbreakable glue-job.

The younger Winchester sighed happily as he exited the bathroom; he had been spared from having to pore over hours of research with Dean hanging over his shoulder. He felt as if he had been released from prison. Tonight was a night for celebrating, Sam decided.


Naturally Dean had been of the same idea, and the brothers found themselves completely in synch as they sat at a table surrounded by
beers and bar-food.

Sam looked on amused as Dean's wandering eyes sized up the female companionship on offer.

"I don't think you would have been sitting here so shit-faced happy if that peach-scented gel hadn't un-glued our hands, Dean!" Sam laughed ironically.

Dean's face fell for a moment as he imagined the scene.

"Right, Sammy. We would have been holed up in our room until you figured out how to separate us, but I just wanna say, bro, that if I was ever to be stuck to any guy like that again, you're the only one I would want it to be," he finished off cheekily.

"Thanks Dean, I think!" Sam frowned, but he was unable to hold it for more than a second, shaking his head at the gleefully idiotic expression on his big brother's face and breaking out in a toothy smile of his own.


His brother was an idiot, but he was his idiot and he loved him

The End.