Sam and Dean stood in the middle of the room packing their bags then behind them the door opened and John stood there.

"So boys" he said entering the room.

"Yes sir" Sam said as the brothers turned to face their father.

"You ignored a direct order back there" John said looking at Sam and Dean.

"Yes sir" Sam repeated.

"Yeah but we saved your ass" Dean said.

There was a silent pause and then John sighed. "You're right"

"I am?" Dean asked, not believing that his Dad had agreed with him.

"It scares the hell out of me. You kids are all the family I've got but I guess we are stronger as a family" John said "So we go after this damn thing, together" he said with a nod and Sam and Dean smiled.

"Yes sir" they both said.

Sam then reached in his pocket and brought out his phone.

"What are you doing?" John asked.

"Calling Kyra" Sam said.

"No" both Dean and John said at the same time.

"Why not, she's part of this family" Sam said.

"I want Kyra left out of this, it's not her battle" John said and Dean nodded. Sam looked at them both, he couldn't believe that they were going to leave the youngest Winchester out of it, but he guessed it was something that he'd have to deal with.

"Mamma told me not to waste my life
She said spread your wings my little butterfly
Don't let what they say keep you up at night
And if they give you shh...
Then they can walk on by

My feet, feet can't touch the ground
And I can't hear a sound
But you just keep on running up your mouth yeah

Walk, walk on over there
'Cos I'm too fly to care, oh yeah

Your words don't mean a thing
I'm not listening
Keep talking, all I know is

Mamma told me not to waste my life
She said spread your wings my little butterfly
Don't let what they say keep you up at night
And they can't detain you
'Cos wings are made to fly
And we don't let nobody bring us down
No matter what you say it won't hurt me
Don't matter if I fall from the sky
These wings are made to fly

Kyra sung as she stood on a table in the little bar. Everyone around her was clapping and cheering. She smiled and jumped down into Adam's arms. He caught her bridle style and spun her around. They pressed their foreheads together and Adam gently kissed Kyra's lips.

When they parted Adam put Kyra down.

"That felt like something out of Step Up" Kyra laughed.

"Trust me chick, it wasn't half as cheesy" Adam said.

The landlord gave everybody drinks on the house and someone stole the show by standing on a table and singing karaoke. Kyra smiled and held Adam's hand tightly as she watched the performer.

This was everything she ever wanted, a normal boyfriend, a normal job, a normal life. But even though she had everything she wanted Kyra knew that she would never escape, her family problems were always going to be three steps behind her. She still looked over her shoulder every noun again to check that nothing was there.

After a few drinks Adam was a little bit drunk so Kyra decided to get him home. They only lived a few blocks down so they walked. Adam was a happy drunk so Kyra wasn't too troubled.

"Come on" she laughed as Adam hung of her shoulders.

"I am so in love with you" Adam said.
"I'm in love with you too but we really need to get home" Kyra said dragging Adam by his hand.

"Adam and Kyra sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g" Adam sung.

"First comes love" Kyra said.

"Then comes marriage" Adam said.

"Then comes baby in a baby's carriage" a voice said from behind them.

Kyra spun around as fast as she could with Adam still clinging onto her. Behind them in the ally was a man, Kyra knew it wasn't an ordinary man.

"Leave us alone" she said in a deep voice.

"Now Kyra be nice" the demon said stepping forward. "I only want to talk"

Suddenly Adam dropped to the ground pulling Kyra with him.

"Adam!" she exclaimed as she knelt next to his unconscious body. "What did you do?" she shouted turning to the demon.

"Relax; I only put him to sleep for a bit so we can talk in private" the demon said walking further forwards.

"Don't take another step!" Kyra shouted as she pulled a flask out her pocket.

"Holy water, seriously Ky. That's a little pathetic"

"Who are you?" Kyra asked.

"My name is Tom" he said.

"That's hardly a demon name" Kyra said.

"Funny, I would have said Kyra was an odd name. But you don't see me complaining" Tom said.

"Shut the hell up, what do you want?" Kyra asked crossly.

"The Winchesters. Dead" he said in a low tone.

Kyra braised herself with the holy water.

"Chill honey, I want your Father first. Then I'm coming for your brothers, then you" Tom said in a slow voice.
"I have no idea where my brothers and Dad are" Kyra said.

"Now that's something I just don't believe" Tom said and he started to stride forward.

Just as he got a few feet away from Kyra there was a bright light and Tom screamed. The white light was so strong that Kyra had to cover her eyes. After a few seconds the light faded and Kyra was alone with Adam and the demon had gone.

"What the…" she said as she looked around. She then heard a voice inside her head, first it was like a high pitched scream but then a male voice came through.

"An angel is forever on your shoulder" it said and then Adam woke up.

"What happened?" he asked.

"A demon" Kyra said helping him up.

"Was I drunk?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, how do you feel now?" Kyra asked.

"Like I've got a mega hangover" he said looking down at her. "But I'd rather that than be dead" he said.

"I'm with you on that one, lets go" Kyra said.

A few days passed and Kyra couldn't sleep. On the fourth night of sitting at the kitchen table with her head in her hands Adam put a tray of tablets on the table in-front of her.

"What are those?" she asked looking up at him.
"Sleeping pills" he said sitting on the table in-front of her, he picked the tray up and popped out two white pills in his hand. He then held his palm out to her along with a glass of water.

"You want me to take them?" she asked blinking up at him.

"Yes, your getting sleep deprivation symptoms" he said.

"Such as what?" Kyra asked irritated.

"The ice-cream was in the oven, your make up is a mess, there's burnt toast stuck in the toaster and look down"

Kyra looked down and saw that her bra was on the outside of her shirt.

"Whoops" she sighed.

"Yeah whoops" Adam said.

"No wonder you didn't let me go to the corner shop" she sighed.

"Just trying to look after ya" Adam said and shook the tablets in his hand.

After another heavy sigh Kyra downed the pills and a few minutes later she was out for the count.

"Hello, wakey wakey Kyra" a distant voice said.

Kyra mumbled and shook her head, refusing to open her eyes.

"Geez, how many pills did he give you. Rise and shine sleepy head" the unfamiliar voice said.

Kyra eventually opened her eyes.

The sun was bright and she squinted, it was a cold, crisp morning. Kyra was very confused to find herself lying on the ground by a frozen over lake.
"Where am I?" she asked looking around.

Then a guy bobbed next to her.
"You're in your head silly" he said and then jumped up again.

Kyra blinked again and got up slowly.

"I'm dreaming?" she asked.

"Yep" the man said joining her by the lake.

"Who are you?" Kyra asked turning to look at him.

"I'm, your guarding light" the man said with a slight pause.

"Guarding light" Kyra mumbled "An angel on my shoulder?"

"Please don't flatter me" the man said.

Kyra was really confused.

"Is this real?" she asked.

"Yeah, afraid so"

"Even though it's in my head?"

"Even more so" the man smiled.

He didn't seem threatening; he was quite short for a bloke, probably about the same height as Kyra. He had longish dark hair and a slightly hooked nose, his voice was one you wouldn't forget in a hurry.

"Why are you here?" Kyra asked.
"I'm here to tell you what to do next" he said.

Kyra frowned "I don't need anyone telling me what to do"

"You let Adam tell you what to do"

"That's because he knows what's best for me"

"Oh really" the man said.

"Look I don't know who you think you are but…"
"I'm gonna stop you right there missy" the man said putting his finger on her lips. Kyra pulled back and the man laughed. "Who was it that saved you from the nasty, horrible demon" he said as if he were talking a child. Kyra didn't answer. "That's what I thought" the man said. "So as I was saying, you need to go find your Father and your brothers and assist them" the man said.


"Kyra" the man said with a stern voice.

"Make me" Kyra said crossing her arms.

"A demon is going to kill your Father" the man said and Kyra looked at him.

"Why should I trust you?" Kyra asked.

"Why would I lie?" the man asked.

Kyra looked at him.

"Lincoln, that's where you're Dad is. This is the address. Go and save him, don't go and he's gonna die" the man said handing her a piece of paper and then Kyra woke up.

"You are the best boyfriend ever" Kyra said as she got into the Mustang and shut the door. Adam leant in the open window.

"You can't choose your family" he sighed and kissed her forehead. "Just be careful"

"Remember what I told you" Kyra said looking at Adam with a concerned face.
"Check who's behind the door before I open it, salt and holy water are in the kitchen" Adam nodded.

Kyra looked up at him.

"Are you sure you're gonna be alright?" Kyra asked.
"I'm sure, now go. Your brothers need you" Adam said tapping the roof of the car. Kyra nodded and headed off down the road.

Kyra pulled up at the address she'd be given in her dream. She looked around and frowned. She'd been taken to a disused factory.

"Bullshit" she mumbled and was about to drive off when she heard the sound of an engine. She followed the sound and was pleased to see her Father's truck, just as she was about to run forward she saw another figure in the darkness. It was a woman; she had blonde short hair and was wearing a red jacket. She was watching John and Kyra decided to hand back and watch her Dad's back.

Kyra followed the blonde woman, who she decided was a demon, as the blonde woman followed John. As the demon took short cuts Kyra sometimes lost sight of her Father but he soon came back into view as the demon closed in. Kyra came to a stop behind some rusty barrel as John stopped inside a room, the demon came out and John seemed to know who she was.

They started talking and Kyra wasn't close enough to hear what they were saying. She gasped when she recognised another demon appear, it was Tom, the demon from the ally way. They continued to shout and then the female demon shouted "NOW!"

Kyra watched as John handed over a gun, Kyra was so confused. Obviously she'd missed quite a bit. She watched Tom ready the gun and the click echoed in the large room. He then suddenly shot the female demon.

"You shot me!" she shouted "I can't believe you just shot me!"

"It's a fake!" Tom said throwing the gun to the side. The gun slid over the floor and landed right next to Kyra's feet, she silently picked it up and hooked it into her belt.

So from what had been said so far Kyra could make out the following. Tom and the women were demons and they wanted a special gun that was in John's possession. The gun seemed to be strong enough to kill demons, that was one powerful gun. No wonder the demons wanted it.

Both the demons then started to walk towards John.

"You're dead John. Your boys are dead" the female demon shouted.

"I've never used the gun, how could I know it wouldn't work?" John said moving backwards.

"I'm so not in the mood for this. I've just been shot!" the demon shouted.

"Well then I guess you're lucky the gun wasn't real" John said and Kyra smiled.

She hadn't seen his for years and yet he hadn't changed a bit.

"That's funny John, we're gonna strip the skin from your bones, but that was funny"

Kyra decided that she needed to intervene so she hit on of the barrels as hard as she could. The loud bang gave both her and John a chance to run.

Just by chance Kyra and John ran into each other in the underground pathways.

"Dad!" Kyra exclaimed and John pulled her into his arms.
"What are you doing here Kyra?" he asked almost crossly.

"Saving your butt" Kyra said.

"Come on" John said pulling her down a corridor.

John suddenly stopped and started messing around with a valve, suddenly water sprayed out.

"Come on" Kyra said pulling on his sleeve.

She held her breath as the two demons came running around the corner. Tom looked at her and smiled.

"Hey beautiful" he smirked and John put his arm protectively in-front of Kyra. Still smirking Tom stepped forward but he screamed when the water burned his shoes.

"Holy water John. Real cute" the female shouted.

John laughed and he pulled on Kyra's jacket, motioning her into a run.

"Who is that demon?" Kyra asked John as they ran outside.

"Her name is Meg" John said as they came to a stop by his truck. They both looked down at the slashed tires. "Damn it" John sighed.

"I parked over here" Kyra said running over to her car. "Damn it!" she exclaimed seeing that her tires were also burst.

"This way" John said turning backwards and Kyra followed.

"We're lost" Kyra said after a while of running.

John reached into his pocket and got his phone out but he suddenly flew backwards hitting the wall. His phone flew into the air and hit Kyra's head before it landed on the ground.
"Ow!" she shouted.

There was a laugh and Tom walked out the darkness.

"That was impressive" he said smiling as he walked forwards.

Kyra reached around her back and laid her hand on the gun behind her back.

"Not so fast" Tom said and Kyra suddenly found herself unable to move. She struggled to move her arm away from the gun as Tom approached her.

"You are so sneaky" Tom said coming to a stop only inches from Kyra, he reached around her back and put his hand on top of hers on the gun. He didn't take his eyes of hers for a second.

"Get away from her!" John shouted.

"Oh John, I forgot you were there" Tom said.

He pulled the gun out of Kyra's belt and slammed her to the wall next to John.

"You okay kid?" John asked and Kyra nodded.

"Ah ha" she said.

"Isn't that touching?" Tom said tilting his head to the side.

Meg soon appeared out the black.

"Look what I've got sis" Tom said.

"Ever heard the expression, kill two birds with one stone?" Meg asked.

"Let me have a go Meg" Tom said, not taking his eyes of Kyra.

"With pleasure, I only need John" Meg said.

Kyra suddenly dropped to the floor and Tom quickly ran over and grabbed her arms behind her back.

"KYRA!" John shouted as Tom dragged her away.
"DAD!" Kyra shouted back but as quickly as he had arrived Tom disappeared into the darkness with Kyra in tow.

"You're not going to get anything from me" Kyra said as Tom threw her into a room inside the factory.

"On the country, I'm going to get a lot from you" Tom said shutting and locking the door behind him. Kyra stood in the middle of the room and he looked at her.

"Like what?" she asked.

"Target practise" Tom said and Kyra suddenly flew across the room and hit the wall. She landed on the floor with a thud and groaned in pain. "Entertainment" Tom said throwing her into another wall. "Companionship" he said with a slower tone, this time he didn't chuck her across the room but he walked over to her and bent down. "Love" he said with a more questioning voice.

"Yeah, love" Kyra laughed "Sorry bud, I'm taken"

"No your not" Tom said getting angry and standing up.

He looked down at Kyra as if he were thinking of what he could do.

"You're weak, pathetic" Kyra said as she rolled onto her side.

Tom then started to kick her side; he then pushed her over and straddled her hips.

"Kicking a girl?" Kyra laughed looking up at him.

Even more angered Tom started to punch Kyra's head, after four or five hits he climbed of her and Kyra rolled onto her front and spat blood from her mouth. The door suddenly opened and Meg stood there.

"Tom, you were supposed to convince her to join us" she sighed looking down at the bloody Kyra.

"She made me angry" Tom said looking at the damage he caused.

"Well get her to the hotel" Meg said and then left the room.

Tom walked over to Kyra and picked her up in his arms.

"Get of me" Kyra said but she was in too much pain to wriggle free. It wasn't long till Kyra blacked out in his arms.

Slowly Kyra began to open her eyes. Her head throbbed and ached. She attempted to move her arms but they were tied to the wardrobe handles behind her. She looked around and saw her Father tied onto the bed.

"Dad?" she called in a little voice.

When he didn't answer she called again. "Dad!"

Suddenly making her jump the door burst open and a man stood there with a woman behind him.

"Be quiet" the man said and as he blinked his eyes turned black.

"You demons are friggin everywhere" Kyra sighed.

Then the woman came out from behind the man and stabbed a needle into Kyra's arm.

"What the bloody hell was…" Kyra didn't even get time to finish her sentence before she fell asleep.

"Dad" a familiar voice said.

"Kyra" another familiar voice said.

Kyra blinked her eyes open to see Sam's eyes darting all over her face, probably taking in all the cuts and bruises Tom had given her.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked.

"Helping" Kyra smiled and Sam looked at her sympathetically.

Sam cut the ropes on Kyra's wrists and helped her to stand; he then pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

"I've missed you" he whispered.

"I've missed you too" Kyra said hugging him back. They both then looked over at Dean who was leaning over John.

"He's still breathing, Dad wake up DAD!" Dean shouted.

Dean went to cut the ties holding John down.

"Wait, wait" Sam said.

"What?" Dean asked.

"He could be possessed for all we know" Sam said.

"What are you, nuts?" Dean said.

"We gotta be sure" Sam said reaching into his bag and bringing out a small flask.

"You cut Kyra loose without testing her" Dean said.

"Oi" Kyra frowned.

"Hi by the way" Dean said.

Sam suddenly threw some holy water into Kyra's face; she froze and spat some out onto the floor.

"Geez Sammy" she exclaimed and wiped her face on her sleeve.

"Happy?" Sam said to Dean who shrugged and then sprinkled some water onto John.

John then started to wake up "Sam, why are you splashing water on me?"

"Dad are you okay?" Dean asked cutting the ropes.

"They've been drugging me" John said as Dean helped him up. John then saw Kyra's beat up face.

"Sweetheart" he said.
"I'm okay Dad" Kyra smiled even though it hurt her face to do so.

"Where's the colt?" John asked.

"Don't worry Dad, its safe" Sam said.

"Good boys, good boys" John said as they help him up.

As the Winchesters hobbled towards the door a fireman and porter came in who were obviously possessed by demons.

"Go, go back" Dean said shoving everyone back inside the bedroom.

Just as Sam managed to lock the door the fireman's axe came smashing through.

"Here's Johnny" Kyra laughed.

Sam bent down and poured some salt along the bottom of the door, almost as soon as the salt was down the banging on the door stopped.

Dean piled John through the window and between then Kyra and John climbed down the fire exit.

Kyra moved John so that he was leaning against the wall and waited for Sam and Dean to come. Sam came down first and as he ran out into the road Tom rammed him to the ground.

"SAM!" Kyra shouted.

She ran over and jumped on Tom's back, she wrestled him backwards and he tripped on the pavement and fell on top of Kyra. She could hardly breathe from being winded.

"If you wanted a hug Kyra you only had to ask" Tom said and then Sam appeared and pulled Tom away. As Kyra tried to catch her breath she saw Tom swat Dean away who landed on a car bonnet. Tom then proceeded to punch Sam around the head over and over. Kyra ran over to Dean and shook him.

"Where is it Dean, where's the colt?" she shouted at him.

Dean glanced over to Sam's duffle bag that had been thrown aside in the chaos. Kyra ran over to it and rummaged.

There was suddenly a loud shot that rang through the air. Tom froze mid punch and fell side-wards. Everybody turned to the source of the noise. Dean ran over to Sam and pulled him up, along with John they all look at Kyra who had the colt in her hand. She was still holding it in the air, staring blankly at the dead Tom.

"Kyra" Dean said trying to snap her out of her daze. When she didn't respond he shouted "KYRA!"

"Yeah" she blinked looking over at Dean who was propping Sam up.

"Move" he said and she slowly got into a run and followed them.

Dean drove everybody at a hut that was in the middle of nowhere. Dean ushered John into one of the back rooms and Kyra and Sam took turns cleaning each other up. When Dean came back Kyra had cleared all the blood from Sam's face and he was just finishing hers.

"How is he?" Sam asked Dean but not taking his eyes of Kyra's cut lip.

"He just needs a little rest, that's all. How are you two?"

"Fine" Kyra nodded.

"I'll survive" Sam said. "There" he whispered to Kyra as he finished dabbing blood away. Kyra leant forward and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks" she whispered and Sam hugged her gently before Kyra sat back on the couch and rested her head. Dean watched the pair, because their age was similar Sam and Kyra had always had a close relationship that Dean was a little jealous of.

"Hey you don't think we were followed here do you?" Sam asked.

"I don't know, I don't think so. I mean we could have found a more out of the way place to hole up" Dean said.

"Yeah" Sam sighed. He looked around the room and then looked at Kyra. "Hey Kyra" he said and she looked up at him sleepily.


"You saved my life back there" he said.

"And I'd do it over and over again" Kyra smiled weakly.

"So I guess your glad I brought the gun huh?" Dean smiled.

"Dude, I'm trying to say thank you here" Sam said turning to look at Dean crossly.

Dean shrugged and started to clean his gun collection.

"Kyra, Kyra wake up" Sam said.

Kyra slowly blinked her eyes open and looked around the room. Dean was one side of the room and Sam was the other. By the door stood John.
"What's going on?" Kyra asked as she stood up. As both her feet hit the floor she flew side-wards and was pinned to the wall.

"I could have killed you a hundred times today" John said walking forwards. He moved closer to Dean and Kyra had the sense to stay quiet, for now.

"But this, this is worth the wait" John said wit malice in his voice. "Your Dad, he's in here with me" John or what was a demon said. He looked at Dean and smirked. "Trapped inside his own meat-suite. He says hi by the way. He's gonna tear you apart, he's gonna taste the iron in your blood" the demon controlling John said.

"Let him go or I swear to god" Dean said in a deep voice.

"What, what are you and god gonna do? You see as far as I'm concerned this is justice"

"Justice for what?" Kyra asked.

"Kyra quiet" Dean warned.

The demon ignored Kyra and moved closer to Dean. "You know that little exorcism of yours that was my daughter"

"Who Meg?" Dean asked in a hush voice.

The demon then turned and walked over to Kyra, as he got closer Kyra could see his yellow eyes.

"The one in the ally that was my boy" he said.

"You understand?" yellow eyes asked turning back to Dean.

"You gotta be kidding me" Dean said.

"What? You're the only one who can have a family, you destroyed my children" the demon said.

"They were trying to kill us, if they had just left us alone then we wouldn't have destroyed them" Kyra said and Dean looked at her angrily.

"Kyra I won't tell you again" he said with a deep tone.

"Why aren't I allowed to speak, why have you always got to be the dictator?"

"You should listen to your sister for once Dean. I mean she's not going to be here that long. How would you feel if I killed your family?" the demon asked.

Kyra looked from Dean to Sam, the whole time Sam remained still.

The demon then smiled "Oh that's right, I forgot I did. Still two wrongs don't make a right"

"You son of a bitch" Dean said.

"I wanna know why, why'd you do it?" Sam suddenly asked. The demon turned and slowly walked towards him.

"You mean, why'd I kill Mummy and pretty little Jess?" it asked.

"Yeah" Sam said.

The demon then turned back to Dean.

"You know I never told you this but Sam was gonna ask her to marry him, been shopping for rings and everything, you wanna know why?" the demon asked now standing in-front of Sam. "Because they got in the way"

"In the way of what?" Sam asked.

"My plans for you Sammy, you and all the children like you"

"Listen, do you mind just getting this over with cause I really can't stand the monologging" Dean interrupted.

"Again" the demon said spinning around "Exactly like Kyra said, a dictator. Always wanting the lime light, hey Dean? Funny, but that's all apart of your M.O isn't it? Mask all that nasty pain, mask the truth" the demon said.

"Oh yeah, what's that" Dean said with his Die Hard attitude.

"You know you fight and you fight for this family, but the truth is they don't need you. Not like you need them. Sam he's clearly John's favourite, even when they fight its more concern than he's ever shown you. And little Kyra, his baby girl, his princess that he'd do anything to protect" the demon said venomously.

"I bet your real proud of your kids to huh, oh wait I forgot me and Kyra wasted them" Dean said with a smirk.

He then suddenly let out a cry of pain.

"Dean!" both Kyra and Sam shouted.

They watched as blood started to seep from their older brother's chest.

"Don't you let it kill me!" Dean shouted at John.

Meanwhile Sam shouted and pulled at the force holding him to the wall. Kyra watched the events unfold in-front of her; she tried really hard not to let tears fall from her eyes. Dean screamed louder and blood started to come out his mouth.

"Dean!" Kyra exclaimed as she started to pull forwards, trying to break free.

"Dad, please" Dean begged.

"Don't give up Dean" Kyra said "Don't give up"
He then passed out and his head hung low.

"Dean!" Sam shouted. "No!"
A few seconds passed and then John spoke quietly "Stop, stop it"

"Dad fight, don't let it win!" Kyra shouted.

Suddenly Sam managed to grab the colt and he stood in the middle of the room pointing it at John.

"You kill me, you kill Daddy" the demon said taking control.

"I know" Sam said and shot the gun.

Kyra gasped as for a second she thought Sam had gone for a fatal shot but he's only hit John's leg. John's body started to flash like it was lightning then both him, Dean and Kyra fell to the floor. Dean gasped for air and John didn't move.

"Dean!" Kyra said rushing over.

"Hey Dean, oh god. You lost a lot of blood" Sam said joining her and Dean's side.

"Where's Dad?" Dean asked.

"He's here, he's right here Dean"

"Go check on him" Dean whispered and when Sam protested Kyra went over and looked at John.

"Dad" she whispered.

"Sammy!" he suddenly shouted regaining consciousness. "Its still alive, it's inside me. I can feel it. You shoot me, you shoot me in the heart son" he said.

Kyra fumbled backwards and Sam stepped forwards and pointed the gun.

"Do it now!" John shouted.

"Sam don't you do it" Dean whispered from the floor.

"Shush" Kyra said kneeling down to him.

"You gotta do it, I can't hold on much longer" John said pain stricken.

A few seconds passed and Sam lowered the gun as he did John screamed and black smoke flooded out his mouth. The siblings watched it go.

"Come on, get them in the car!" Kyra said as she started to pull Dean up.

"Just hold on alright, the hospitals only ten minutes away" Sam said to John who was in the front passenger's seat. Kyra and Dean were in the back, leaning on each other for support. Although it was more Dean leaning on Kyra, she wasn't hurt that bad but she was scared that Dean was more hurt than he was letting on.

"I'm surprised at you Sammy, why didn't you kill it?" John asked.

Sam looked at the wiry Dean in the back seat; he then looked at Kyra who shrugged.

"Look, we still got the colt, we still have the one bullet left we should start over alright I mean we already…"

There was suddenly a bright light and the car was pounded sideways. Kyra was forced onto Dean in the backseat and she slammed her head against the window making her black out. The last thing she heard was the song Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival playing on the radio.