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Chapter 2

Murdock was having a hard time collecting his thoughts. He surely screwed up now, of all the stupid things he had done, and he'd done a lot, this was the most stupid one of them all.

He grabbed his head and leaned against a fence outside the bar. The cool night breeze was really welcome as he sighed.

Well it was nice working with them, he should just go back to the Veterans Administration (VA) Psychiatric Hospital and forget about his long time crush and best friend Face, and his two other best friends Hannibal and Bosco.

"Murdock! Murdock?! Answer me you crazy pilot!" Murdock's head shot up of the sound of Face calling him. The conman was searching for him in the dark and not finding Murdock within eyesight, he started to call out for his friend. Murdock sighed deeply and pulled his red cap further over his eyes, no need to run away from it now.

"Over here Face."

The lieutenant's ears picked up the Texas accent coming from his right and rushed over to a dark area where Murdock was playing with the buttons of shirt again, leaning against the fence.

The pilot had his eyes closed and waited for Face to be angry at him, disgusted with him.
Just let it be over quick he silently pleaded to himself.

He felt Face's arms wrap around him in a tight hug as he was rocking him back and forth.
"Murdock are you OK? Did that bastard do something you didn't want?" he let the pilot go but kept his hands on his shoulders forcing Murdock to look up at him "Tell me now so I can kick his ass!" he demanded his eyes full of fury and hatred for the man.

Wait. What?

Face was worried about that guy taking advantage of him? … Wait, what?!

"You're not mad at me?" the pilot asked him, almost whispering.

Face looked at him inquisitively and those big eyes were glistering from unshed tears in the light of the night sky. Not believing what he saw in those eyes he looked deeply into the green orbs searching if Murdock was seriously thinking Face could ever hate his captain "No of course not James, why would I be mad at you, I was worried about you."

Tightening his grip on the pilot's shoulders, Face calmly explained to him. He only called the pilot by his first name when he needed to calm the sometimes mental lunatic down when he was feeling depressed, or confused like right now.

"You're not disgusted with me? You don't mind that I-I…" the pilot swallowed "I like guys?" he silently added.

Face sighed and leaned just a bit of his bodyweight on the shoulders of the pilot, pressing him further into the fence making it squeak underneath him "Listen to me Murdock, I don't care who you like, guys, girls, drag queens, sock puppets, whatever you fancy, I don't care." He studied the features of the man in front of him hoping he would get the point "Do you copy that captain?"

Slowly, but surely a small and gentle smile reached the pilot's features as he nodded enthusiastically, confirming the lieutenant he got the message. He couldn't be happier. He knew Face would never be his boyfriend or anything like that, but at least he was still his friend.
He wanted to jump into his Facey's arms right then, but was stopped.

"Now answer my question, where is that bastard who sexual harassed you?!" Face tried again a determined look on his handsome complexion.

Murdock blushed and looked at the ground mumbling softly. Although it was dark outside, there was just enough light for Face to notice the pink blush covering the pilot's cheeks. "Speak up Murdock, tell me so I can kick his ass!" although he secretly already knew the answer, he simply wanted a reason to hit the douche bag in the face without Hannibal stopping him.

"I-I- No he! He didn't harass me, I wanted him to do that stuff to me OK!" he blurted out in his Texas accent and averted his eyes from Face, feeling embarrassed while blushing furiously.

That was so typical Murdock, he never felt comfortable talking about sex, girls or… guys, or whatever… Face knew. Every time Face brought up one of his stories which were mainly about amazing sex with some broad or if he asked Murdock about his sex life, the chopper pilot would usually blush and run off to another room, claiming Billy had been a bad dog.

"Are you okay captain?" Face turned around to see Hannibal and B.A. walking towards them as Murdock nodded meekly. Glad that Hannibal had interrupted their little too close for comfort conversation.

"Good, let's go to the hotel boys, this evening has lasted long enough." As soon as those words came out of the colonels mouth Murdock was racing towards the van, while whistling and calling for Billy to follow him.

Noticing the big proud grin on his conman's features, Hannibal had to ask "Lieutenant what are you smiling about."

Face wiggled his eyebrows at the colonel "I'm just glad that creep isn't touching our captain anymore. And that he is in the van right now, going back to the hotel with us. Safe and sound." And not sleeping with that douche bag, he mentally added to himself.

B.A. didn't really get were Face was going "Templeton you're acting like he is a fourteen year old virgin school girl. Stop acting like a fool, fool!" the big man exclaimed shaking his head.

Hannibal laughed out loud and patted Face on the back "B.A. is right you know, now that it is out and in the open that Murdock likes the boys, he's going to be picking up guys every night when we end up in the pub," The conman's eyes widened at this "doing much more than just groping when he takes them home." The colonel teased.

Face growled "Shut up Hannibal just look at him," he pointed at the pilot who was bouncing up and down on the back seat of the van, stopping for a second to tell Billy (the imaginary dog) to sit still next to him and to stop jumping on the seats. After a few seconds of sitting still he started bouncing again. "He's crazy! And not that I mind but… I mean he is far too mental for guys to be claiming him, we should protect him!" the conman shouted frustrated.

Hannibal chuckled at the choice of words "I'm sorry to burst your bubble Face but he is a full grown man," he looked at the happily bouncing pilot on the backseat "even if he is a little off the radar sometimes, even Murdock has a libido." Hannibal stated with a smirk as he climbed onto the passenger seat.

B.A. was already starting the van when Face also climbed onto the back seat next to Murdock, feeling annoyed as he thought about Hannibal's words.

Murdock defiantly had a libido alright, as much as he wanted to deny that fact, he noticed how the pilot was breathing hard and heavy when the blond man was touching his body.

It made Face see the pilot in a whole different light with an expression he had never seen Murdock wear before. An expression of lust, the way his face was lost in ecstasy as the blond licked and nipped at his sensitive neck.

Of course he had seen the pilot kissing a girl from time to time, but they never stayed in one place for very long, and Murdock was probably more interested in the next mission than taking some girl home for the night. Also him kissing a girl was different, Murdock was usually in charge when the girl just sat back and enjoyed the make out session. But Murdock with a man was the other way around. The pilot was the one being picked up, his face in bliss when the other took control over him and
Face just never imagined Murdock doing any of that stuff, but now that he had seen that expression on the crazy pilot, he couldn't get it out of his system.

The knot in his stomach returned and tightened further as he thought about another thing that Hannibal said; 'doing much more than just a little groping when he takes them home'.

He glanced over at the now happily humming to himself Murdock. Being the visual guy that he is, Face couldn't stop himself as an image of Murdock being pinned down on a bed by the blond harasser intruded his mind. The pilot groper was pinning the hands of the captain above his head as he was licking his way up from the pilot's waist to one of the nipples…

Face shook his head. What the hell was he thinking!

Frowning he averted his eyes from the still hyperactive pilot, his red cap bouncing along with him, a smile was plastered on his face, obviously happy.

The conman shook his head, he needed to lay off the martini's.
He just didn't want to imagine the boisterous captain doing it with another man and it pestered him to beyond not knowing how to stop the crazy but desirable pilot from doing that.
Sighing he ran a hand through his hair.

Why was it that Hannibal Smith was always right?

Annoying old bastard...

Falling down on his hotel bed Murdock was smiling and wiggled his feet back and forth in opposite directions as he recapped the happenings of tonight's adventure.

He had a fantastic make out session with another guy.

Face was still his friend and didn't mind him being attracted to men at all.

And as a cherry on top the conman didn't leave with that blond bimbo. (Maybe he should get molested more often.)

B.A. just grunted and said that if he ever caught him staring inappropriately he would kick his ass.

So in other words, Bosco was still his friend too.

And the colonel had complimented him for finally showing everyone the real Murdock, while smirking at him in a strange and coy way, like he knew something more.

But anyway H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock was one happy little chopper pilot.

Closing his eyes he relaxed on the big hotel bed. Breathing through his nose, the smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke reached his senses.

He crinkled his nose, this captain needed a shower. He threw his red baseball cap on his nightstand and ruffled his now free wild brown hair.

Bending over he took off his worn out all Stars shoes and removed his socks and pants. Glancing at the door he confirming that Hannibal, his roommate for tonight, was still outside smoking his last cigar before he went to sleep. Hopping off his bed Murdock started to undress himself further, unbuttoning his Hawaii shirt and taking off his tank top over his head.
This left him wearing only his boxers which were blue as the sky and covered with little airplanes on them.

He looked at himself in the mirror. Little red marks were clearly visual in his neck, which made the redness to his face return. Right, he really, actually, had done that with a guy.

And what a make out session it was… Thinking about it the pilot suddenly realized that Face had been watching him this whole time.

His blush deepened and he recapped.

The conman, well known for always bringing home a girl, ditched the blond so he could protect his crazy pilot friend from a man, that he was willingly making out with…

That did not sound like a thing the conman would do. Why would he ditch the girl for him?

Murdock shook his head. He needed to stop thinking about it, Face is his best friend. His best friend was just over protective over this mental lunatic, nothing more, nothing less.

Strolling into the bathroom, he locked the door and turned on the hot water. Removing the last piece of clothing that remained, he stepped under the warm droplets.

The pilot sighed.

The soothing warm water was just what he needed.

Cleaning himself up he started thinking about his lieutenant again.
He couldn't help it.

Although he almost had a heart attack when he thought the conman would never look at him again, before that moment he was actually pretty turned on.

He could still feel the hot mouth of the blond man on his sensitive neck, and his libido returned.

Imagining that the lieutenant was kissing his neck instead, and that right now it was his hand feeling along his torso moving downward.

Templeton Peck was too sexy not to be fantasizing about. He pictured him as he thought about Temp's body, toned and muscled from countless missions. His penetrating sky blue eyes that this pilot could easily fly away in. Looking at him with so much love, saying to the pilot that he loved him more than anything and after that he was kissing him deeply and passionately.

And right now he hated himself for how badly he wanted Templeton Peck.

The pilot closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip, whimpering softly. He was all wet, hot and aroused.
He needed release, he was aching to be touched so the pilot did the only thing he could do in this state. He decided to finish this situation by himself before Hannibal would be back. While fantasying about Templeton going down on him, smirking that cocky smirk just before he started…

Templeton Peck was confused, irritated and happy at the same time. Listening to the snoring B.A. which prevented him from sleeping, the conman's brain was doing overtime.

Number one, he was glad that Murdock was here in the hotel, only a door away from him and sharing a room with Hannibal and nobody else.

Number two he was annoyed that he didn't ignore Hannibal's orders. He should've just kicked that molesters ass.

And number three he was confused as hell about one boisterous insane chopper pilot.

First of all he was pretty sure he was straight and that he doesn't like men in that kind of way.

But on the other hand when he thought about a certain captain he did think that he looked kind of cute in his own way. He liked the way Murdock's hair was always sexily wild, and how those insane eyes would sparkle whenever he was plotting something ridiculous. The pilot always made him smile, no exception there. Even when he doubted himself about the master plan he had come up with, Murdock trusted him with his life. He remembered it like it happened yesterday.


Taking a sip of his steaming hot tea, the conman frowned and looked at the plan before him. He wasn't so sure he was right about this. He always thought he had good ideas but now the crews fate was in his hands and suddenly he was having seconds thoughts about this whole ordeal.

"What's wrong?"

Face looked up but already knew who was talking to him when he heard that familiar southern accent ringing through. His captain sat down and he looked at the pilot, his red cap was turned backwards and he looked just perfect like that, covered in grease and sweat from working on his project.

The lieutenant sighed "I don't know man, just thinking about this," he shook his head "We've always come back alive, the four of us, because of the old man."

He gave Murdock an uncertain look.
"I know." The pilot simply stated, shrugging.

"I'm not him." Face complained.

Again the pilot's answer was simple but pressing "Face I know this-."

But Face shook his head "Murdock, I'm not Hannibal."

The captain licked his lips and leaned over to the table, trying to get closer to his lieutenant and made sure Face was looking deeply into his eyes "Who has the most to lose on this Face?" he pointed at himself while he kept staring into the blue depths of his lieutenant "Me, and I trust you."

Face knew Murdock meant that with his entire soul and body, the pilot trusted him completely and would do anything for him, just like he would do anything for his crazy pilot. The doubts he had about himself were disappearing.

He nodded and he had to smile at what he was about to say "Yeah, I know but…" he tilted his head towards the captain "you're crazy." He finished still smiling at the pilot.

Murdock smiled back at him, glad to see Face had some more confidence in himself while he presented the Kevlar mask "Not that crazy." His smile turning into a goofy grin as Face looked back and forth between the captain and the mask, nodding and smiling towards the two.


It was just one of those many moments that Murdock had showed Face his complete devotion to the conman. He always trusted him, no matter what, even if his own life depended on it.

Maybe because the guy was crazy but nevertheless, he trusted him. Building a friendship between the two of them that nobody could ever break.
Not even if he dated another man? His mind pestered him.

Scowling he thought about that option. Luckily the conman was aware that being on the run from the federal government did not exactly provide the basis of a good relationship. But it did give Murdock the opportunity to "date" men for a short period, just like he "dated" the women for a short period and he knew he was not happy about that.

He'd rather just keep Murdock away from those guys.

Why? Stupid conscious…

Well… he saw the way Murdock was easily turned into jelly by that big oaf. It wouldn't surprise him if other men would perform the exact same trick on the pilot. It was easy to take control over the captain when pushing all the right buttons, it was just like picking up a woman.

Suddenly the conman realized something and a small blush was evident on his cheeks. Murdock was probably the bottom in the relationship.

He uncomfortably shifted in his bed.

That would mean that the other man would… would… A detailed picture of Murdock and the tall blond man intruded his mind and Face shook his head violently as if trying to shake the thoughts out of his head.

He balled his hands into fists. He knew he couldn't stop Murdock from doing that if he wanted to, sooner or later the pilot would end up in bed with a guy. He was 99% sure Murdock had already had done that with another man, but he couldn't let that happen under his watch.

Why not, don't you want Murdock to be happy?

Of course… but he couldn't help it. He didn't know why but it pissed him off beyond belief when other men touched his pilot. He felt such strong emotions running through him when he thought about his pilot doing all that stuff. He couldn't explain it.

The moment he saw Murdock, kissing another man, getting the confirmation from Hannibal that the pilot was indeed and defiantly gay, something changed.

He'd never thought about Murdock with other guys before. He never thought about him being gay.

And now that this was happening he needed to figure all these new emotions towards Murdock out.

He let out a sigh.

What was it his emotions were trying to tell him?


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