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Chapter 1

The music was loud and the bar was packed. People were talking happily and there wasn't a smell of hostility in the air at all.

Murdock played with the button of his shirt as he watched Face talk to some blond girl at the bar, buying her a drink as he gave her one of his million dollar smiles.

This was going to be another one of those nights…

They had just completed another mission working as The A-Team. Hannibal worked out a plan and as always, they kicked the ass of the bad guys and saved the good guys once again.


They ended up together in this bar to celebrate their victory. Hannibal and B.A. were talking in euphoria about the mission of today. Recapping some of the most spectacular moments over a beer and usually Murdock would proudly talk along with them while Face was busy with some girl.
But tonight he wasn't the same bubbly crazy Murdock as usual. And why?
Because H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock was in love with his best friend and teammate Templeton "Faceman" Peck.

Yes, you heard him right.

Normally he would just ignore his feelings, knowing he didn't even have the slightest chance with the handsome straight man, but tonight he couldn't ignore the jealous feelings for the blond girl. He wished that he was the one sitting on the barstool with Facey. Yes Facey he called him that, so what. Face always smiled at the nickname and he knew Face loved Murdock for his goofiness, for his imaginary dog, for his singing, and just for his allround craziness.

So here he was, sulking in his chair, waiting for B.A. and Hannibal to finish up their conversation so they could take him to the hotel room and away from Face and that blond bimbo. He hid his sad face underneath his cap and wished for the night to be over soon.

B.A. Laughed out loud as Hannibal's eyes once again landed on the sad pilot. The colonel of the team was aware of the feelings of his captain for the conman.
He remembered it all too well when Murdock had talked to him in a drunken state one night. The pilot had one beer too many and had spilled to the colonel that he was interested in men, in that kind of way.
Not much later it wasn't hard for Hannibal to figure out that Murdock was lusting after the Faceman. The eldest man of the group didn't mind this at all, Murdock was Murdock and if he fancied man or woman that wouldn't take away the fact that he was a great trustworthy team member and the best damn pilot on the planet. He wouldn't trade him for anyone else. He liked the kid, like a son.

"Captain, would you like some money for a cab to the Hotel? You look tired Murdock.." Hannibal said to the pilot of the A-Team, making those big eyes look up to the colonel with gratitude.
"Thanks sir that would be great I am kind of tired." He knew that Hannibal had figured him out and he was glad that his boss hid that fact with a little white lie in front of B.A.

Hannibal handed Murdock the money and the address of the hotel and continued his conversation with B.A.
The big man snorted "That fool needs to get laid, I never see him with a girl at all." He took a big gulp of his beer while Hannibal chuckled and lit up a new cigar "I don't think it's a girl problem B.A." The colonel joked to himself as B.A. looked at him clueless. "Whatever Hannibal, did you see the way I knocked that guy out with only one punch?!"

The conversation between the two continued as Murdock walked through the crowded bar, trying to reach the exit. One more time he glanced over his shoulder at Templeton, still talking to that girl at the bar.

He sighed and looked down, he didn't feel like torturing himself any longer, looking away he was almost at the door when someone grabbed his biceps, stopping him in his tracks.

Turning around in surprise he came eye to eye with a tall blond, certainly not bad looking, man who smiled at him fondly.

"Hi, I uh, saw you looking quite down, and I'm not going to let you go home with that sad face." The blond man was quite attractive and held out his hand to the pilot. "I'm Michael, please let me buy you a drink before you go."

Murdock had to blink twice, and quickly thought about his options. He could go to the hotel now and lust over a man he knew he could never have, like so many nights in his life.

Or he could let this man buy him a drink, who was obviously and surprisingly interested in him and see where this night would take him.

Extending out his hand and flashing the man a bright smile the pilot chose the latter option "I would like that, I'm James." His southern accent ringing through.

The smile of the handsome man broadened as he motioned for Murdock to follow him. Reaching the bar Murdock was glad Michael didn't chose a spot next to Templeton but a good ten barstools away from him. Taking a seat with his back facing T. Peck, Murdock was hoping he could just have a good time with this guy tonight and forget about his long time crush for now.

Michael reached for his wallet "So what would you like to drink, James?"

The pilot thought for a second, anything strong would be good "Whiskey would be great."

Michael smirked at him "Sure, one whiskey coming up." As the blond man ordered their drinks he leaned on the bar and turned his eyes on Murdock. Feeling a little self-conscious Murdock fidgeted on his barstool. He hadn't done this in a very long time and suddenly he wished he took the first option a few minutes ago.
Michael tilted his head and rested his hand on Murdock's knee "Don't be nervous." The taller man said as he gave the suddenly shy pilot his drink "I'm just glad seeing you smile again, you have a very nice smile."

Murdock smiled shyly and a little redness reached his cheeks, the man was flirting with him, openly and was not embarrassed about it at all. Murdock guessed this guy wasn't afraid of anything and that he was going straight for the kill. He thought about it, and though this man clearly liked guys he also looked like he could kick your ass any time. He was tall and had broad shoulders underneath his shirt. Some neat fitting jeans and short blond hair made him look pretty attractive. Not as attractive and sexy as Templeton, but for this evening, Murdock wasn't complaining.

With one big gulp the pilot had finished his glass of whiskey and made a promise to himself. Tonight he was going to have a amazing night with this man in front of him. And he wouldn't care if B.A. or Templeton saw him with another man and therefore knowing after all those years that H.M. Murdock was gay.

Tonight was Murdock's night.

"What the hell is that fool doing!?" B.A. turned to his boss confused, no wait make that confused as hell.

Hannibal only smirked his trademark smirk, he was glad Murdock finally chose to have some fun. "Well, you were right about Murdock and the getting laid part Baracus," he began and looked at Bosco who just raised his eyebrow further up "just not about the girl part…" Hannibal finished and grinned at his big friend who's eyes were wide open, dumbfounded.

The big man opened his mouth but he didn't know how to express his shock. So he just shook his head and downed his beer in few big gulps. "I knew that fool was crazy." He mumbled and ordered another beer.

Hannibal crossed his arms in front of his chest "Well, more women for us, right Bosco." He grinned again as the big man in front of him shook his head once more.

"Whatever Hannibal as long as that crazy fool doesn't come near me when I'm changing clothes," the dark man stated as Hannibal started laughing "because I will kick his white ass if he does!" B.A. threatened.

Blowing out the smoke from the cigar Hannibal glanced between Templeton and Murdock, wondering how his conman would react to the news.

"I don't know if I already said this but you look extraordinary good tonight do you know that." Templeton Peck was bringing this fish in with no effort at all.

The blond woman giggled and grabbed her left arm with her right hand, squeezing her breasts together giving the man in front of her more cleavage than before "You already said that but you can say it as many times as you want to me handsome." She winked at the conman.

Face gave the woman in front of him another charming smile and took a gulp from his drink. The woman was a real looker but she was boring as hell. But he wouldn't complain, she would satisfy some of his needs tonight so he continued to listen to her random babbling about her hair again. Knowing it was worth it when she would come home with him tonight.

As the girl continued talking, Templeton's eyes scanned the bar and suddenly spotted the famous cap which belonged to none other than Murdock.

What was he doing? The pilot was usually drinking with Hannibal and B.A.

Pretending to cough Templeton turned his head sideways and noticed Hannibal and B.A. still sitting on their table drinking, talking and laughing away. Hannibal caught Templeton's eye and waved at the conman, smirking.

Turning back to the woman in front of him he noticed that she was still talking non-stop. Most of the time not even noticing what he was doing.

Face quickly found Murdock again, locking his eyes on the back of the pilot, and his features turned slightly dark. He didn't know why, but his stomach was turning into a knot when he thought about his pilot friend with another girl. He never really thought about it, because Murdock usually didn't hook up with some random stranger in a bar, but now it was happening in front of him. And he didn't like it.

Taking a sip of his drink Face looked more closely at the scene in front of him and tried to find out who exactly it was Murdock was interested in.

When he saw who Murdock was with he almost choked on his drink. Who was that guy and why was he rubbing the thigh of H.M. Murdock?

"Are you OK?" The curvy blond in front of him asked worriedly.

Face coughed and needed to talk to Hannibal a.s.a.p. "Yeah, excuse me doll I have to talk to someone."

Quickly drinking his martini Face strolled over to his colonel who seemed to know more about this, leaving a confused and slightly insulted blond behind.

Hannibal couldn't help but grin as Face sat down next to him. The blond girl forgotten instantly.
Here we go.
"Hannibal what the hell is Murdock doing!? And who the hell is that guy?"

The white haired leader just raised his eyebrows as B.A. looked kind of disgusted and mumbled a crazy fool under his breath. The big guy stood up from his chair and walked off, probably to get some more beer.

Hannibal locked eyes with his conman and simply commented "Kind of the same thing you do every time we're in a bar Templeton."

Face knew what Hannibal was talking about but he needed more, he couldn't believe it just jet, his eyebrows were knitted together "You know he is with a guy right Hannibal, doesn't that seem slightly weird to you, at all?!"

The colonel shrugged "Nope. So Murdock likes men. Why should that be weird?" he lit up a new cigar "Why are you so fed up about this anyway Face?" his features turned mischievous.

Crossing his arms in front of his chest the Faceman was scowling "I don't know Hannibal I'm just slightly taken back about it OK. I always thought Murdock was straight, I never thought about him with another man before."

Hannibal pursed his lips "I have to agree with you on one thing, I was slightly taken aback too when he told me. It made me more protective over him." The colonel glanced over to position of Murdock and his new found date "you know that Murdock is a little mental instable and I don't want any guy taking any advantage of him." The white haired leader scratched the back of his head "I uh don't really know how to explain this but, somehow it bothers me more when some guy takes advantage of our Murdock then a girl you know?"

Templeton was silent for a moment and nodded at his colonel. That was probably it, that was probably the reason he didn't like seeing Murdock with someone else… right? He needed to let everything sink in for now. This was not what he would've expected from this night.

As B.A. came back with three more beers, Templeton decided to stay at the table with B.A. and the colonel. This way he could figure these new feelings and emotions out about Murdock, while keeping an eye on his pilot.

The pilot was glad he stayed. He was having a great time. This guy kept buying him drinks and he was feeling quite tipsy and bubbly again. The two of them were laughing and flirting away and for once Murdock wasn't worried about the rest or a certain someone. He let himself go for once, and he was feeling pretty good about that at this moment. The guy didn't even mind his southern Texas accent or his sudden quote's spoken like an English man.

Finally he could be himself for one time.

He looked up at Michael from his barstool while taking a sip of his gin-tonic. The tall man was looking at him with a certain lust in his eyes and suddenly he felt a little nervous. When was the last time he flirted with a guy? Not even mentioning kissing another man. Oh lord were did he get himself into.

Suddenly Michael grabbed the drink from his hands and placed it on the bar and he was caressing his jaw line with his other hand. "You really are a lot of fun do you know that James," Murdock swallowed and started fidgeting again on his barstool as Michael continued "I'm glad I stopped you in your tracks when I did." His fingers traced his jaw line back and forth while his other hand was now entwined with his own hand.

Murdock blushed this time and couldn't believe this guy actually liked him this way "T-Thanks, I still ain't believin' it yet, t-that you like me." Murdock stuttered.

The taller man smiled and shook his head "Who couldn't like you, you're a little crazy," he chuckled but continued "but you have big gorgeous eyes, an amazing smile," his hand left Murdock's hand and placed it on the pilot's hips "and such kissable lips…" the tall blond leaned in closer and closed the gap between the pilot of the A-Team and himself, kissing a furiously blushing Murdock softly on the lips.

Templeton never felt such jealousy surging through his entire body. Murdock being kissed by that loser made his blood boil and he couldn't hold himself back from expressing his emotions "That's it, I'll kill him for harassing our pilot!" Face said as he angrily stood up from his chair, but was quickly pulled down by his shirt by a stern looking colonel.

"Lieutenant, sit down." The conman was thrown back onto his chair as Hannibal continued "Did Murdock ever pull you away from any of those girls you always flirt with?"

Face was silent but he was squeezing his fists together tightly. "But colonel how do we know if Murdock is using him or, what probably is happening, if he is using Murdock for a quick lay."

The colonel's eyebrows knitted together "We'll have to wait and see. But you know that Murdock is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. Not to mention extremely intelligent, so just relax, besides we are right here to keep an eye on him." Hannibal reassured the lieutenant "IF something happens I promise you can be the one to kill him."

The lieutenant let out a low growl and focused his vision back on the couple. He wouldn't let the two out of his sight now. Still not completely understanding his sudden anger towards the man who was still groping the chopper pilot, Face would make sure Murdock was not leaving with this man tonight. Whatever Murdock wanted he wouldn't care. If just a kiss was making him go insane with madness what would happen if Murdock wanted to go home with the stranger. Just thinking about it made Face want to kill that guy right here and now.

He grabbed his beer with force and scowled at the Murdock harasser while taking a gulp. Promising himself Murdock was not sleeping with that creep tonight.

The chopper pilot was treasuring this moment. Michael had kissed him softly, on the mouth, and it felt great.
It wasn't that he was in love with this guy, no way, it was the attention he was getting. He hadn't been touched by a man in a long time and his self esteem had gone down the drain with it. But this guy was making him feel so good right now, so wanted, so lust after, so kind of special.

He felt himself blushing like a fool the moment the blond man's lips touched his own but it was worth all the nervousness.

He saw Michael licking his lips after the kiss "You taste good James, let's continue this at a little more private area." He winked at the pilot.

Murdock was kind of scared but also exited at the same time, so he nodded and decided to follow this man to the darker part of the bar. Don't worry it wasn't his first time kissing a guy or something. It was just the first time he did something in front of his team like this. He knew that they might have spotted him kissing with Michael. It was the whole situation that made him nervous.

Following Michael he noticed It wasn't as crowded as before and it was getting quite late so they easily found a little more secluded area at the side of the room. Luckily there was another couple of two guys kissing and another hetero sexual couple groping each other, making him feel a little more at ease. Michael saw the feared but exited look in Murdock's eyes and reassured him "Don't worry James the people in this bar accept gay people, they don't care," he chuckled "and even if they do have a problem, they would be too drunk to even see past their own glass right now, so they'll never spot us."

Nodding the pilot still felt very nervous but decided he had an agreement with himself. This was his night.

Grabbing his hand Michael pulled Murdock towards himself and kissed him slowly but possessively, taking control over the captain. Lifting the smaller man up with ease, he placed Murdock onto one of the table's while he never stopped kissing him, making the slightly nervous pilot gasp in surprise which gave the blond man the opportunity to deepen the kiss.
Feeling the softness of Michaels tongue against his own made the pilot shiver, he should've done this a lot sooner.

As Michael stopped kissing him the taller man moved his mouth from the pilot's lips to his neck and slipped a hand beneath the pilot's shirt, caressing his chest, as his other hand reached out and grabbed the back of his neck.

Murdock could only sit back and enjoy the ride, no he didn't mind this at all. This man clearly knew what he was doing, so he grabbed onto Michael en let him take control over him.

The blond man was still sucking, licking and kissing the pilot's neck while the other hand on the back of his neck caressed upwards. This made his cap fall down on the table next to him as the blond man's hand pulled on his dark brown locks gently pulling his head back, giving him more access to his neck.

Silently thanking the larger man for putting him on the table Murdock felt his knees turn week as his tongue softly caressed a sensitive spot on his neck. He moaned softly as his eyes were closed shut and his mouth was partly open now, as he started to breath more heavily. This didn't go unnoticed by the blond man as Murdock felt him smirk against his neck and after that started to continue his ministrations more forcefully. His hand travelled from Murdock's neck further down and started to grope his ass, lifting the chopper pilot up just a little, as he did so rewarding him with another moan from the captain only to be heard just for him as the rest was lost in the noise of laughter and voices through the bar. His moans only turning the taller man on even more as he gave his ass another firm squeeze.

Biting down gently on his neck effectively exiting the pilot further on, Murdock could only think what it would be like if Face would be doing this instead to him right now.

Templeton was going to bomb this entire bar. This guy was clearly taking advantage of Murdock, kissing his neck, groping his ass like that. He never would've thought that seeing Murdock lip locked with another man would make him feel so enraged. But here he was bluntly staring at the man on the other side of the room, with a look that could kill instantly.

Hannibal was shaking his head.

Face took jealousy to a whole new level, though Face himself was still in denial, according to him he was just overprotective over his mentally instable friend.

Yeah right.
Sure the colonel was a little protective over the young pilot himself, but he'd also want the captain to be happy. Glancing over to the couple he saw Murdock with his face in ecstasy as the other man was groping and fondling the pilot's entire body.

He grinned. Though the colonel was as straight as they can be he didn't mind seeing Murdock with another man. He just didn't care, as long as Murdock was enjoying it, he'd be ok with it.

Working with guys all his life he preferred the soft curves of a woman any day.

"Hannibal what are we going to do with those two fools!" B.A. piped in crunching his nose to show his disgust which made Hannibal chuckle. "Ow come on B.A. you know you don't mind seeing your little crazy fool having some good times," pressing his cigar out in the astray he looked at his sergeant with a coy smile "maybe he'll stop bothering you so much."

The big guy did grin at that, his boss did always see the bright side of things. Of course the muscle of the team didn't mind Murdock being attracted to man. It was just that he couldn't imagine himself in a million years with another guy. He just didn't understand why Murdock would prefer a guy over a woman.

"Yeah well whatever, I hope you're right Hannibal."
Face was overhearing the conversation between his two team mates but decided to ignore the colonel's sentence about Murdock having some fun. He was feeling guilty about his anger towards the guy still kissing and groping the pilot. Because he did wished Murdock a good time, just… not with that guy.

He watched as Murdock's head was pulled back and the blond started attacking the sensitive flesh of his neck. Making Murdock open his mouth slightly while closing his eyes shut, his hands holding on to the man as if he was holding on for dear life.

Face clenched his fists again. The tall blond was making one of his signature moves, kissing the sensitive neckline. The conman knew exactly what kind of effect it would emerge from the crazy pilot, total submission. He pulled that move to almost all the women he conquered, it was just too easy sometimes, the neck being one of the most sensitive spots on a human and if you knew the exact spot to kiss and lick. You would have the one beneath you under your control within seconds.

Thinking about it made his anger levels almost reach their peak. He was driving himself crazy looking at those two. He wondered if the pilot was making any noise whilst he was fondled by the taller man. He'd better not. He could easily sum up a list of cute noises the pilot could make, like the way he would squeal whenever Hannibal allowed him to fly a helicopter or airplane on a mission. Or the way he moaned when one of his food creations turned out to be delicious, like that banana-pancake-syrup-sugar-chocolate-peanut butter-sandwich with potato chips.

Why he even remembered these things Face didn't know. Probably because they all knew each other inside out, being together for such a long time.

He knew this guy was just as bad as himself. The way he had Murdock eating out of his hand was disgusting. The tricks all seemed too familiar to him. The guy must had spotted the vulnerable looking pilot from miles away, just like he would spot the vulnerable girls, recognizing them out of thousands.

And instantly be attracted to the puppy dog eyes of the crazy pilot. Not the mention that big goofy smile with his perfect white teeth. Murdock was his cute, bubbly, goofy and crazy friend and he didn't like seeing him get hurt over such a big brainless oaf.

The only one keeping him from murdering the molester right now was Hannibal, so he kept staring at the tall blond, hoping he would glance his way for just a second so he could scare him off with his murderous look.

As Michael continued his ministrations on his chest and neck the seduction on the pilot was starting to have its effects. Murdock started to feel more and more turned on and this man could make him do anything he wanted right now. Opening his eyes Murdock looked up to the ceiling and smiled, this was one hell of a night.

By coincidence he looked over to his right just for a millisecond and came eye to eye with the most angry looking Face he had ever seen in his entire life.

It almost gave him an heart attack.

Quickly pushing a startled Michael away Murdock replaced his cap in the right position and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. "What's the matter?" the taller man exclaimed confused, scared he did something wrong.

Murdock was mad at himself, now he had made Face angry and he probably was disgusted with him too, the conman was looking at him with such fury, he was going to lose his best friend over this. He groaned, this was his worst idea ever, he wished he had just gone home.
The pilot grabbed his head, he felt a headache coming up "I-I can't Michael. Sorry. I have to go." And with that Murdock made a beeline for the exit. Leaving a stunned and very hot and bothered Michael behind.

Once outside Murdock was breathing hard and he was slightly panicking. What was he going to do? Face would hate him. He'll never look the same at him ever again.

Murdock groaned loudly.

Why did he always had to ruin it for himself…

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