Hey there! Stormy here with a brand new story. And the story? To the Moon!

I've become so obsessed with it, it's insane. I just HAD to write a fanfic.

The chapters will be fairly shorter than my usual stuff, but oh well!

Here goes nothing...

Neil clutched the phone in his hand, staring at the numbers on the keypad. He reached his finger to the phone. "C'mon wuss." He murmered to himself. He drew a breath, and began to dial Eva's number. He was finally going to ask her to dinner. Before he could press call, the phone buzzed to life. He jumped, tripping and landing on the couch in his apartment. He pushed his glasses up his nose and answered the phone.


"Hey Neil." Eva's voice made his heart beat in terror. How on earth had she known he was going to call her? She probably didn't. He took a shaky breath.

"Hey Eva." He sat up. "What's up?"

"We've got a new patient. They want us to head over right now." She answered tiredly.

Neil glanced at the sky. It was still bright, but the sun was already beginning to set. He sighed. So much for a dinner date "You think it will be another all-nighter?"

"Probably." Eva sighed through the phone ear-peace.

"I'll bring my coffee." Neil said, turning to stand up.

"Good, you won't have to take coffee from the patient's family again." Eva giggled.

"One time." Neil laughed. "Actually, twice. And I didn't take that much."

"Sure." He could just see Eva rolling her eyes. "And /I'm/ driving this time. We don't want more roadkill."

"Hey, that roadkill saved our butts on that case." He growled, a joking tone behind his words.

"Whatever. I'll be there in ten minutes." Eva hung up the phone.

Neil listened to the silence, and suddenly realized he hated it. He hated that there was no one to talk to, no one to share things with, and he felt lonely.

The lonliness persuaded him to head down the hall of his apartment. He opened the drug cabinet and reached for the painkillers. "Only a few" He promised himself as he slid the pills into his hand. His addiction had been going on for a long time now. But he was careful, making sure to hide the evidence and keeping it in secret. Heck, he used to not admit he was addicted. Now, he knows it. And he wouldnt, couldn't, stop.

He took the pills and put both hands on the bathroom counter, leaning forward. Over and over, he'd stand in this position, staring at the bottle and repeat "You've gotta stop, Neil." to himself.

One time, he had been close to getting discovered. When he and Eva crashed the car and his

painkillers simply rolled into the grass, Eva confronted him. Of course he denied it. What would Eva have thought? What would she have said?

He imagined Eva's pretty eyes, staring at him in frustration. He knew exactly what she would have said. "Neil, you need help." He could see it now.

There was no way she'd ever go to dinner with him if she knew.

He pushed his glasses up his nose and took a deep breath. He exited te bathroom and strolled down the hall. It would be a few more minutes. He slid into his room and put his labcoat on over his shoulders. Would there ever be a time he could talk to Eva without mentioning work?

Of course, he loved his job. He loved it even more ever since he was paired with Eva. She did care about him. She even helped him into the organization by helping him cheat. It wasn't his fault, he was a brainiac going through school. But the questions had been ridiculous.

He had known her since he had only begun to walk. They tried playing soccer when they were both seven. Eva was great, Neil tripped over his own feet. The memories brought a smile to his face as he remembered tripping on the field and bringing Eva down with him. Someone even got a snapshot. Too bad he lost the picture.

He walked out of his room, his hand hovering over the light switch. She was special to him. One day, He'd ask her.